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How Growing A Plant Can Connect You To Nature

Connect To Nature Via Plant

By Praveen KumarPublished 2 months ago 5 min read

We all are connected to nature in one or the other way. It is impossible for any living being on earth to survive without connecting to nature. But how can we know our connection with this nature?

Is it evident? Yes, It is evident. Plants are a part of this mother nature. They survived all the destruction on earth and still helping us in many ways. I will help you to know your connection with nature by just growing a plant.

A famous philosopher said the whole universe, including planets, stars, galaxies, the milky way, and black holes, are all interconnected like pearls in a chain. If any pearl gets misplaced by action or accident, it will impact the other pearls’ position in the chain. We call it an ecosystem scientifically.

In the same way, if there is any evolution or destruction on this planet, it will have an impact on mankind directly or indirectly. For example, Crude oil and coal resources are becoming extinct daily as we dig the earth. This increases petrol expenses and electricity bills.

So, there should be an ecological balance for the smooth survival of our mankind. But do you know much more harm is taking place due to these activities like earthquakes and tsunamis? I wanted to make you clear on this concept of how we are connected to this universe ecologically and scientifically.

So, it is clear that everything is interrelated and connected in this nature, from an atom to a car in your garage. There are scientifically proven theories about ecological balance in this nature and its impact on humankind. Likewise, I strongly believe that growing a plant will connect you to nature.

My Personal Experience Of Growing a Plant And How It Connected Me To The Nature

I am a middle-aged man and have been busy with schooling, college, family, career, etc., throughout my life. I am least bothered about nature as I am struggling myself to build my career. I started realizing the importance of growing plants by reading articles and watching YouTube videos.

But to your surprise, though I am conscious of its importance, there is no action put in place. I never bought a single plant nor sown a seed until I got a precious gift from my wife in 2019. Yes, the precious gift was an eco-friendly green money plant.

This small gift has brought a big change in my life. I never expected that plant to be a gift, and I never shared my thoughts on growing plants with anyone. I guess this is the law of attraction.

The more you desire, the quicker you will get. It might be success, money, fame, or anything. Growing a plant might be my strongest desire which I eventually got without action.

You might wonder why I think so highly of this small thing, like getting a plant. But I have learned even small things, small positive emotions, and small help does matter with a big impact that we can never imagine.

After receiving the gift, the first three days were as usual in my life. I became busy again with my work and office. One day, while working in my office, this gifted plant flashed into my mind.

After I was done with the day at my office, I went home all the way thinking about this tiny money plant. I realized I was not taking care of it and felt a bit low. I am sure it might be dried up since I am not watering and the climate is too hot.

And to my surprise, the plant survived despite the climatic conditions. I gently lifted the plant from where it was, placed it in a place with moderate sunlight, and sprinkled water on it for the first time. I felt like helping a person with a glass of water who is very thirsty.

It’s been more than three years, and this beautiful plant has grown up gently, bringing a smile to my face every morning. I feel more connected to it, and I can sense my connection with nature every time I touch it. This feeling was so awesome; I never stopped caring for it from that day.

I started landscaping with the limited space I have at my apartment and built a small garden at my home with several kinds of plants. I treated every plant in my garden as my family member and was blessed to be part of mother nature by caring for them. Now my day begins with gardening and nurturing my plants, making my thoughts as fresh as tiny green leaves.

My connection with nature got stronger and healthier daily as days passed. I started educating myself on biology and botany, which I was never interested to learn in my school or college days. I used to spend my weekends partying with my friends and colleagues.

Now I am exploring nature on weekends by visiting forests, parks, botanical gardens, etc., and strengthening my connection with nature. I am more relaxed and cheerful now than I used to be, with all the positive thoughts flowing in my mind.

One small plant brought a big change in my life, and I witnessed the bonding with nature while caring for it. If you want to witness your connection with nature, start growing a plant today which costs you nothing. It just needs little care and your precious time. The connection and the bonding with nature happen automatically.


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