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Author's note: This is the outline for a novel I just started working on. I'd love some feedback on it. Please be gentle. :) Thank you!

Story Synopsis

Frank Miller—a lawyer—kills his wife. George Hamilton, a homicide detective, finds out. Frank Miller runs away. He gets caught in the end. He is caught and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, Sarah Miller is killed by Dr. Jonathen Heathrow, but Susan Freid is suspected. She records him. He is also caught and thrown in jail. THE END.

Chapter 1

Lawyer finds out Rosanne Miller is dead. Suspects Frank Miller

Main character= Jennifer and George Hamilton. Jennifer= blogger George= homicide detective

Detective finds out about the killing.

Chapter 2

George Hamilton begins interviewing witnesses and asking questions.

No one saw what happened, but some heard screaming in the dead of night.

Chapter 3

Jennifer makes friends with Sarah Miller—the daughter. She is also a writer. A journalist. She comes to tea.

She begins to tell her about the dysfunctional relationship between her mom and dad.

Chapter 4

Frank Miller is the primary suspect, but he isn’t the only suspect.

Other suspects include: The next door neighbor Susan Freid, George’s coworker Darlene Mather, and Marlene’s Doctor, Dr. Jonathan Heathrow.

Chapter 5

Flashback to how Rosanne Miller died and what happened that night.

She provoked her husband by refusing to have sex with him.

He was pent up and stressed out. It had been two years, and he lost it.

She also thought he had raped their daughter and was livid.

She threatened to divorce the man after 45 years of marriage.

He left.

Rosanne was dead after he left.

Chapter 6

Frank Miller mysteriously disappears.

He is in Venice, Italy. Readers know this.

The case becomes high-profile and is on news stations across the world.

Everyone is looking for Frank Miller but no one can find him.

Chapter 7

George Hamilton collects DNA evidence. It matches Frank Miller’s, but it also matches Sarah Miller’s.

Sarah Miller is still in the house, unemployed

She’s a recluse

She doesn’t talk to anyone.

She stays inside all day and reads.

She clearly has money from her father to support herself because she doesn’t work.

She says she knows nothing, but had lived with both parents before the alleged murder.

Chapter 8

Dr. Jonathen Heathrow gets in hot water.

A procedure went wrong and he’s been blamed for it. DO RESEARCH ON THIS.

Dr. Heathrow is painted as an intentional killer in the media, but many patients remain loyal.

Marlene continues to see him due to Jennifer Hamilton’s insistence: It’s difficult to find another doctor

George Hamilton wants information

Marlene is suspicious and begs for a different doctor

George Hamilton finally surrenders

They see Dr. Ethan Hamilton, her grandfather (Frank’s father)

Chapter 9

Susan Freid is the town gossip but she’s awfully quiet.

She doesn’t mention a word about the case.

When asked, she immediately changes the subject.

She meets for tea with George and Jennifer Hamilton.

She is very suspicious of Dr. Jonathan Heathrow and says so.

She thinks he’s the killer, but she also wonders about Darlene Mather: Anyone but herself.

Chapter 10

Darlene Mather has stopped showing up to work lately.

She’s been quite sick, or so she says.

She was obsessively seeking Frank Miller when he disappeared, and George believes she still is.

She won’t come into work or answer her calls

She won’t say a word about Rosanne or Frank, and no one knows what she does or doesn’t have on the two of them.

If she continues this way, she risks being fired.

Chapter 11

George Hamilton is burnt out and overwhelmed.

He doesn’t know what to do next and has become consumed by this case.

He can’t shake the image of seeing Rosanne on the pavement, covered in blood.

He wonders why Frank, a lawyer, would have been so obvious: Why not hide the body? Etc.

Chapter 12

Frank Miller is now in Boulder, Colorado, hiding out. He wants to disappear, so he has changed his identity to Enrico Balderas, and he has changed all his identification as well.

He left his daughter cash, so she could do whatever she wanted with it.

No one in Colorado knows he is a primary suspect in a murder case and no one in England knows he is in Colorado

Chapter 13

Frank Miller returns.

He left something important in England.

It’s a key to his penthouse in New York.

He is a very successful lawyer and knows his way around the law. STUDY THE LAW

He then escapes again under his new identity.

Chapter 14

Sarah Miller stays inside their home.

She says she has done nothing when interviewed by George Hamilton—the detective.

She says it wasn’t her fault. Her dad set her up and disappeared.

She continues living on the huge stack of cash he left her and doesn’t go to jail.

She explains that there was a big fight on the day of her mother’s death. Roseanne threatened to divorce Frank. Frank was outraged, and he had a gun.

He shot her three times in the chest, and she died, according to Sarah Miller.

Of course, Sarah Miller had her own DNA on her mother’s body, so she would not want to admit guilt herself. Her testimony was suspect.

Chapter 15

Sarah Miller mysteriously dies

She had had Susan Freid—curiousity had gotten the best of her—over for tea.

When Susan left, Sarah was dead.

Rumor was that there was something in the tea.

That said, no one was certain, because Dr. Jonathan Heathrow had also been there minutes after, attempting to help her when she had apparently fainted: Susan had called him and had a record of her phone call.

Chapter 16

George is now frustrated: One suspect with DNA evidence is now dead, so she can’t go to jail, and Frank Miller is nowhere to be found.

He tries to chase him down, but can’t seem to. Nothing is pointing to him.

Finally, he spots him at the London airport. DO RESEARCH ABOUT THE EXACT NAME. He has a wig and seems to have a fake identity, but he’d recognize those beady eyes anywhere.

He still remembers the court case he was in, years ago, that he had never told anyone about, including his wife.

He’d been on trial for raping a woman. A woman he had seen Frank Miller rape in cold blood. She’d committed suicide the next day, which he’d also seen. He’d said as much, but didn’t have any physical evidence of it, so Frank talked his way out of it: The bastard. He won the case with false evidence. He’d worked with AI to create false images, and the jury had believed him.

George is very upset about this to this day and wants to get Frank Miller back for the suffering he caused him.

Chapter 17

George Hamilton finds Frank Miller, cuffs him, and questions him.

Frank Miller lies through his teeth, as usual.

Susan Freid steps forward with photos she’d been shown by Sarah Miller of the murder.

There is no question: He had killed his wife.

Chapter 18

There is a tea stain on Sarah Miller’s white shirt. She’s a brunette and dressed casually since she was often at home. She had no need to do a job, but found herself wanting one, and she was an aspiring novelist. Her book resembled prior events closely, but she hadn’t been able to finish it. She was only 25.

No DNA was found on the body, but it had been left there in a rush.

Susan swore she hadn’t done it, but Susan swore a lot of things, and had a flare for the dramatic.

She claimed it was the doctor.

Chapter 19

Dr. Jonathan Heathrow said he hadn’t done it, but he had.

He knew he had, and he didn’t want a soul to find out.

He was a sadist and experienced pleasure from the power of inflicting pain and death on innocent people.

He was lying through his teeth about both murders he was involved in, but knew how to clean up nicely. No one had proof, except Susan.

Chapter 20

Susan, horrified and also curious, had managed to stand in a corner and videotape the whole affair.

She showed this to the detective.

Dr. Jonathan Heathrow had killed Sarah Miller.



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