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Woman's Last Moments of Life Caught on CCTV: Killed by Husband

The woman is seen on video running from her husband before he murders her in an elevator

By CMPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Chased to her death: Terrifying moment woman sprints away from her husband before he 'beats her in an elevator and throws her dead body from a fourth-floor balcony in Brazil

  • Terrifying footage shows Tatiane Spitzner sprinting away from Luis Manvailer
  • She runs into a lift where he pummels her with punches and kicks her, police say
  • Manvailer then strangled her to death and threw the body off the balcony
  • He denied murdering his wife and told police that she jumped from their apartment after an argument
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    In July 2018, a surveillance camera captured Tatiane Spitzner running from her husband inside their apartment building parking garage. Moments later, Luis Manvailer beat the woman with his fists and feet, then strangled her to death before he tossed her dead body from a fourth-floor balcony. The entire murder was captured on a surveillance camera.

    Witnesses saw Spitzner lying on the pavement beneath the couple’s apartment after the attack. Seconds later, video footage shows the man dragging her body back to their apartment.

    Surveillance footage caught Manvailer attempting to clean up the blood off the floor and walls of the elevator.

    Witnesses called the police, but Manvailer fled the home before they arrived.

    Manvailer Fled the Apartment

    Police caught up to Manvalier several hours after the murder approximately 200 miles away following a traffic accident. Police suspect that he was attempting to flee to Paraguay when the accident occurred.

    At the police station, Manvailer told police that his wife jumped from the balcony following an argument when she arrived home from a nail appointment a few minutes later than expected.

    The autopsy disproved Manvailer’s claim that his wife jumped. Her cause of death was listed as mechanical asphyxia.

    A Successful Lawyer

    Spitzner was a 29-year-old successful lawyer practicing in Brazil at the time of her murder. She and Mavailer met in 2013 and married a short time later. Their relationship turned volatile when Manvalier began to use illegal steroids.

    He frequently became angry and lashed out over small matters. His anger often escalated Into verbal arguments and cursed and screamed at his wife. Many people closest to Manvalier attribute the angry outbursts to his steroid use.

    Manvailer Convicted of Murder

    Manvailer spent the next two years awaiting trial inside a prison in Guarapuava. Several delays occurred as a result of complications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Following a seven-day trial, a jury of seven found Manvailer guilty of homicide and obstruction of justice in May 2022. The court sentenced him to 31 years, nine months, and 18 days in prison.


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