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10 Japanese School Rules That Are Strange, But True

by Bartholomew Anaeme 2 months ago in list / teacher / student / high school
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The Japanese educational system is among the greatest in the world.

10 Japanese School Rules That Are Strange, But True
Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash

1. A strict curfew of 10 p m

In a few parts of Japan, it is unlawful for school children to walk around past 10 pm. And the Government takes this rule very seriously. You’ll be surprised to know that the Government Collaborates with Different Stakeholders to Ensure the rule is followed. For instance, Movie theaters, Arcade places and other such Hangout places will not grant school kids permission after 10 pm. Individuals who are past school age are required to show their Ids.

2. Female students can wear only white undergarments.

Yes, you heard it correctly. Female students are required to wear specific-colored underwear. why? They claim that it is done to make sure that kids maintain high standards of hygiene while on school property. The relationship between color and hygiene is unknown to us. Not at all. Female teachers observe whether female students are abiding by the regulations. Apparently, wearing a white undergarment is required according to Japan's dress code.

3. Students are not allowed to bring food from home.

Students in Japan neither go to the cafeteria for lunch, nor do they carry meals from home. So what do they do? The schools in Japan provide food to every student. The role was made to ensure that every student gets to eat even the poorest one. Moreover, the food provided by the school also makes sure that the students have enough energy till the end of the day. What do they serve? Anything from rice to fish to soup.

4. No Dating

Dating in schools is strictly prohibited in Japan, as are romantic relationships. And the rule is not limited to schools; parents follow the rule at home as well. Why is Japan so opposed to dating? They are not opposed to dating. They want the students' primary focus to be on their education. Teachers across the country believe that school students are too young to consider dating and relationships. What are your thoughts on this rule?ac

5. No substitute teachers

Substitute teachers are not permitted in Japanese schools; however, in countries such as America, if a teacher is absent, the school provides a substitute for the time being. This, however, does not occur in Japan. There is no such thing as a substitute teacher. The children are expected to attend class and complete their homework on their own. They are expected to study without the assistance of a teacher.

6. Fixed Hairstyle

Japan is very strict when it comes to education. They want no distraction at all. And that is why they have a rule on every distraction. They don't want children to get distracted by their hair. So they have fixed hairstyles for school students. Boys have to have a simple cut, without any Styling or layering and girls can have their hair long or tied up if they want, but no styling no matter what. 

7. Students have to clean the school

Another odd rule that will surprise you is that in some parts of Japan, it is mandatory for children to clean schools, and the schools do not employ janitors. All of the work is done by the students, including cleaning their classrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. Mopping, dusting, and cleaning the chalkboards are all part of the job. All students must complete their assigned tasks in order to instill the value of cleanliness in them.

8. You are not allowed to look nice.

As we have mentioned a few times now, Japan takes their education very seriously. And they do not allow anything that they think might distract the students. Kids in Japan are told to focus only on their education. So students are prohibited from wearing makeup, painting their nails or shaving their legs. Students also cannot dye or style their hair and every school has a uniform students can only wear uniforms and nothing else. Certain accessories are prohibited. If you have a weak throat, you cannot wear a muffler around your neck. But you can always wear a towel.

9. Wearing a non white face mask is prohibited

Since we are in the covid era, every student has to buy a white face mask. Moreover, middle schools in Japan don't allow students to wear earrings and necklaces as these are considered fashion accessories. And by now it is safe to assume that Japan thinks of fashion as a huge, huge distraction.

10. Greetings are a must

It is polite to greet your teachers, and most students do so every day. In Japan, however, greeting people at school is required. Every student in their class, no matter what, must greet the teacher. You may not be aware, but it is a school tradition to begin the day with meditation. Why? Its purpose is to ensure that students have positive energy before beginning their long and chaotic day.

By National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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