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6 Benefits of Daycare for Children | Kidzville Learning Center

by Kidzville Learning Center about a year ago in teacher
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A daycare center is a service that entrusts the care of someone else with the purpose of taking care of the child when the parent is absent.

What is a Daycare?

Daycare refers to the care provided to preschoolers and school-aged children in their own homes, relatives, other caregivers' homes, or center-based facilities. Children from 18 months to 3 and a half years old can enter nursery school. Children also learn and develop social, cognitive, and emotional skills.


Why Daycare?

Most parents need daycare for their kids as both mother and father are the bread earners of the family. Whereas in cases where there is only one single parent in the family they do not have the ability to continue working while raising their children.

Not being able to do everything can be stressful for many parents, but you can rest assured that daycare is a viable option. It provides long-term social, economic, and academic benefits to children and their parents. Studies show that children, including infants aged 6 months to 4 years, benefit from a childcare environment, including quality instruction, structure, and social lessons because the basic components of learning and socialization take place when children are quite young. A well-monitored daycare center like KidzVille Learning center, a full-time preschool in Surrey offers great daycare services for your little ones. It is a great place to encourage the development of a variety of skills for young children. So both parents and children benefit from the daycare services.

Here are the 6 benefits of a Daycare for Children-

Academic Achievements- Various research has proven that children who spend their time in quality daycare facilities in early youth have excessive cognitive capabilities in comparison to kids who don’t. According to this research, leaving a baby in daycare may also make a contribution to their future success. This additionally applies to daycare environments that offer good enough help and have lots of possibilities for great interaction with care providers and peers.

Regular schedule and activities - Little ones have a proper schedule in daycare. kids are provided a wealth of different activities, inclusive of singing, dancing, games, and storytelling, and all these activities are done at scheduled timings. For younger kids, these amusing tasks performed on a particular schedule are vital for intellectual growth and development. Scheduled activities also are gratifying for both parents and children as they develop a habit of following a particular schedule which assists them in organizing children’s meal times, sleeping times, and playing times.

Time with friends- Parents value regular visits with family members and neighbors who have children of the same age so that their children can interact and spend time with other family members and friends as well so that they can develop special skills. Daycare interactions are an extension of this phenomenon, allowing children to spend time with each other in a monitored, structured, and safe environment. Children learn how to solve problems, share, play and learn together in other ways, but their minds are still growing and their personalities are still emerging along with social and co-existing skills.

Improving self-confidence- In a daycare facility, your child will learn to be confident and comfortable in a social environment. This can benefit their entire life of children, especially when they meet new people. Learning valuable interpersonal skills at an early age helps children practice communication skills and develop self-esteem which will guide them throughout their lives to become a better and confident personality.

Independence- By attending a quality daycare center, children will be able to become independent from an early age. In a daycare environment, children must become accustomed to having no parents or adult family nearby. They have no one to rely on other than their teachers and themselves. Children will be given simple tasks and activities that will further facilitate their independence practice, such as organizing toys and putting on socks, learning to use the washroom on their own, and vice versa

Smoother kindergarten admission- Children enrolled in quality daycare centers can easily transition to the structured environment of the kindergarten. Daycare teachers and care providers use to play and other fascinating activities to introduce kids to the basic concepts of the alphabet and numbers. This will allow your child to become accustomed to formal school education.

These are a few of the many benefits of a Daycare for the children. KidzVille Learning Center is a Montessori Preschool in surrey, that facilitates innovative, nurturing, and stimulating environments for the proper growth of kids where children develop independence, confidence, and a positive sense of self and the world around them. Teaching methods designed to involve children to enhance their interest in learning language, literacy, music, art, and socialization. All areas of development are fostered through daycare activities. Make a difference in your kid’s life with KidzVille Learning Center, a Surrey Montessori in surrey. For more info please visit on site -


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