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Fish in the bays are the most dangerous

A friend invited me to go fishing in the river. I have never fished in the river. I have only been to a fish pond dedicated to fishing before.

By KianaPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

A friend invited me to go fishing in the river. I have never fished in the river. I have only been to a fish pond dedicated to fishing before. How to fish in the river? Just choosing a fishing spot is not very clear.

  At first, I thought that fishing in the river should go to the middle of the river, where you can catch big fish. And think, row a small boat, moor in the middle of the river, sit on the boat, and let the river go east, I will go fishing for big fish by myself. That demeanor, that style, it should be a scene in the river, I feel enjoyable to think about it.

  However, the fact was far from what I imagined. My friend did not let me on the boat, but drove me to a river bay in a car, and said to me, "I will fish here today."

  Hearing what he said, I couldn't help but feel regretful. Seeing the big river flowing, I could only look at the river from the bank and sigh. So, I asked: "Why did you choose such a place to fish, why not go to the middle of the river?"

  My friend didn't answer, let me observe the surrounding environment.

  I looked up at the sky, the light clouds were idle, and the winter sun was like fire. Looking at the river in the distance, the waves were sparkling and mighty. On the banks of the river, the remnant willows were light. In the river bay, the microwaves were light. In such an environment, it is quite suitable to sit here and bask in the sun and nourish the heart.

  At this time, the friend said, "Where people feel comfortable, fish also like it."

  I don't believe my friend's words, how can fish think the same as people? Fish love water, they should like to swim in the dangerous waves of living water, how can they hide in such a quiet river bay like stagnant water?

  "Try it," the friend said. So, under the willow tree on the shore, a row of fishing rods was inserted diagonally, and the fishing line was thrown into the water. The man sat on the low stool, staring at the red fishing mark in the distance, and his ears listened to the sound of the bell tied to the top of the fishing rod.

  Fishing in the river is not as easy as in the pond, but it is not empty-handed. Lo and behold, before long, the bells rang one after another, and the anglers started to fish one after another. They are all hands and feet, pulling rods, and fucking fish, disrupting the sunshine on the shore.

  At this time, I do not know what kind of mood to deal with, not only the excitement of the fish, but also hate the fish too much self-love.

  "Am I right, this river bay is the best place to fish." The friend said, "This fish likes to fight the current, but it will also get tired. Coupled with the warm sunshine, some fish want to rest and hide in this calm river bay to bask in the sun. This place, the water is warmer, and it is much more comfortable than the middle of the river."

  My friend is an old fisherman who seems to be very good at fishing. At this time, I also admire his vision. He knows that there are lazy fish, he knows where the fish are lazy, and those fish have become his meal on the plate, and since then, he will never return to the water where he lives day and night.

  The fish knew that this bay was a comfortable water, but did it know that this comfortable water was also its place of death?

  The fish is like this, what about that person, isn't it the same? People are often screaming and tired, trying to find a comfortable place to relax, and some stay in that comfortable place and don't want to leave, reluctant to leave. Maybe some people don't know that time is a ruthless fisherman, and the bait it throws is strangling your original life.

  Fish don't know, people should know this.


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