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Valley of the Dragons

by Julian 9 days ago in Advocacy
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The Welsh Flag.

Valley of the Dragons
Photo by Catrin Ellis on Unsplash

There Weren't always dragons in the Valley

The Town of South Wales was once a picture of a green land full of mountains and the scenery had to be seen to be believed. It was a place where welsh people could go for long walks and maybe sit by the stream and just take in the enormous beauty of it all. It made the welsh people proud of their heritage and it was a place to call home and belonging. All of this wonderful culture and beauty was to change when out of the blue the welsh dragon returned home to claim their land back from what they call their " Home Turf ".

The red dragons were flying over South Wales in their droves and the sky was red with dragons. They landed everywhere around South Wales and they were very fiery by every means. They certainly were not friendly towards us and they all looked shocked as to what they had flown back to or even into. The news on the television told the people of south Wales to stay in their homes and not to come out for any reasons. The welsh people thought that the dragons would be kind to them as the dragons were Iconic to Wales but the dragons were very angry Indeed.

The dragons crushed houses and breathed fire on the green grass of home and they tore down buildings and ruined our lovely land. There was one man who was brave enough to stand up to them and to scream at them to " stop " and that was a very famous man in Wales who knew all about the Red Dragons and their reasons for doing this to South Wales. The man stood on the highest building in South Wales and came face to face with the oldest Dragon of them all. I understand why you are doing this he said but I have come to tell you that you are wrong to be doing this.

The Oldest dragon got very close to the man and the red dragon opened it's large mouth and looked the man up and down like he was about to become a flame of fire. The dragon spoke and said what has happened to our Wales? why are all these buildings here? and where did all you walking machines come from? we have just woken up from a very long sleep and we could not wait to come home and you walking machines have stolen Our Wales from us.

The man very bravely spoke and said to the dragon I have got to tell you that you might have walked Wales once with just you dragons here but there were not always dragons in Wales like there was not always walking machines as you call us in Wales. Times change said the man and you once had your time here and that time came to an end it's now our time here and maybe one day that time will also come to an end. You had your place in Wales but that time is no longer yours. I am very sorry said the man.

The dragons all bowed their heads and they all sat down looking very sad at hearing that they no longer ruled wales and that they had no home. The dragon spoke to the man and said what is to become of us now? Oh said the man there is still very much a place for you in Wales and you are very special to Wales in fact so Special that we have put you on our welsh flags. So said the dragon that is where we belong now on Welsh flags. The dragons all flew away leaving the sky blue again and the grass green and each and every one of them flew into a flag because they knew their home now was to represent Wales and for a dragon there was no bigger honor.


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I am a person who has found planet earth a very overwhelming place to live and I have had many challenges and personal hardships in my life. My stories are full of humanity and philosophy that many people find fascinating to read.

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