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What is a Consciousness Science Vision?

by Patricia Anne 4 months ago in Humanity · updated 4 months ago
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It is an Invitation to New Earth

Laccaria Amethystina, Patricia Anne 2021

What is a Consciousness Science Vision?

Consciousness science vision is the expression of a new kind of life understanding. It is really exciting. Of course there is nothing new under the sun so let me tell you that the vision of consciousness science combines moral teachings and emerging understandings in the scientific field of epigenetics - meaning "above the genes." Consciousness science vision offers us a new way of being in the world -- an invitation to a new kind of Earth. See below:

Consciousness science vision (CSV) is dedicated to positive life orientation--living in love, light, and truth with the guiding knowledge of human consciousness development within the quantum field and cutting edge consciousness science. CSV emphasizes the concept of a natural theology - or deism– which honors natural phenomenon and emphasizes that matters of the spirit are revealed through nature.

CSV works in concert with the emerging field of epigenetics which explores the frontiers of human consciousness in quantum mechanics. Scholars in the field of epigenetics include Rupert Sheldrake, Bruce Lipton, David Hawkins, Greg Braden, Larry Dossey, Peter Geriaev, Richard Gerber, Leonard Horowitz, David Hulse, Dewey Larson, Sol Luckman, Iona and Richard Miller, Caroline Myss, William Tiller, Eckhardt Tolle, and many others.

Epigenetics has resurrected the work of French naturalist and botanist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744–1829).

"Lamarck's contribution to his theory of evolution consisted of the first truly cohesive theory of biological evolution in which alchemical complexifying forces drove organisms up the ladder of complexity, and a second environmental force adapted them to local environments through use and disuse of characteristics." ("Jean-Baptiste Lamarck," Wikipedia).

Now this description is worth pursuing. The alchemical complexifying force is what we explore through the science of epigenetics. It has heretofore received short shrift in favor of the second formulation of environmental adaptation as applied by Darwin and commonly accepted today as the story of evolution.

Epigenetics re-presents the story in a way that is magical and profound. For instance we have to date learned the story through the primacy of biological selection and DNA. We have learned that our biology and our personhood are predetermined and static in our lifetimes - programmed into us before birth and after birth. Nature and nurture. This is the way things are, we learn. We are born this way; after all, it is in the genes.

This sort of genetic determinism is accepted as fact to a large degree. It defines not only what we look like, but who and how we are -- our personalities and actions -- as well as our expectations for our long range health and even circumstance. However these recent discoveries in the field of epigenetics challenge this story.

We are masters of our fate, epigeneticists say; we are captains of our ships. We can steer the outcome of our ships and we can change ourselves and we can grow spiritually and we can heal. Our spirits, our personalities, our health profiles are not set in stone, nor are our dysfunctions and illnesses inevitable and irreversible. Isn't that absolutely wonderful?

Epigenetics  shows us that our environment, our choices -- physical and psychological -- profoundly influence our biology and chart the course for the direction of our lives. What this means for us is of course revolutionary and transformative. We can change our lives and our bodies and we can change ourselves. We are not made up of our genes. Our less than 20,000 genes put us on the same DNA level as a worm --did you know that? DNA is important blueprint information but it is not controlling our destiny. So what is?

Our spiritual bodies. We are spiritual beings made up of our thoughts, words, behaviors, actions, and experiences. This enacts on the body. To accept this truth means to also accept radical responsibility for the sovereignty and the biological integrity of our bodies and minds. It means we must reject the notion that the answers and authority about our health and well being lie somewhere outside of ourselves.

It means we must accept the notion that even our most common behaviors - what we choose to eat or drink or think or say - -what we inject and put into our bodies, our thoughts, and the words we speak --our actions - -are never, ever benign. Never ever benign. Thoughts, words, beliefs, actions, behaviors are never benign. Each of these things has the power to harm or to heal.

I am part of something energetically alive readers - -infinite, and altogether super fantastic - a vast landscape of ever-becoming that goes beyond even this insight and imagining. And so are you. I see it.

I see it and it sparkles. It feels utterly different.

The vision of consciousness science offers us this. Welcome.


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Patricia Anne

Self healer, writer, spiritual learner, lay cosmologist.

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