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COVID-19: My Personal Story

by Haley C. 5 months ago in short story · updated 4 months ago
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Dealing with a breakthrough corona virus infection after being fully vaccinated with booster shot

COVID-19: My Personal Story
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So, here I lay in bed, sick with what I found out to be Covid-19. I didn't believe this was covid at first though - I had just recovered from a regular old head cold two weeks prior (I tested then too, and it was negative). My first Covid-19 symptoms were similar to my usual allergies, so I doubted I was even getting sick at first, but I was so wrong.

I was fully vaccinated by April 2021, and received my booster shot in November 2021. Multiple sources state that people who have a Covid-19 booster shot usually are asymptomatic even if they test positive for Covid-19. Well, it turns out this isn't true, I have symptoms of the virus and I really have to say - these symptoms are horrible.

My symptoms weren't horrible at first, but they got worse over time. It started out with allergy symptoms, then it felt like I had the same head cold from the weeks before, but it turned into flu like symptoms really fast. The weirdest thing about the symptoms with this virus, is how they like to take turns beating you up. One day I feel like I'm getting better, but then I realized I've been fooled - by the next day I feel like I can't even walk.

Covid is not a joke, it's like a mob boss. This virus's symptoms make you think you've gotten away from it's clutches - until it sends a reminder that you aren't in the clear yet. I've noticed laying down tricks me into thinking I'm feeling better, but then I stand up and try to leave my bed, only to find I'm dizzy and my legs are shaky.

One of the negative things about having Covid isn't the symptoms, but the fear of getting family in your home sick. One of my family members that I live with didn't get vaccinated. I will feel responsible if anything happens to them, because I was sick first - even though I was told it wouldn't be my fault. I know this virus isn't fun, but it could have been worse if I hadn't been vaccinated. I fear that my unvaccinated family member will have a worse time with this virus than I have - if they catch it.

Even though I was told it wouldn't be my fault if anything happens to my unvaccinated family member - I would still feel responsible for getting them sick. I already have family who I just got done visiting during Christmas and New Years, and they now are experiencing symptoms. They are waiting on their test results - I know they have it too - luckily, they are vaccinated . Still, the guilt is there, I feel like I am to blame for anyone I was around catching this virus. I have worn my mask, I have been vaccinated, I have socially distanced myself, but I still got sick.

I don't want this burden, but I went out of town for the holidays. I should have stayed home. I feel like I am responsible for anyone else who may get this virus, because I did have to head home with this virus, though I didn't know I was sick with Covid at the time. I most likely was given Covid by someone else who didn't know about having Covid. This is a cycle, which is why I hope people who aren't vaccinated, no matter what you believe about this virus - I hope people start getting the vaccine.

I could have been in worse condition from this illness, because I have asthma and other health issues, but being vaccinated has given me mild symptoms. The symptoms (even with being entirely vaccinated) are still horrible (shortness of breath, wheezing, weakness upon standing, cough, fever, hot and cold flashes, loss of taste and smell, sneezing, nausea, unexplained bruises, weird red bumps on my skin, bathroom issues, itchy skin, sleeping too much, body aches, stabbing pain in weird places and just pure fatigue). Some of these symptoms I have dealt with before because I already deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but the fatigue from Covid is different. I can hardly even walk to and from the bathroom.

I'm starting to feel a little better though, but I know I would not be feeling a little better six days after the first appearance of these symptoms if I wasn't vaccinated. I don't know about the rest of people with break through infections, but this has been my experience with Covid-19. I am someone with pre-existing conditions, and I'm glad the medical community found a vaccine as fast as they did, because I would have most likely died from this.

I am ready to get back out to do regular things again, along with the rest of the world, so lets get together and stay strong by getting vaccinated. We need to speed up the process and reduce the amount of new variants. Please put your biases aside, and get vaccinated or mask up if you are allergic to the vaccine ingredients. We need to get this virus to become more like the flu! We will have to live with this just like the flu, by finding a way to cope with it.

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Haley C.

Hello I'm Haley, I am a current college student. I plan to major in psychology and minor in music. I want to help people by becoming a music therapist. Hopefully I can utilize this platform to create helpful stories, and articles.

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