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Video Of A Lead British International School Girl Getting Slapped And Bullied By Her Classmates Goes Viral

Justice For Namtira

By Hassan ArewaPublished 29 days ago 3 min read

Bullying is one of the most despicable act humans should not possess. People who feel superior over some certain individuals, often resort to bullying them. Despite the damage it has caused, the government has failed to address this issue properly, even the government are bullying us the citizens.

There's a trending video on Twitter and Instagram of a female student getting bullied by her colleagues. The girl who exposed everything said "Bullying is one of the biggest issue in Lead British International School and the worst thing is that they don't even take serious action for it. The punishment they use is always packing of trash like...does that make sense? Will packing of trash stop me from bullying someone? It does not even nake sense to be honest. The school is always trying to hide things like this. When things like this happen and we tell our parents Our parents think we are being dramatic and stuff that's why we all need you to bring back the post to bring awareness cuz it needs to stop. When i told my mom, she said i was lying it was when i showedd her rhe video that she believed me sef. And let me tell you something worst things have happened there was a time a girl brought a knife abi paper cutter and used it to skice a boy's hand the boy was in yr7 he had to get stitches and the girl's punishment was two days suspension cuz allegedly her parent payed the school or something.*

According to the video, the girl look so unhappy as people suggest she might have been enduring the bullying for a very long time. As the video went viral, the student that exposed this said " The boy's parent just took him out of the school. And we were confronting the girl about what she did the head of school and other teachers were shouting at us and some of us even got punished."

The question is, what type of school tries to sweep such incidence under the carpet. This is no doubt, a crime that has been going on for awhile but the school is not bothered about it. People have started clamoring for Justice, for the bullied girl and pleads with the government to lock up the school so as to teach other schools that condone bullying abd do nothing about it.

As much as we hate to admit it, toxic behavior is still a pressing issue for elementary, middle, and high school students alike. More than just a schoolyard dilemma, childhood bullying has developed into a significant public health emergency.

Indeed, the effects of bullying can be devastating. For a young person, they can even be life-threatening. But what, exactly, do they look like? How can you identify them? And, most importantly, what can you do to support bullying prevention throughout your school district?

Obviously, physical bullying and violent, aggressive behavior are closely linked. However, even verbal or social bullying can spiral into targeted violence on school grounds. Whether it starts in high school, elementary school, or anytime in between, bullying can have significant repercussions. While some manifest themselves almost immediately, others may last well into adulthood. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a young adult to experience impacts related to aggressive behavior they experienced as a child.

It goes without saying that physical, verbal, social, and online harassment is a lot to deal with especially as a young person. It’s hard enough to confront painful emotions as a child, let alone a high school student or young adult. Notably, bullying has such a significant impact on students that it can even dramatically affect the bully themselves. According to research, kids who bully others are more likely to get into fights, vandalize property, or drop out of school. Likewise, they’re also more likely to engage in early sexual activity.

Bullying can be as devastating as death fot thr effects on a young person leaves a scar that will mo5t clear off entirely.

Below are comment made by Twitter users:

@Trabqui47172614: "And our parents were scared to send us to public schools, meanwhile in expensive private schools even their bullying is expensive and on another level."

@worldwide_chief: "This is quite disturbing to watch. Parents, while it's really important and laudable to raise kids with calm and collected aura of emotional intelligence, it is also advisable to teach them to stand up for themselves and resist any form of oppression and bullying."

@Ashbol001: "Now if the girl k*ll or harm the other lady in any way. It would be justice justice over every whr . The issue we have in this country is “injustice” and if this should continue, this country can never change and things will forever become worse."


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