A Call To Action

The Emergency Within Our Communities

A Call To Action
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Our communities are filled with new nuances and a new evolution of the mind. Family as the foundation of society has changed and society has been shaken. We need stabilizers who can help our children survive the new normalcy. They have to be armed with compassion and love for the future to win this battle within our community. We need individuals who will take the time and make a difference. And so we lift out this call to action expecting those who want to change the future for the better to come forward full and prepare to advance the agenda that will prepare all children for the long road ahead trying to figure out the future and how to make their path in their studies.

Will you be that Teacher? Will you take the time to learn from their perspective and inspire them to achieve their dreams. Will, you instructed them to have character and trust in their ability. Will you let them grow and become the individual that they choose to become. When teachers see from their students' perspective than they can envision the problems with their education and make things better. They can problem solved and teach their students to question the world they live in and embrace who they are. This may not be easy but it is the best way to evoke intellect. It is intellect and creativity that drives innovation in the classroom and at work. Teachers are one of the answers to solving the changing society by providing a basic education of the state of society to students. Teachers must help students understand life to be prepared for a job and to be a catalyst to their society.

Will you be that Nurse? Will you show students that their worries are real. Will you hear their aches and pains making an educated decision. Will you provide for them in ways that their parents cannot. It takes caring hands to help children and a lot of patience. Do not expect to be able to fulfill every desire but the little means great to them. They need a voice to describe what is going on with their mind and body. They need a trained professional encouraging them to be better and more in society. Children need someone to look out for them when their parents do not understand them. The youth need to know about all the dangers and possibilities out there which can prohibit them from having a good life. Take the step of caring and looking out by mentioning the hard situations to their parents saving a young man or a young woman from the wrong way.

Will you be that Mentor? Will you tell them the truth. Will you tell them right and wrong. Will you be honest with yourself. Not just see what you want them to be but actually with evidence prove that this youth is a good student. We cannot get caught up in hope and our love must have evidence. We got to show how they should grow up. We have to take them under our wings and gently lead them to the right path. Even if they fall, we must remember that they are still growing and so are we. There is always something to learn whenever you mentored. Each child is different and going through their phase in life. All the phases of life are common and have been written about. We must avoid alienating each other and draw closer. We must help the youth to have friends that are truthful and like them for who they are.

We need your help today. Will you answer the call.

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