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Bad workplace habits that affect advancement

All work needs cooperation

By Ruban SaundersPublished 7 months ago 6 min read

Shen Chao is an introverted person and works very hard. He always goes to work early and comes back late. However, he doesn't like to communicate and cooperate with others. Shen Chao works in the company's research and development department. He spends all day studying alone at his desk.

Xiao Wang, another college student who just graduated from the research and development Department, has an active mind and enjoys good popularity. He often chats and eats with others. When encountering difficulties, he would ask this or that, and many intractable problems would be solved easily. Sometimes, to solve a technical problem, we unknowingly take Xiao Wang as the core. Carried out the collective technical breakthroughs, under the collective wisdom and strength, they carried out several technical innovations on the unit products, to create a very good benefit for the unit. These technologies are Shen Chao's target, and he is not far away from success. However, his strength is not as good as everyone's strength, and everyone is always ahead of him. Later, Xiao Wang was promoted to the manager of the research and development department.

Shen Chao is the most qualified and skilled technical backbone in the R&D department. The reason why he has not been reused by the company is that he likes to work alone and does not know how to cooperate. Therefore, his advantages cannot be shown in the team.

Sell yourself too hard

Chen Qian is a very confident person and always thinks she is superior to others. At the meeting of the company, the boss talked about a problem of the unit, Chen Qian immediately gushed about his views on this problem, and then repeatedly stated that if he went to deal with this matter, how to how. Often make meetings like her and the boss of the "duet Renzhuan", others can not pick up the words, and we are not willing to pick up, restrain the inner disgust and impatience to listen to Chen Qian's rhetoric. Chen Qian's thinking is relatively agile, quick response, the boss raised a problem, Chen Qian can generally actively come up with a way. However, the time is relatively short, and some suggestions are hard to avoid floating on the surface, which is not strong operability. In addition. She always showed how good the result would be if she did it herself, which was equal to completely denying the person in charge of the work in disguise, which made everyone feel uncomfortable.

After a long time, people couldn't bear it anymore. After her proposal was put forward, they all attacked its shortcomings of it, but the advantages of her proposal were deliberately ignored. Because I don't like her bossing around and overselling me. Boss also sees Chen Qian although some ability, but, the mass base is not good, in the company belongs to the lonely, no appeal. Therefore, in the subsequent promotion, Chen Qian always "tread in place".

They don't fit into the culture

Fu Jing is a girl with a strong personality. After she entered the company, she rebelled against some unwritten system.

This is a small company of more than 20 people, the boss advocates harmony and unity. It's an employee's birthday. Have a meal in a restaurant and then sing. Bos's burden of the total cost of one-third, the other two-thirds of the cost, get rid of the birthday of the "birthday man" free. The other people share equally, in fact, spread to everyone, which is about thirty dollars. Everyone was satisfied with this unwritten rule. Boss thinks this is a good opportunity for us to communicate together, a lot of personal friction is in such a gathering, and communication disappears. Employees think it is very humane and like a big family. In addition, such a party can relieve everyone's work pressure.

I mean, it's not mandatory, it's voluntary, but. Over the years, everyone has taken the initiative to participate, and unconsciously, it has become a part of the company's corporate culture.

After Fu Jing came, she thought about everyone's birthday, not only she had to contribute, but also she would go home late, which occupied her private time. In addition, she felt that work is work, and work is not a dinner party. So, she refused to participate. Her refusal, the company to the boss to the employees did not say anything, but the company felt that Fu Jing this person "strange" and "very unsociable". She did a good job, but because she didn't fit in with the company culture, many less competent people got promoted, but she stayed the same.

She kept her "personality", but in the company, she was beaten out of the promotion.


Zhao Guang works in a sales company and is an employee of the after-sales service department. Think about the customer. The company has dedicated personnel responsible for the after-sales service hotline throughout the day.

Arrange to Saturday or Sunday overtime staff on duty, unavoidable temporary things, this time, according to the company's regulations, can be exchanged with colleagues from the south, find someone to replace their duty.

Zhao Guang also promised to be on duty for his colleagues sometimes. He said well on the phone, but he was in a bad mood. Or want to sleep in, so, call each other, ask each other to replace. After a few times, everyone knows that Zhao Guang is a person who likes to go back on his word, and then find someone to replace himself, not look for Zhao Guang. Later, the boss also knows that everyone is not willing to find Zhao Guang's substitute, the boss thought, promised things often change, such a person can never reuse, give him an important position, the key time, he abandoned how to do?

Boss so thought, so, Zhao Guang in the company on the bench, seven years, a lot of junior colleagues have been promoted, he is still an ordinary staff.

Be hard on others

Gao Cheng company sales network, a total of four regions. Gao Cheng is the manager of the company's northwest region. He is very strict with his subordinates and often criticizes them in meetings for not working hard. The subordinates he criticizes have been working very hard. However, nowadays the market competition is very fierce, and sometimes the "hard bone" cannot be nipped at the moment, which is normal.

Finally one day, a subordinate rose up and publicly said in the meeting, "What are you proud of? When you were a salesman, didn't you miss a project for months? Finally, WHEN AN OLD SALESMAN LEAVES OFFICE, THE CUSTOMER IN THE HANDLE IS GIVEN TO YOU, YOUR PERFORMANCE JUST GO UP, YOU ARE PICKING THE FRUIT OF OTHERS, NOTHING can be PERKY!" Gao Cheng suddenly's face rose red, speechless.

Later, the company's four regions merged into a sales department, and the manager and deputy manager were promoted from other regional managers, Gao Cheng's position was not moved, because his "demanding perfection" made public anger. Even other people are very disgusted with him, boss to consider everyone's feelings, so the promotion of Gao Cheng was also stranded.

The reason why many people don't get promoted in the workplace is not because of poor ability, but because of other factors. Therefore, everyone in the workplace of their work to do outstanding at the same time, but also "self-cultivation", only the ability to excel, decent, will be in the workplace in the future.

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