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Unkillable Saddam: Secrets hidden for 19 years surfaced

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When it comes to the name Saddam, it may not be so famous, but when it comes to the Iraq war, it can be said to be a sensation all over the world, and everyone knows it.

When the US-led military united with other countries to launch a war against Iraq because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein was the president of Iraq.

According to U.S. military reports, Saddam had six substitutes, which is why he survived several times under the siege of the U.S. military. So how did Saddam use a double to make the fake real? Was it Saddam himself who executed the hanging?


Among Saddam's many stand-ins, there is only one person who has really made public the identity of the stand-in, and that is Mehail Ramadan. After immigrating to the United States, he blew himself up as a substitute for Saddam Hussein for 19 years.

In fact, it was an accident that Mehail was able to be Saddam's stand-in. After all, he is only a young teacher in a public school and has no access to big figures like Saddam, mainly because his brother-in-law works in the Baghdad city government and is a middle-level cadre.

At a party, because my brother-in-law drank too much, he joked with his colleagues: "My brother-in-law looks very similar to the president."

Just because of a word he unintentionally said, Mehail fell into a double life situation for 19 years and embarked on the road of becoming the shadow of "Saddam".

Saddam, known as the lion of the Middle East, was the brutal ruler of Iraq.

During Saddam's reign, by exploiting oil in large quantities, developing oil trade, and vigorously developing Iraq's economy, the quality of life of residents was greatly improved, and free medical care and free education were also developed.

During his tenure in office, Saddam also had a good relationship with the Soviet Union, buying military equipment and weapons from the Soviet Union aggressively, and Iraq's military strength has also been greatly improved. At that time, it can be said that it became a Western military power.

But Saddam was belligerent by nature and tried to solve everything through war. During his reign, he often had frictions and even launched wars with some countries.

Under his dictatorship, the Iraqi people suffered from war. Therefore, many people and neighboring countries also hated him, and he became the target of public criticism. Saddam was also assassinated many times for this.

Saddam knew that his unscrupulous behavior would bring him endless trouble. In order to ensure the safety of his life and avoid being killed, he sent his subordinates to secretly search for people who looked similar to him.

Let them become their stand-ins and go to some high-risk places instead of themselves, such as attending some public occasions, attending conferences, going to the front line to command wars, and inspire people's hearts. He himself hides, hides in the dark, to protect himself.

At first, Saddam's requirements for a substitute were not high, but they were similar. However, with the increase in the number of assassinations, Saddam not only had to maintain the morale of the domestic people, but also went to the front to command the war and stabilize the morale of the army.

In order to allow these substitutes to mix things up with fakes, Saddam's requirements for substitutes are getting higher and higher, so he asked his subordinates to search for people who looked like him.

Saddam's college classmate, Omar, was also arrested and asked to act as Saddam's stand-in because he looked similar to Saddam.

Hearing this request, Omar refused at first. He didn't want to live in the shadow of others, put himself in danger, face countless unknown dangers, and become Saddam's scapegoat.

But for Saddam, the ruthless ruler by nature, no one could disobey his orders. Omar was put in jail, and Saddam told him that as long as he didn't agree, he would be in jail forever.

Omar finally gave in for freedom, and in this way Omar became one of Saddam's stand-ins. It was mentioned earlier that Mehail was quickly targeted by government officials because of an unintentional remark from his brother-in-law.

One day in October 1979, he went home as usual, but he did not want to be immediately surrounded and blocked his way. After showing no malice, Mehail was taken to Saddam's palace to wait.

Saddam personally selected a substitute every time. When Saddam saw Mehail, he couldn't help but sigh that there was someone who looked so similar to him, jokingly said, "Aren't we brothers?" .

Mehail did not dare to answer, but just stood there straight, waiting for his fate.

Mehail thought to himself, the president must not come to me for a chat. After a simple greeting, Saddam bluntly stated his intentions, and bluntly said that he needed Mehail to be a stand-in for himself.

Mehail, of course, knew that many national leaders had stand-ins to take their place in dangerous places. He also knows that once he agrees to the president's request, his life will no longer be under his control, and he may be assassinated and killed at any time.

Mehail knew that the president had found himself, and if he did not agree, his relatives or himself would be in danger. He has long heard of this brutal and bloody president, who had previously killed the former prime minister in order to achieve his own goals.

In the face of power, Mehail knew that he could only bow his head to ask for peace, and nodded in agreement. Saddam was relieved to see this, and clapped his hands again and again to say yes.

fake secret

Despite his repeated caution, Saddam was arrested on December 13, 2003, in the cellar of his hometown of Tikrit for betrayal by his cronies.

