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Womb Raiders: Korena Roberts Cut Baby From Mother's Womb

Korena became obsessed with pregnancy after suffering a miscarriage

By True Crime WriterPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

A heavily pregnant Heather Snively and her fiancee relocated from Maryland to Beaverton, Ohio, weeks before her due date. Still needing baby clothes, Heather used online sites like Craigslist to find items for the little boy they’d name John Steven.

Heather Met Korena on Craigslist

Korena Roberts listed baby clothing on the classified ads site. Heather contacted Korena, and the two quickly hit it off. korena told Heather she was expecting twins, although had far more clothing than she needed, leading her to sell some of the unwanted items on the marketplace.

Heather appreciated Korena’s friendliness toward her, especially when she invited her to her home to look at the baby clothing.

Korena Cuts John Steven From Heather’s Womb

In June 2009, eight-month-pregnant Heather drove to Korena’s home where she lived with her two children and boyfriend of five years, Yan Shubin. Korena led the 21-year-old Heather to her bedroom to show her the clothing. Once inside the bedroom, Korean bludgeoned Heather to death with a collapsible baton, striking her over the back of the head no fewer than 20 times, and then removed a baby boy from her womb.

The baby was not breathing.

Korean rolled Heather’s body up into a carpet and hid it inside a crawlspace. She then grabbed the baby, crawled into the bathtub, turned on the water, and called her boyfriend, telling him she had given birth.

Confused, since Korena held only one baby, Yan questioned her where the second baby was. Korena claimed she had not yet delivered the second baby. Attention quickly turned to the non-breathing infant. Yan called paramedics.

Korena Did Not Recently Give Birth

Korena and the baby boy were rushed to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. John Steven was pronounced dead on arrival. Korena refused a medical examination initially, although she eventually allowed the exam.

Doctors revealed shocking news to Yan: there was no sign of the heartbeat of a second baby. The exam also proved Korena had not given birth recently. She had never been pregnant.

Korena ‘Obsessed” With Pregnancy

Neither of Korena’s two children were fathered by Yan. She yearned to give him a child of his own, yet had suffered a miscarriage several months before attacking Heather.

The miscarriage devastated Korena, who then became obsessed with being pregnant and giving her boyfriend the child he wanted.

After the miscarriage, Korena continued to pretend she was pregnant. She purchased baby items, told Yan and other family members that she was expecting twins, and pretended to visit the OB/GYN.

Detectives Found Heather’s Body in Crawlspace

Meanwhile, detectives searched the Roberts-Shubin home, finding Heather’s body stuffed into the crawlspace late into the evening. Along with blunt force trauma to her head, Heather also had cuts on her right breast and abdomen, and bite marks on her right arm.

An autopsy later revealed Heather died from the cuts to her abdomen and loss of blood.

Korena Charged With Murder

Korena was taken into custody and charged with four counts of murder and several other charges. Psychological exams determined Korena was sane at the time of the incident and did not suffer from any mental illness, making her fit to stand trial.

She pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Chris Popp, Heather's boyfriend and the father of John Steven, spoke at Korena's sentencing, stating:

"You've taken away my fiancee, my son -- I don't know what to say to you," he said. "I hope you never forget this."

Heather's mother and stepfather described her as a woman with "a smile that would light up a room." In their statement to Korena, the Kidds said, in part:

"There is no punishment severe enough for what you did," the statement read. "We hope you're haunted every day for the rest of your life by what you did."



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