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Why you must visit Nagarhole National Park?

Nagarhole National Park- Rajeev Gandhi National Park

By Shahinshad cPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Nagarhole National Park

Nagarahole Tiger Reserve preliminarily known as Rajiv Gandhi( Nagarahole) National Park, was named after the swash ‘ Nagarahole ’ which literally means ‘ Serpent River ’( Nagara = Serpent; Hole = Swash) in the Kannada language. Nagarahole barracuda reserve forms a critical connecting niche for barracuda and mammoths to other areas of the Western Ghats through Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary and to the Eastern Ghats through Bandipur Tiger reserve. Nagarahole, spread over Mysore and Kodagu is covering an area of 847.981 sq km. Nagarahole is an important Tiger Reserve in Karnataka and is a major mecca of conservation under Project Tiger and Project Elephant. The defended Area supports large assemblages of herbivores and beasties Tiger, Leopard, Asiatic wild canine and Sloth bear, Asiatic Elephant, Gaur, Sambar, Chital, Muntjac, Four-horned antelope, Wild gormandizer, Mouse deer, and Southwestern langur. Nagarahole is conterminous with Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary( Kerala) to its south and Bandipur Tiger Reserve to its southeastern corridor. The demesne has a good number of aqueducts and streamlets. The Kabini and Taraka budgets are large water bodies located towards the west and southeastern corridor of the demesne independently. Everyone takes resorts near Nagarhole National Park because of the desire to live in the forest for days. Nagarahole is accredited as one of the high-viscosity barracuda populations in the country after Corbett & Kaziranga barracuda reserves independently. It comprises of some amazing geographies and marvelous aqueducts that swerve around like a snake, leaving wildlife suckers and callers astonished with its natural beauty. Nagarahole Tiger Reserve also creates an occasion for raspberry suckers with its amazing variety of catcalls, which affect this place, as regularly as the suckers.

Nagarahole Tiger Reserve had a long march since 1955 before it attained the present-day status of barracuda reserve under the Wild Life( Protection) Act, of 1972. Historically in 1955, around 285 sq km area of timber under also Coorg state was declared as Wildlife Sanctuary. The government upgraded the Sanctuary into a National Park by extending over an area of 571.55 sq Km in 1983. In the time 1986, Nagarahole National Park along with Bandipur Tiger Reserve was included as a part of the ‘ Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve ’. In recognition of its good number of giant population, Nagarahole National Park was included under ‘ Project Elephant ’ in 2000 and it was constituted as part of ‘ Mysore Elephant Reserve ’. In 2003, an area of 71.84 sq Km was added to make it a 643.392 Sq Km area National Park. In 2003, Nagarahole National Park attained the status of a barracuda reserve by including Nagarahole under ‘ Project Tiger ’ and making it as an extension of Bandipur Tiger Reserve. latterly in 2007, Nagarahole was declared an independent Tiger Reserve by notifying around 643.392 Sq Km area as Core/ Critical Tiger Habitat. Eventually, in 2012, the Government of Karnataka notified an area of 204.589 sq Km as a Buffer Zone( Notified timbers) of Nagarahole Tiger Reserve expanding the total area of Tiger Reserve administration to 847.981 Sq km. One of the most sought-after sightseer destinations in India, the Nagarhole National Park is a place where you can see the bold of all creatures, the Tiger, roving valorously in the thick timbers. It’s a place where you can relax and decompress amid the pristine natural beauty. It’s a place where you can respect the gorgeous verdure. It’s a place that allows you to uncover a variety of lush timbers. Located in the Kodagu and Mysore sections of Karnataka State, the wildlife reserve, also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is one of the most stylish and the most popular wildlife territories in India that provides a home to an abundant variety of foliage and fauna. Wayanad is the nearby destination of Nagarhole national park. So a large number of Nagarhole national park's visitors also visit Wayanad or vice versa. So one of the best resorts in Wayanad is also an ideal option for those who love a stay near Kabini or Nagarhole.


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