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5 Things I wish I knew When I was in High School

by Sarmad Mayo 18 days ago in high school

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5 Things I wish I knew When I was in High School
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It was exactly eight years ago when I was in high school. I was a bright student with a 90% average in grade, but I think that grade and high scores did not add anything useful to my life. Instead, I wish I could now these five things like the importance of learning instead of focus on grades, people's skills- how to manage peoples.

The art of asking questions and being curious. I wish I could have done an apprenticeship earlier in my life. I started writing in the 19th year of my life, which I wish should have started much earlier. I also felt the need of a mentor, who could help in the different areas of my life like choosing the right career, how to do better decision-making?.

So in this story, I briefly touch on all these five skills which I wish should have covered much earlier in my life.

The importance of learning

In high school, I was doing, major in science. My total focus and energy used in memorizing and rote learning to achieve high grades and maintain the status of being bright students.

That rote learning and, memorizing the facts and figures, did nothing useful for my learning and wisdom about science. I can’t apply those higher grades to solve the complex problem of the modern world like climate changes, how to avoid distraction from social media apps? How to manage my me and other peoples during difficult times?. How to think critically and different from the rest of the peoples?.

I wish could have a focus on the learning of the basics of the subjects and dive deep to understand the nature of subjects like How science is important to our world?. How science subjects like chemistry, physics, math, and biology can solve the problems of our modern world.

I should have focused on the importance of sleep and its impact on learning. How the world’s economy works. I wish I could have learned about financial education and could have read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad in my high school.

Art of Asking Questions.

Recently, I read Craig Wright’s book, 5 Unique Traits Of geniuses. What makes Genius a Genius? In which he mentioned the traits of world-famous legends from different backgrounds, one thing they have common is that they were passionately curious, they question everything, and don’t accept anything at its face value. I wish i knew that asking a question is more important for learning and moving ahead in life than anything else

Raymond Thomas Dalio is an American billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist, who said my success in business and life is only due to one skill that I know how to deal with my not knowing by asking questions and then finding a solution for my problems.

But I never know that asking questions is that important for life and business, so if you are a high school student, parent, and teacher, you must teach the young students, the art of asking smart questions rather too much focusing on memorizing facts and figures.

You can learn more about the art of asking questions from the official website of the Right Question Institute.

Doing Apprenticeship.

I wish had done an apprenticeship while in high school because real world challenges do not match up with the classroom environment. I felt that our our classrooms do not prepare us for practical life hurdles and problems, instead they stress too much on theoretical knowledge which I found to have very little use in the real world.

What me learned from successful peoples is that they were involved in doing small businesses and apprenticeship from a younger age like 12 to 15 year old. When 16-year-old Jeff Bezos got a summer job frying up burgers at McDonald’s in 1980.“You learn a lot as a teenager working at McDonald’s,” he said. “It’s different from what you learn in school. Don’t underestimate the value of dat!”. Thomas Edison was also selling newspapers at a very young age at railway stations.

So it is very important to get your hand dirty very earlier in life, to become more effective and experienced for later years' life challenges. The more you learn from others early and quickly, your chances of success will be far better, you will be more experienced, knowledgeable, and mature to handle the difficult phases of your life and career.

Writing skills.

Writing is the prime skill for anybody to master. Clinical psychologist and author Jordan Peterson aid writing help you to become more articulative and expressive in your thoughts and opinions. I wish me had habits of writing a journal in the morning and habits of keeping my diary for noting my ideas and thoughts.

Research (Emig 1977) shown that writing promotes learning and critical skills like creativity, critical thinking, and helps to achieve higher cognitive functions. So it is very important for kids to have regular habits of writing their thoughts in a diary and journal.

Having a mentor.

Life is short to make a ton of mistakes and waste a huge amount of time, instead, it is far better to have a life coach and learn from her. When I started my career as an entrepreneur, tan joined one of my mentors in the education sector, tan I learned a very key lesson in one week which was far more than I learned in 16 years of my academic career. Your mentor is someone who gives you specific guidance that is oriented around your life.

You don’t need to hire a mentor with high fees and charges, you can take help from your parents, teacher, and any family member. But keep in mind that person must be serious and honest about your life and wants to help you from her heart.

If you don’t believe in my opinion and thoughts then just check the list of most successful peoples in business, they all had life mentors or coaches. Here few of them are enlisted below. (The source, Tai Lopez email)

Bill Gates had Ed Roberts

Oprah Winfrey had Mary Duncan

Steve Jobs had Robert Friedland

Warren Buffett had Benjamin Graham

Micheal Jordan had Phil Jackson

And, the list goes on and on.

So it was my personal experience from my own journey of high school. I wrote it for students those Currently in high school and also for teachers and parents to guide their students and siblings respectively about these very important skills to experience very early in life. These skills will help students to become better persons and use their talent in a better way.

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