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Woman Stabs Husband to Death

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"It was that face"

  • Penelope Jackson stabbed her husband, David, three times
  • The couple had been married 24-years
  • She refused to render aid to him as he lay dying
  • She made incriminating statements to the 999 operator after David called to request help, including “it was that face,” and “I should’ve stabbed him a bit more”
  • Penelope claims David was coercive, controlling, and physically abusive

It was that face.”

Penelope Jackson and her husband of 24-years, David, got into an argument in February 2020. Her daughter purchased an expensive crab, lobster, and steak meal as a birthday treat, though David was unhappy with her choice of side items for the meal. The argument led to Penelope threatening to kill herself, but instead, stabbing David to death after he called her “pathetic” and told her to go back to bed. The incident occurred at the couple’s bungalow in Berrow, Somerset.

Jackson On Trial

Penelope Jackson is currently on trial charged with murder. She admits to manslaughter, claiming David was abusive and she had no other choice than to stab him to death.

Call for Help

The 66-year-old woman stabbed her 78-year-old husband in the chest while he lay in the bed in the spare bedroom of the home. David dialed 999 to summon emergency help. At this time, Ms. Jackson took the phone from him and stabbed him two additional times as dispatchers urged her to administer aid to him and directed her to “not stab him.” She refused to render aid to her dying husband and asked the operator, “Why?”

Photo: The Independant

Ms. Jackson takes the phone from the man and makes various statements to the operator, such as “I thought I stabbed him in the heart but he doesn't got one,” and “I’ve killed my husband or at least tried to,” and “He’s bleeding to death with any luck.”

Police arrived and found Mr. Jackson lying dead in his underwear on the kitchen floor. Ms. Jackson told the officers, who took her into custody on murder charges, “I should have stabbed him a bit more.”

Jackson Arrested

Penelope was arrested after police arrived. She never tried to deny stabbing her husband, though doing so would not have done any good by this point.

Ms. Jackson explained she kept a knife under her bed pillow out of fear of her husband. She claimed David had been coercive, controlling, and physically abusive toward her throughout their marriage. The knife gave her a sense of security and protection; just to be on the safe side.

"I stabbed him, he's an aggressive bully and nasty and I've had enough... When he says I wouldn't do it, I did it twice more," she said. "It was that face," she further proclaimed.

While sitting in the back of a police car outside her home, she told officers "I know what I've done, and I know why I've done it. And if I haven't done it properly, I'm really annoyed."

Penelope 999 Call

If you want to hear the 999 call recording and watch bodycam footage of the arrest, click here!

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