Whistle Blower's Life Was Compromised

by Charles Shi about a year ago in investigation

Internal Suspect Was Endorsed by Moog Aircraft in Colluding With Chinese Counterfeiter

Whistle Blower's Life Was Compromised

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The Chinese counterfeiting supplier NHJ sent me a wechat message of murder shortly after I was terminated by Moog." - Charles Shi, the protected and lawful whistle blower.

  1. Unprecedented Boeing Aircraft Safety Threat Not Removed by Massive Cover-Up, how it was unfolded and why it was extraordinary
  2. Moog Aircraft committed a felony
  3. Massive FAA cover-up

The scam is all about greed.

It started with Moog hiring Mr. Joe Zou, a Chinese American, who brought in a verified Chinese counterfeiting supplier NHJ as Moog approved machining supplier sometime in 2014

Mr. Joe Zou—Chinese Name Zou Yonghua—colluded with a Chinese counterfeiting supplier.

Joe Zou,first to the left, Charles Shi, first to the right

Mr. Li Jian is the owner of NHJ, the Verified Counterfeiting Supplier of B/E Aerospace and Moog.

Mr. Li Jian, Owner of NHJ, the Verified Counterfeiting Supplier of B/E Aerospace and Moog

Picture by Reuters

I made my first Moog internal whistle blowing 08/08/2015 to Kevin Walek (Global Supply Chain Director of Moog Aircraft Group) who was based at East Aurora, New York. Mr. Walek and Jesse Mangual (VP of Moog Aircraft) ordered Ms Claire Starzak (Asian supplier quality lead) to conduct a three week investigation, but that investigation was badly mishandled.

Kevin wrote 26/08/2015 to all members of China supply chain including Mr Zou and me concerning the investigation and confidentiality.

Mr. Walet emailed to all members of China supply chain 26/08/2015.

Exh. Moog005

Exh. Moog005

Mr. Walek stated very clearly the matter be kept confidential.

Mr. Walek stated very clearly the matter be kept confidential.

Exh. Moog005

However, Moog confidential investigation was blown to Mr. Li Jian of NHJ right away by Mr. Joe Zou.

I and another SDE informed Mr. Walek of Mr. Zou's criminal conduct. We both testified that Mr Zou called Mr. Li himself about Moog confidential investigation.

What was more vicious, Mr. Zou and Mr. Li figured out who was the whistle blower. This sent a grim message to me and Mr. XXX about our own safety.

I wrote: "He(Mr. Joe Zou) himself already phoned Mr. Li (NHJ owner) and they figured out who might be the informant..."

Charles Shi informed Mr. Walek 28/08/2015 that Mr. Zou was colluding with Chinese counterfeiting supplier.

Exh. Moog031

Mr. XXX informed Mr Walek that Mr Zou was colluding with counterfeiting supplier.

Mr. XXX wrote; "Joe called me again and said he talked to NHJ owner Mr Li and can almost guess out who is the guy tell Moog about the material issue."

Mr. XXX informed Mr. Walek 27/08/2015 that Mr. Joe was colluding with counterfeiting supplier.

Exh Moog032

Moog HR investigated Mr. Zou's suspected violation of Moog ethics.

On 2nd September, 2015, five days after we informed Moog management of Mr. Zou's criminal behavior, Ms Estella Ling, HR manager of Moog China, had a consult session with Mr. Zou.

When she asked Mr Zou if he contacted Mr. Li of NHJ about Moog investigation, Mr. Zou lied by saying NO.

Ms. Ling's Email, 02/09/2015, to Mr. Don Needham (HR Manager of Moog Aircraft) Who Was Based at East Aurora, New York

Exh. Moog099

When Mr. Zou was asked: "Did you subsequently contact Mr. Li and discuss the audit?" Mr. Zou replied: "No, I haven't contacted Mr. Li yet."

Mr. Zou, the suspect, lied about contacting the Chinese counterfeiting supplier.