After the real Saddam was arrested, Mehail, who lived in seclusion in the United States, made his identity public on social media. He bluntly stated that he had served as Saddam's substitute for 19 years. The secret of Mu's stand-in is also made public.

To become Saddam's stand-in is not so simple. Once selected, they will hide their real names for various other reasons.

The stand-in was also asked not to go out, and could not take the initiative to contact his relatives and friends. He could only live in a gorgeous palace, and was monitored by soldiers every day, and he had no freedom in life.

They were imprisoned in Saddam's palace, not only facing unknown dangers, but also required to be very similar in body shape, appearance, limbs, demeanor, and movements.

These avatars will first undergo plastic surgery and plastic surgery to achieve similarities in appearance and body shape. Saddam had a mole on the outside of his left eyebrow, and the substitutes would implant a mole.

In order to confuse the public and look the same age as Saddam, the young Mehail had some wrinkles added to his face. In order to maintain a high degree of consistency with Saddam, Mehail was also filled with the bridge of his nose. Make it look as tall as Saddam's.

The similarity in appearance is not enough, the substitutes will also undergo a series of systematic devil training, just to be the same as Saddam's body, language and demeanor. They were brought into the room by soldiers every day to watch videos of Saddam's speeches, imitating Saddam's every move.

In order to look almost the same as Saddam, the substitutes have a fixed time with Saddam every day, imitating Saddam's tone and movements, and gradually, they also get used to the life of being a substitute.

After a series of transformations from the inside out, when Saddam felt that the doubles were almost indistinguishable from himself, they could replace Saddam.

When Saddam saw that Mehail, a young man who looked like himself, was almost indistinguishable from himself, he couldn't help but praise him and was very satisfied.

Saddam also said jokingly: "If you were with my mother now, I guess she wouldn't recognize you as a fake." It can be seen that after the second remodeling of Saddam's stand-in, he can do How similar.

According to U.S. military reports, before the last arrest in 2003, they had captured "Saddam" four times before, but each time it was a fake, the U.S. military was furious.

There is another important reason why these stand-ins can be real, that is, these stand-ins, sometimes inadvertently, indulge in this role-playing, thinking that they are Saddam Hussein, the supreme president.

No matter their appearance, language, demeanor, and movements, they can almost be exactly the same as the real Saddam, so ordinary people can't see the clues, and can't distinguish the true from the false.

Mehail fleeing Saddam

It has to be said that Mehail is the best one to play Saddam's stand-in. When visiting a wounded soldier in a military hospital, he happened to meet a doctor who neglected his duties and ignored the soldier's pain.

Mehail scolded the doctor fiercely, and only afterward did Mehail clearly realize that he might have crossed the line just now, that he had exceeded his responsibilities, and he was full of remorse, knowing that he would definitely be punished when he went back.

Unexpectedly, his actions were photographed by the media. The next day, the newspaper reported: "The president personally visited the wounded soldiers and denounced the doctors who ignored the heroes."

As soon as this incident was reported, he did not expect that he had won the support and trust of the people for Saddam, and boosted the morale of the combat soldiers.

Saddam did not expect such a result. He was so excited that Mehail's heart in his throat fell after seeing it.

Because Mehail knew that if he did something wrong or did something wrong, he could be killed at any time because of it. He must be careful and careful at all times, otherwise his relatives would also be implicated.

Mehail was also rewarded by Saddam for this unexpected move. A stand-in is always a stand-in, a shadow of Saddam, a pawn of Saddam.

In front of them, they are a high-ranking president, calling for wind and rain, all-powerful, but behind them they live a life of "people are swordsmen, and I am fish and meat".

Because of these two unforgettable things, the young Mehail completely saw Saddam's inhuman and cold side. This kind-hearted young man had the intention to escape from Saddam.

The first happened in September 1983, the day before he was scheduled to attend the military parade, but Saddam fell ill. At this time, it was a critical period of the Iran-Iraq war, and President Saddam Hussein was required to attend a speech on the front line to boost morale.

This time, Mehail replaced Saddam Hussein to attend the event. On the way to the military parade and during the speech, the heavy guard did not give the rebels a chance, and the speech ended fairly quickly and without errors.

However, on the way back from the military parade, they were attacked by rebels who had been in ambush for a long time. They captured the self-proclaimed president Mehail alive and killed the rest.

The rebels, who were still excited, saw the real Saddam appear in Baghdad the next day. At this time, they knew that this was not the real Saddam, and they jumped with anger.

The rebels took Mehail as a hostage to negotiate with Saddam. It is clear that Saddam did not give up on Mehail, and the two sides did not reach a conclusion after months of negotiations.

