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Six Seasons of Bangladesh

Article on the six seasons of Bangladesh

By A personPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Six Seasons of Bangladesh
Photo by MD SHAHADAT RAFI on Unsplash

Bangladesh is a country of six seasons

Bangladesh is a country with the most seasons.There are six(6) seasons in Bangladesh while most of the other countries only have four seasons.And that's why Bangladesh is known worldwide for its seasons. People adore those seasons.

The six seasons of Bangladesh (including Bangla names) are:Summer (গ্ৰীষ্মকাল) , Rainy (বর্ষাকাল) , Autumn (শরৎকাল) , Late Autumn (হেমন্তকাল) , Winter (শীতকাল) and Spring (বসন্তকাল) .

The duration of each season is 2 months.Summer is the first season and it's duration is from mid-April to mid-June.Then comes Rainy it stays from mid-June to mid-August.Next is Autumn and it stays from mid-August to mid-October.Late Autumn is next and it stays from mid-October to mid-December.And then Winter stays from mid-December to mid mid February.And finally at last comes Spring and it stays from mid-February to mid-April.

Each season brings different kinds of scenarios for us.Being able to see them is a blessing. The six seasons of Bangladesh makes it unique from other countries. Each season has different festivals and fairs , which makes it more unique.

Bangladesh has many advantages because of its seasons.It is easier to understand the timing of harvesting because of the seasons. And many types of seasonal fruits ,flowers and vegetables grows every year.People of Bangladesh really enjoys those fresh fruits and vegetables.

By Norbert Braun on Unsplash

Summer season: From mid-April to mid-June it is Summer season.Sumer the weather is extremely hot.The maximum summer temperatures range between 30°C and 40° .
But during summer we get to eat the most delicious fruits.Which are-Mango , Jackfruit , Litchi , Watermelon , Pineapple and many more.
And Bangla New Year is celebrated during summer as well.

By Nishaan ahmed on Unsplash

Rainy season:From mid-June to mid-August it is Rainy season.Bangladesh is an agriculture based country so rain is necessary for growing paddy and jute.But the extreme rainfalls during the rainy season increases the water level of the water bodies and that's why Bangladesh experiences several Floods during rainy seasons.The poor people suffers the most during floods.

By Omar Faruk on Unsplash

Autumn season:From mid-August mid-October it is Autumn season.During Autumn the sky is filled with white clouds and the fields are filled with wild sugarcane.The scenarios of autumn are really amazing.People goes to the field to admire the beauty of the wild sugarcanes.

By Đại Lộc Nguyễn Hữu on Unsplash

Late Autumn:From mid-October to mid-December it is Late Autumn.During Autumn people are busy celebrating the Nabanna (নবান্ন) which is the new rice festival.Rice and wheat are harvested during Late Autumn.Golden Paddy is harvested during this season so the farmers love Late Autumn.

By Mashiur Rahman on Unsplash

Winter season:From mid-December to mid-February it is Winter season The average temperatures reach as low as 12 °C in Bangladesh.Winter is the most favorite season of Bangladeshi people. They love to drink hot tea and Pitha(pancakes) in the foggy Winter mornings.The weather of the villages are competitively colder than cities. And nights are much long than usual.

By Aditya Das on Unsplash

Spring season:From mid-February to mid-April it is Spring.Spring falls between Winter and Summer so the weather shifts from cold to warm gradually.Spring is the most colorful season of all.A lot of flowers bloom during the spring season,some of the flowers are Krisnnachura , Palash , Shimul , Champa and Sheoli.
Spring is one of the most beautiful season of Bangladesh .

We all love the seasons of Bangladesh and forever will.Those beautiful scenarios are only found in Bangladesh and they are really dazzling.Each season of Bangladesh has it's own beauty that are really different from each other. People around the world visits Bangladesh to see those magical seasons as only Bangladesh has six seasons .

{Each season is described with an image above , to understand it better}


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