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Woman Takes Attempted Salon Robber Hostage, Repeatedly S*x Assaults Him

A story from Russia

By True Crime WriterPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In 2009, The Moscow Times ran a story about a woman named Olga, a third-degree black belt who allegedly held hostage the man who broke into her hair salon in Meshchovsk. The man, Viktor, was force-fed Viagra and repeatedly raped by Olga. TMT scraped the article from a website called, mentioning how the website is known for publishing ‘sensationalized’ stories.

In 2011, the story resurfaced on major news outlet websites, the first being The Daily Mail. The story now mentioned last names: Olga Zajac and Viktor  Jasinski. Soon, the story had made its way to other news sites like The Independent and gone viral. (Side Note: The surname Jasinski is Polish.)

The Story

Around 5 p.m. on March 14, Olga was finishing her shift at her hair salon when a man identified as Viktor burst into the salon. Waving a pistol, Viktor ordered Olga and the other employees and clients in the salon to lie on the ground and hand over their cash.

Everyone complied -except Olga. She remained standing but offered her money to Viktor. When he got close enough to Olga to accept the cash, she unexpectedly punched him in the chest forcefully enough that it knocked the wind out of him. Olga kicked Viktor to the ground, tied him up with the cord from a hair dryer, gagged him, and with help from the others in the salon, dragged him to the storage room.

The others continued to work, finished their shifts, and went home for the evening.

Alone in the salon with Viktor, Olga ordered him to take off his underwear and let her have her way with him. She handcuffed Viktor to a radiator, stuffed Viagra down his throat, and over the next two days, repeatedly raped him. She released Viktor on March 16.

Viktor Reports Olga to The Police

Viktor drove himself to a local hospital where he needed treatment for his genitals. After he was released from the hospital, Viktor supposedly filed a complaint with the police, asking for Olga’s arrest on charges of committing “actions of a sexual nature.”

Olga called Viktor a jerk upon learning he had gone to the police. She was nice to him, she insisted, telling authorities she gave him food, drink, and 1,000 rubles when he left. Olga then filed a complaint against Viktor, requesting he be charged for robbing her salon.

Support For Olga

When the story went viral online, it was met with a mixed bag of reactions. Many of the commenters supported Olga.

Women from across the world praised Olga for what they called ‘female empowerment,” saying Viktor deserved nothing less. Some of the online comments claimed Viktor enjoyed the ‘torture,’ since men cannot be raped. Others called Olga a hero and cheered for her. Many comments were disgusting.

Whether this story is true or made up remains a mystery. Perhaps, like the more recent Bear vs. Man debate, the story was designed to bring attention to a controversial topic, this time, how society views and treats male rape victims.

Male Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault

Imagine how the comments would have read if the story included a male store owner who committed these acts to a female robber. Commenters would have expressed disdain and outrage and demanded justice for the woman, citing that her criminal history should not matter.

Whether this story is true or fabricated remains a mystery. Likely, the narrative was much like the recent Man vs. Bar debate and crafted for a broader purpose, as a way to show the discrepancies in treatment toward men who are victims of crimes perceived to be ‘women crimes.’ 

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According to the website, one in six men are victims of sexual assault.  The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported in 2005 that 16% of all men are sexually abused by their 18th birthday. 

Remember, male victims of sexual assault deserve support, compassion, and a chance to validate their experiences.  By providing support and understanding to male survivors, we can help break down the stigma and barriers that prevent them from seeking help or healing from the events. Sexual assault is a horrific crime and its survivors, regardless of gender, deserve to be hard, seen, and supported.

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