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9 Tips For Choosing Skip Bin Hire Company

by John Miller 2 months ago in how to
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This article will help you to make an informed decision and give you some insight into the factors that you need to consider when hiring a skip company.

You are likely a busy person, a housemaker, or a full-time worker. This often makes it difficult for you to get rid of your household rubbish, especially the heavy ones.

Many people search online or locally for the best skip bin provider to remove their rubbish efficiently and without too much hassle. You can find tons of skip companies on Google.

This article will help you to make an informed decision and give you some insight into the factors that you need to consider when hiring a skip company.

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Types of waste

When choosing a skip bin provider, the first thing you should know is whether they can handle the waste you generate. The type of rubbish you generate will determine the type of bin you need.

Skip bins for hazardous materials such as batteries or chemicals are not the best option. Based on the composition of your waste, you can be divided into different types. To fully understand the information, make sure to visit the website of your provider.

Your skip/bin size

Sometimes you may need to dispose of a lot or a little bit of rubbish. You won't find the right size skip at every company. Start by looking at the sizes available and then calculating the size of the skip based on how much garbage you have.

Price and size are directly related. It is illegal to transport overflowing skips/bins so order one slightly larger than what you actually need.

This infographic was created by Impala Skip Rental and will help you determine the size skip you require.

Comparison of prices

Don't be surprised if you are overcharged. You might be charged more by some companies than you are used to. It is best to compare prices to identify such companies.

Skip bins can be expensive. You should ensure that the company you choose values your money. You can get more security and peace-of-mind by choosing companies that offer a money back guarantee.

Online presence

Your most valuable resource is your time. To book their service, you don't need to call the provider. You can book your skip bin service online, or fill out an inquiry form. These facilities should be provided by the skip bin provider.


How competent the staff will provide your service will depend on their qualifications. They should be properly trained in safety and health. Ask them before you hire.

Asbestos is one example. There is a risk of asbestos exposure when removing materials such as wall sheeting, gutters and floor tiles. Experienced staff are essential as they have the right equipment and take proper precautions to avoid exposure.

Customer support

The customer service companies are crucial for any service. It is important that you can contact customer support companies to get assistance if needed. You should expect a prompt and efficient response from skip bin rental companies.

Recycling policy

Inadequate rubbish disposal can lead to environmental pollution that can have a severe impact on the environment. Ask for a recycling policy when you are looking for a skip bin rental service. You should ensure that your waste is recycled as much as possible and doesn't end up in landfills.

Reputation and awards

Look for a company with a track record of providing excellent customer service. You will find testimonials and reviews on the website of a reputable company.

Proper bin placement

Decide where you'll place the bin before you hire it. Talk to your supplier about the best place to place it. Good providers will be glad to assist you.

Why eco-friendly junk removal is important?

It is alarming to learn that North Americans produce more trash per capita than any other nation.

Each individual can make a difference in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide and other toxins that we release into the atmosphere. The number one cause of climate change is greenhouse gases. We can make a difference by reducing our carbon footprints and thereby minimizing the negative effects on the planet.

We put the whole planet at risk by not properly managing our garbage. We can reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and toxins that are released and ensure that garbage management is eco-friendly. Also, less material is sent to landfills, which can lead to decades of pollution.

We can make a positive impact on the environment by using ecofriendly junk removal methods like recycling, reusing and composting.


You have so much to gain from taking junk and garbage removal seriously. To reduce landfill space and ensure that recyclable materials are properly handled, you can use eco-friendly junk disposal. Skips are a great way to effectively dispose of household and office waste. You only need to make sure you hire the right skip rental company in your area.

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