5 Dorm Necessities

by HB Rich 2 years ago in college

You living in the dorms at college next semester? Here are some helpful things you might need...

5 Dorm Necessities

Now, I was an RA for two years and lived in the residence halls or dorms for three years. It is definitely an interesting experience! But you meet some of your greatest friends there! I know I did. So, here are some things that are a must-have for living away from home.

1. Whiteboard

Think you don't need this? Think you can remember everything? Think again... If you plan on getting a job, which I suggest you do, you need something to write down your to-do's, your homework assignments, your work schedule, and your social life activities. It is a must, especially if you want to be productive in college. If you don't, well that's totally cool too.

2. Body Pillow

Feeling a little lonely and need some comfort? A body pillow, or a pillow pet, is essential. It's also more stylish than just having a regular old pillow on your bed, because when you have your significant other come in, say hello to having a good time. It's also really nice to have if you are stuck in a snow covered state and you need a cuddle buddy and don't want to go outside. And you can also buy different coverings, so if you want to change up your pillows flavors, go for it.

3. Know Where the Stores Are

You will need to buy your own everything now. If you live in a space where you share a bathroom with your hall, you probably won't need some essentials, but you will need to have shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. It is essential that you also understand the transportation system to get to those stores, in case you don't have a car. Get a bus pass and if you have a car, get to know the streets, because if you are in a new town you need to know where the store is. Sometimes Google Maps might take you somewhere in the middle of the neighborhood, not where the store is located. Plus, you might need to buy your own food now, if you aren't on a meal plan, so make sure you plan according to your budget and your diet.

4. Games/Movies

If you are bored and want to make friends, go out into your common areas and put in a movie or play a game. People who are interested in those things will most likely join and there you have it! An automatic friend, a friend who likes things that you like too. Plus, if you are just having a bad day, put in your favorite movie and cry your eyes out and no one can see you, because you are in your room. On the other hand, if you leave your room door open and are playing a game or movie, people are curious and will enter your room to join you. More friends!

5. Laundry Basket

If you don't already have one of these, I feel bad for your mother. But anyway, these are important because your laundry is conveniently located right across the hall, or at least somewhere close in the building. They might be pretty close, but you still have to walk quite a ways with your laundry basket full of clothes, detergent, and quarters (unless your uni is nice and pays for it). But it is nice to have a basket, because you can carry all those things in the basket, so you just have to use one trip to get to the laundry facilities. Then when you bring a person over and your room is messy, it will be nice to put your clothes in a convenient place so that person doesn't think you are sloppy.

HB Rich
HB Rich
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