Exh. Moog099

Based on Ms. Ling's information, Moog HR determined Mr. Zou had violated Moog ethics.

Moog Determination That Mr. Joe Zou Violated Moog Ethics

Exh. Moog099

The most outrageous thing happened! Mr. Joe Zou, the determined ethic violator, was allowed to remain at Moog, and business was as usual.

Mr. Zou was personally hired by Mr. Mark Trabert who was then VP of Supply Chain and now President of Moog Aircraft group.

Mark Trabert, President of Moog Aircraft Group

Mark Trabert,, Photo taken by Charles Shi in 2012 at Great Wall, Beijing

In the meantime, Mr Zou was busy colluding with MHJ tampering and destroying evidences.

Mr. Zou normally worked at his office and seldom paid supplier visits. I observed Mr. Zou was absent from office a few days immediate after Mr. Walek email 26/08/2015. The only place he could go was NHJ, the only thing he could possibly do there was to assist Mr. Li of NHJ tampering and destroying evidences.

Mr Zou did everything he could to disturb the Moog investigation which was supposed to be kept confidential.

Mr. XXX, the SDE responsible for NHJ informed me 29/08/2015 that Mr. Zou was trying to arrange a call with Mr. Li by Moog team.

Mr XXX emailed on 29/08/2015 informing me that Joe was attempting to call NHJ on Moog investigation.

Exh. Moog025

I immediately wrote to Mr. Zou, disagreeing what he attempted to do. I wrote: "Joe, I believe we should not call Mr. Li or take any action at this moment since Kevin said it clearly we let SQE team to conduct investigation in the next 3 weeks..... by the way, what should we tell Mr. Li about?"

Charles Email 29/08/2015 to Joe Stating We Should Not Call Mr. Li of NHJ

Exh. Moog025

After I wrote to Mr Zou, he called me insisting to call Mr. Li on Moog confidential investigation. I refused his insistence.

I felt this was a serious violation of Mr. Zou, so I reported to to Mr. Walek and a small team of Moog quality.

Charles Shi Email 29/08/2015 to Moog Small Team on Joe's Criminal Conduct

Exh. Moog026

Mr. Walek responded that we should not discuss the issue (Moog investigation) with anyone at NHJ.

Mr. Walek sent a stern warning 29/08/2015 that we should not call NHJ.

Exh. Moog025

Though Mr. Zou's scheme was foiled by my exposing and Mr. Walek's stern warning, his collusion with the counterfeiting supplier never stopped.

The struggle between good and bad continued within Moog. I realized there was a corporate cover-up under taking during that period of time.

In the end, my job was wrongfully terminated in early 2016 and Mr. Zou was retained to "clean" the mess he created in the first place.

It was more unfortunate that Ms Kate Schaefer, VP of Moog Aircraft, intentionally leaked the confidential whistle blowing information to Mr. Zou immediate after she was copied of my email to FAA dated 13th January, 2016, and requested Mr. Zou to lead another "Moog investigation" before FAA came in.

She could not ask a thief to catch thieves! What a scam!!

Ms. Schaefer, VP of Supply Chain, Moog Aircraft Group, an American citizen, based at East Aurora, New York

Since I risked my life whistleblowing to Moog/Boeing/FAA, I have been living in hiding and my family has been suffering with me!

Judy Zhu, NHJ customer manager of Moog project, sent me a wechat message shortly after I was terminated, which was a coded message of murder.

The message was: “Mr Li sent a message to you little time ago, you did not respond, so (he was) concerned of you,"

Message of Murder by NHJ 15/03/2016

However, I did not regret bringing the safety threat to the attention of Moog/Boeing/FAA and now to flying public.

I sincerely hope the crime is dealt with and the safety threat is removed with no further delays!

“Good crisis response happens long before a disaster or a death; there’s no time for planning after a crisis, only action,” says APCO media relations director Anthony DeAngelo

To be continued, next posting shall expose suspicious kickback arrangement in a Moog business deal not warranted...stay tuned.

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