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by Test 2 months ago in short story
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Is it the snowflakes that fill the branches, so crystalline and white? Is it the white clouds that linger here,

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Is it the snowflakes that fill the branches, so crystalline and white? Is it the white clouds that linger here, so graceful and graceful? No, she is more holy than the snowflakes, more dignified than the white clouds - she is the blooming orchid, the holy flower on earth. Orchids, with their fragrance and elegance, have won people's favor, not only for generations of talented artists to splash ink and paint but also for the tastemakers and inscribers to chant.

  If daffodils are the "fairy of the waves", then orchids must be the "queen of flowers". The delicate petals, graceful body,, and pure white gauze make up a holy and beautiful orchid. She is as spirited as the national peony, as floating as the ling gum fairy, and more untarnished than the lotus. However, God forbid, good times do not last long. Orchids can only give people a few days of viewing before they wither away. A moment of beauty and fragrance, often causing people's pity, and her charm still exists in people's minds, more engraved in people's hearts.

  The orchid, standing in the cold rain, in the cold wind, does not compete with the flowers, just silently adds a touch of glory to the world; the orchid fragrance, quiet and elegant, does not make people feel unattainable, is a refreshing fragrance, friendly fragrance, call people to love the fragrance. You say, this intoxicating flower fragrance, how can not be called to fall for it, fascinated by it? How can people not be called to love it, and praise it?

  Orchids, whether high on the branches, or floating down to the ground, always maintain a spotless character. Even if buried in the soil, it is still a piece of fragrant heart, white and flawless. With her noble image of herself, she inspires people to develop a code of life. All this reminds me of the millions of old cadres in our country who have given up their virtues and willingly retired themselves to the second line to train their successors and make the motherland emerge modern. This valuable spirit is the true reflection of orchids - elegant, simple and unpretentious, silent dedication.

  The flower of human life is also as colorful and varied as the flowers of nature. If the long-opening flower of life will be stained by sludge, I would like to be a pure flower that blooms for only one day. Although we cannot all be heroes with great achievements, we should and can be as noble and simple as orchids, holy and innocent. To dress up a beautiful fairyland on earth, even if it suffers from the wind and rain, "fall into the mud and tossed into the dust", will also leave people "fragrance as before".

  The orchid is noble, and the people with the spirit of orchids are also noble because they have a heart of devotion, a heart of selfless devotion, not a heart of asking for anything. I love orchids ......

  There are many varieties of orchids, from the season alone, there are spring orchids, summer celandine orchids, Jianlan, newspaper orchids, etc., and the orchids I know are hanging orchids, junzi orchids, purple root orchids, tiger orchids, and other orchids such as imported orchids do not know the name. However, I like the style of orchids as one.

  The nature of the orchid is elegant, from the leaves to the flowers, there is no place not overflowing with nobility, just to appreciate the leaves, see the stretching posture, from the bottom of the heart a respect. The leaves will not be overgrown to pin the color of the flowers, self-conscious splash crazy growth, the flowers will not ascend to the high branches to do look at the end of the clouds and despise the leaves. The flowers and leaves are one, harmoniously maintaining that beauty, like a man and a woman, the tacit understanding is self-evident, the heart rhinoceros connected, guarding a delicate sentiment, each other clouds are far away, thinking about but not give up day and night.

  The orchid, no strong and fragrant fragrance, even the flowering pattern is definitely not open, brilliant. It is always a low-key silent guard a subdued and elegant. The calyx and calyx stamens are thin and shallow from the sparse leaves, and then the slender stems, before the flowers begin to bloom, a wisp of fragrance is released implicitly, no need to be shy, it is from the vulgar, and no need to be bright, it is from the elegant. The right blend of character, since a pleasant, subtle, readable posture.

  The orchid's character is high and pure, it is a kind of flower that will be loved, not powdered, not with lead, beautiful but a natural. Together with orchids, their words are also sweet, and their feelings are also elegant. The orchid, orchid like people, life from now on more a bunch of noble ties, the heart of the sea from planting a plant interpretation of the strange flower. Orchid is a traditional famous flower in China. Its fresh and elegant fragrance, rigid and soft leaves, dignified and elegant charm, has always been respected and loved by people, and plum, chrysanthemum, bamboo known as the four gentlemen. Throughout the ages, there are countless poems depicting and appreciating orchids.

  Orchids were once the favorite of the ancient literati, and the ancients had many words of praise for the orchids among the "Four Gentlemen". One of them is "beautiful as an orchid", which is used to describe the elegance of a person, and this sentence also illustrates the nobility of orchids. Although people have a lot of praise for orchids, I think orchids are not as magical as they are said to be. I remember when my father first brought the orchid home, I took one look at it and thought there was nothing special about it. However, the evening of the day the orchid opened, I completely changed my view of orchids.

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