So that Mehail sometimes thought he was abandoned. Just when he was about to lose hope, the Iraqi army suddenly attacked the rebels and surrounded them. The rebels were caught off guard and fled in a hurry, and no one went there Guard Mehail.

Fortunately, in this war, he escaped from the chaos and saved his life. Mehail, who escaped the catastrophe, has not recovered yet, and another thing that made him sad, desperate, and almost collapsed one after another.

Mehail's brother-in-law was arrested because he participated in the activities of anti-Saddam organizations, and Mehail's wife and son were also regarded as anti-Saddam activists.

Knowing the news, Mehail immediately contacted Saddam. He was so anxious that he asked Saddam to spare his relatives and show him the innocence of his wife and children.

Saddam promised him on the surface, but secretly sent someone to deal with Mehail's relatives secretly. Mehail waited for a few days only for the sad news of the death of his wife and child.

He was told that his wife and children were killed by robbers. Of course, Mehail would not believe it. He knew that his relatives were assassinated by Saddam.

But he couldn't change all this, he could only continue to compromise, act as Saddam's substitute, and live under Saddam's shadow.

Having experienced these things, Mehail knew in his heart that freedom was his best choice. If he continued like this, he could only end up dead.

When the Gulf War broke out in 1990, Mehail was assigned to replace Saddam to visit soldiers on the front line and command the war. Unexpectedly, the car exploded and Mehail was injured in the accident.

The injured Mehail was sent to a local hospital to recuperate, but here he was lucky and met his second wife, Sophia.

Sophia is a nurse in this hospital. She fell in love with this middle-aged man at a glance. During the hospitalization period, the two fell in love with each other, developed feelings, and soon became a couple.

With love, Mehail is even more eager for freedom. With Sofia's influence and support, Mehail is more determined to escape the cage of a double and regain his freedom.

Mehail told her story one by one. Surprisingly, Sophia, who had lived in the United States since she was a child, was very supportive of her husband's desire to escape from a double, and she also became Mehail's escape from Iraq. bridge.

Sophia knew that the United States and Iraq had always been incompatible, so she secretly found the US intelligence agency and used the intelligence agency to help them. The U.S. intelligence agency, of course, was happy to help, giving Mehail advice and finding an escape time after time.

Finally, in 1999, when Saddam was not paying attention, Mehail escaped Saddam's surveillance and control, and successfully escaped to the United States, ending his 19-year life as a puppet.

However, in order to avoid Saddam's persecution, Mehail still had to choose to hide his name and live an incognito life with his wife.

Is Saddam really dead?

In March 2003, the U.S. military bypassed the United Nations and openly launched a war against Iraq. Saddam learned that the war was coming and he was not afraid, but instead encouraged the army to fight bravely.

However, in this war, the US military won the victory in only 42 days, and Saddam's army was defeated and fled everywhere.

Bush, who had been deceived by Saddam several times, ordered that he must capture Saddam this time, and even dispatched the US trumpian army to launch an overwhelming search, claiming that Saddam would be caught this time.

Behind the failure of the war, Saddam's regime also fell, and Saddam hid in order to survive. In order to catch Saddam, the US military directly offered a huge bounty of 25 million US dollars.

For profit, Saddam's cronies betrayed him, and Saddam was caught in the cellar of his hometown.

Figure 丨 Saddam was arrested

According to the U.S. military at the time, when Saddam was captured, he was an old man in his 60s with a shaggy beard and tattered clothes. He didn't look like a president at all.

After seeing Saddam for the first time, the U.S. military couldn't believe it was real, and thought it was a stand-in. Fortunately, before that, the US military successfully captured Saddam's son and grandson. Through DNA comparison, they confirmed that this was the real Saddam.

On December 30, 2006, Saddam Hussein was hanged by the US military in Baghdad.Saddam, known as the war madman, disappeared completely.

Of course, it is undeniable that Saddam once made Iraq a power in the Middle East. Under Saddam's rule, Iraq's economy developed rapidly, vigorously developed education and medical care, benefited the people, and gained popular support.

But success is also his failure. Saddam purchased military weapons and equipment vigorously during his tenure in office, and constantly expanded his army and strengthened his strength, but he did not bring peace to the people. Among them, the war with Iran alone lasted for eight years, causing the Iraqi people to suffer from war for many years.

Over time, he lost the people's hearts, and he was doomed to a tragic end of his life.

All peace is hard-won, and we should cherish it even more.

War brings only endless harm to the people. Only by strengthening ourselves, arming ourselves with strength, and sticking to the way of peace can we live a happy and safe life.

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