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A Sneak Peek at Cannabis Digital Marketing Agency

Cannabis digital marketing agency has various brands, ambiguous marketing rules, and state prohibitions. Visit QRX Dispensary to learn more!

By Jm EstalanePublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Cannabis digital marketing agency is a competitive business with many different brands, unclear rules about how to market them, and state restrictions. If you don't know how to sell cannabis, you can hire a company to help you. Cannabis marketers see the business and find loopholes in laws to help your brand grow and reach new customers.

But how do you choose the right thing and not get lost in the sea of options? We've selected the best marketing firms for cannabis for you. We also put them in groups based on how good they are so you won't get lost.

How big is the cannabis market?

In 2021, the legal cannabis market was worth USD 17.8 billion; by 2030, it is expected to have grown by 25.3%. The business will likely improve if marijuana is legalized and accepted as a medicine. Cannabis has been a medicine for a long time, but not the first.

Cannabis's healing properties have led to a wide range of uses. It helps with both chronic pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy. More than two-thirds of states have legalized it despite being on Schedule I.

Despite medical evidence, pharmacists don't give patients marijuana. If the FDA made medical marijuana legal, 75% of pharmacists in California would tell their patients.

What do cannabis consumers want?

Customers of cannabis are smarter and more deliberate than they used to be. It's especially true now that cannabis is legal in three-quarters of U.S. states for medical or recreational use. Only 12% of Americans use cannabis, and the industry is mostly made up of millennials (44%), Gen X (23%), Gen Z (20%), and Baby Boomers (13%).

Cannabis is used by many people who don't just want to get high. Why should pot companies care? Because buyer personas are so important for making and sending the right messages. You won't get leads if you market to old-school stoners.

People also use marijuana to help them concentrate or be more aware. Why should I care about marijuana brands? Because buyer personas are important to the message.

Old-school stoners won't generate leads. Remember that good online business ideas for selling cannabis with a purpose will always win. You need to know your audience well if you want to do well.

What is the outlook for cannabis?

As more people use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, growers and investors are getting chances they've never had before. Because of this, the industry's income will likely keep going up. In 2021, $24 billion will be the most ever spent on cannabis in the U.S. Sales should reach $70 billion annually by 2026.

In 2016 and 2020, states legalized marijuana. These changes to the law helped businesses and the economy grow. As more growers got licenses in these states in 2016, the industry's income went up by 40.8%. Medical marijuana growers have done well because the law is on their side, and the population is getting older.

The industry still has a good outlook, and a few trends stand out.

Legalization Advances

NORML says that in 2021, lawmakers passed more than 50 reform bills related to cannabis. The public and politicians still want laws to change. In April 2022, the MORE Act was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

If this plan is passed by the Senate and signed by President Biden, cannabis will be taken off Schedule I.

Building a brand and protecting your ideas

Growing and selling cannabis have made more intellectual property assets in recent years. Many cannabis businesses have very valuable intellectual property. Intellectual property includes things like patents, copyrights, trademarks, and names.

Many farms have a research lab where they make new genetic strains and figure out how to make their products work best. Other farmers, manufacturers, or stores use brand names to get a bigger market share and make customers like them.

Industry Growth and Future Prospects

New data and trends show that the cannabis business is growing. IBISWorld says that from 2021 to 2026, sales will grow by 18.3% yearly to $26.9 billion. The future of the industry is hard to predict and risky.

The fact that the federal government isn't making or passing new laws shows that public opinion has changed, which could lead to a change in policy. When cannabis is legalized, both medical and recreational use will go up. Experts say the U.S. might do the same if Canada and Mexico legalize cannabis.

To Sum It Up!

Pay attention to who they work with, how open they are, and if they have a personal story when looking for a cannabis digital marketing agency. A brand without a novel is like a company without a plan, and branding agencies love stories. Each company on our list of cannabis branding agencies is high-quality, reliable, and has the creative vision you need to grow your brand.

Yes, some illegal businesses in the U.S. sell cannabis, so be careful when looking for a good one. You can contact us if you need help promoting and marketing your brand. We will be happy to help you at QRX Dispensary.

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