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Why is the US Government Cherry Picking Which Laws to Enforce?

What laws do you plan to break?

By Thomas EgelhoffPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
Why is the US Government Cherry Picking Which Laws to Enforce?
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When was the United States justice system put on hold? Was it in the papers, and I just missed it? I must have slept through that event.

It seems that the US Government has decided that they will enforce the laws they like and ignore those they don’t.

Shoplifting is rampant across America. No bail laws create a revolving door in our courtrooms.

The consequences of criminal behavior erode daily.

Chicago is a war zone every weekend.

Big city police departments are hemorrhaging officers, and few recruits are applying.

Not sure that’s what the founding fathers had in mind when they toiled over the writing of the US Constitution.

Protection from the government is one thing, but so is the expectation of safety on our streets and homes.

Illegal Aliens

I understand the compassion for those fleeing persecution in their former land.

If I were in their shoes, I’d move heaven and earth for something better.

The Statue of Liberty says, “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

To me, that says there’s a legal door you must go through to legally enter the United States and take advantage of all it offers.

It doesn’t say, “I lift my lamp. Come on in.”

They’re illegal aliens. They’re not undocumented workers or displaced immigrants.

Is a bank robber a monetarily challenged person?

Put any shade of lipstick you want on that pig, and it’s still a pig.

Anyone crossing the border without proper documentation is breaking the law.

There’s no way to scrub that definition clean with politically correct terminology.

Now it seems that some border walls between Arizona and the Mexican border have come under fire recently.

An Arizona newspaper has conducted a study, and they have determined that the fence is too high, and illegal aliens are breaking bones trying to get over it.

In other words, they can’t safely break the law.

It would seem that Arizona is just not compassionate of our southern neighbors.

A small group of illegal aliens were recently transported to Martha’s Vineyard.

The compassionate residents promptly sent them packing to someplace else.

We certainly can’t have that. Not in my backyard.

Why are we helping Ukraine defend its borders while our own seem wide open to anyone?

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll

There are eight words I can’t say on the radio without a fine being levied against the station by the FCC.

But any rapper can say all eight and more with no problem on any CD sold today. If fact, the more gross and disgusting the lyrics, the higher the sales.

While marijuana is illegal under federal law, several states are working hard to make it a cash crop in their state while the federal government looks the other way.

Neighboring states to Colorado are very upset about the amounts of illegal drugs pouring into their states.

Some states have even filed suit against Colorado. In 2016 The Supreme Court decided not to hear the case brought by Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Some Final Thoughts on the Government Cherry Picking Laws to Enforce

I try to drive the speed limit most of the time. But in my thirty years in Montana, I’ve never gotten a ticket.

Just lucky, I guess.

Either we enforce laws on the books, or we don’t.

I may not agree with every law on the books, but if we have laws, they should be enforced across the board.

Picking and choosing what we will or will not enforce just because current administrations are liberal or conservative doesn’t help anyone.

If we are a nation of laws, those laws were put in place because they are needed to keep an orderly populous.

Picking and choosing or rewriting existing laws tells everyone why not break any law they don’t like.

Your government is doing it.

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