10 Benefits of Good Student-Teacher Communication

Education is a two-way process. It depends on the active participation of a teacher of a student.

10 Benefits of Good Student-Teacher Communication

Education is a two-way process. It depends on the active participation of a teacher and a student. Both student and teacher are responsible for the active learning process. It is the duty of the teacher to take charge of the classroom and deal with every student in a polite and kind way. 10 benefits of a good student-teacher communication are discussed in this article.

1. Smooth learning

Smooth learning requires good communication between students and teachers. If there is good communication, then students can easily share their issues with their teachers. Good communication enhances smooth learning.

2. Mutual respect

A good student-teacher communication ensures mutual respect in students and teachers. Both students and teachers understand each other and respect their opinions and views. This is the fundamental feature of a student teacher relationship.

3. Students become good at expression

Good student-teacher communication helps students in becoming more expressive and communicative. Fear hinders the smooth process of learning, and friendly behavior motivates students to participate in classroom activities and ask questions. Students become good communicators in school and in society as well.

4. Enhances interest in studies

When a teacher treats students politely and takes care of each student irrespective of their caste and creed, students also respect their teacher and take an interest in the classroom. A student listens to lectures carefully and pays attention to the details of the concept discussed in the classroom.

5. Students respect elders

A good student-teacher communication brings ethics to students; they regard their elders. Civility is the main purpose of education. If a teacher treats his/her students with respect, the students treat everyone with care and respect. Teachers influence their students.

6. Teachers also feel sense of accomplishment

A teacher also feels competent and confident if the students perform well on exams and quizzes. The teacher feels appreciated and works hard for the betterment of students. Good grades are the students’ feedback for teachers.

7. No mental health issues with students

Students are mentally relaxed when they have a good communication system with their teachers. Their psychological growth is not hampered at all. They are optimistic and have a positive attitude towards everything in their environment.

8. Enhances confidence of students

When the teacher gives positive feedback and appreciates students, they feel competent and confident. They trust their abilities and work hard to get good grades. Self-confidence is very essential for studies.

9. Pleasant environment of classroom

When the teacher and students are all optimistic, then the environment of a classroom is pleasant and calm. Students share their problems with teachers and teachers help them in a concerned manner. Students learn quickly in a pleasant and relaxed classroom.

10. Guidance from Teachers

Good communication encourages students to seek their teacher’s help if they are having any issue in school or in academics. A good teacher has always guided students in a positive direction and eased students' issues.

These are the 10 benefits of a good student-teacher communication.

Author’s Bio: William Mark has done MPA and is a Professor and is also a writer. He also works at dissertation help | Dissertation Time as an affiliate writer and loves to write about his new achievements in the teaching field.

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