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The Secret Life of Cats

Silent and persistent

By Christodoulos PeratikouPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
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The Secret Life of Cats

Silent and persistent

On the stacked piles of our books' table, lazy yet content, the cats stretch their backs and show us how we are not the center of the world, neither us nor our belongings.

And you try to teach them ethics and good manners… um, they understand nothing, only the language of love.

Dogs envy them because they steal the affection, without following norms and ways of good behaviour and willingly disciplined slavery. And they're surprised when these mysterious creatures react to excessive significance. They don't understand, they get confused.

They don't care about romantic loves, nor do they worry about heights. They are good acrobats. They live the now as true warriors and don't ask if there's a better life because they believe in life.

They have seven lives and endure them with serenity. They know how to punish the hunchback neighbour who poisoned them, by suddenly appearing at his feet to frighten him.

And when the canary forgets that there's always a measure and balance in art, then it mutes the song inside the cage. Thus, the fruitful silence that soothes it returns.

The green glow in their eyes lights up the night over the grave of the poor grandmother who left them without food and caresses for days now. They have a strong memory, they are not afraid, they know the path.

The night is their ally. The lion that gave them their stance, and the leopard that gave them their fur, stroll through their dreams at night and wake them up. They must sharpen their claws, they must survive.

And yet, when they are caressed by the person who has suffered and cried a lot, when they lie down at the feet of those betrayed and tormented by fate, when spoken to with love by the most afflicted in the neighbourhood, then the spark of morality ignites, then their electric fur betrays their sensitivity.

Don't be afraid, sometimes they get mad and they roll down and purr, lively as they are. They want care, a gentle caress. But the little dog is on alert, ready in the corner. If the cat draws borders, the poor dog will have a broplem.

Strange creatures indeed. It's the first time I see a living being mock in such a way. It snatches food and raises its tail, presenting its back-side . What is this again? Do they live in a land of the different and inverted? Or maybe we moralize incorrectly.

And the years passed, and the hunchback neighbour burst out of loneliness and petted them with a fishbone. They came back to his doorstep. Well, they couldn't help but rejoice and return his kindness. And they received voices and curses from him, because of the snake he found at his doorstep. What strange creatures, my God!

Ah, where is the child now who took the neighbourhood cat as a mascot and petted its belly! My child, didn't they teach you in school that cats prefer to be petted on the neck and back? Go now, let your mom comfort you."

This mom, apart from complaining about her son, has also been complaining lately about the underwear she hangs out on the clothesline to dry. Essentially, their fate is ignored, and she suspects that the neighbourhood cats are the culprits. Could she be mistaken?

So, she decided to wait for them, and when they appeared, she doused them with water. Now, her son comforts her after the attack she endured...

And that's not all. To mock her, the group of cats even brought the heavyweight of their company to sing melodies under her window to cover up the damage they did. Have you heard about this in the midst of mass hysteria?

You'll probably hear about the lady who was admitted to a psychiatric facility because of a cat."

Now, In my mind comes a story my grandmother once told me, who has been gone for years now.

There once was a young man who worked long hours and began to feel lonely. His job involved accounting, and he ended up finishing late at night, having no time for himself. So, he decided to go to an animal shelter and get a cat, encouraged by his friends. He also reduced his work hours a bit to have more time to take care of himself and the animal.

The cat initially brought joy to his life. He fed her, took care of her, took her for walks, and talked to her. He tried to mimic exactly what his acquaintances did who also had their own cats.

The cat was very quiet and didn't bother him much with her quirks. Except for one or two times when things went missing from the table, like cookies and snacks, the animal didn't annoy him.

However, he soon got bored and started neglecting her. His initial intense effort to show her who the boss was and to command her, expecting her to listen, made the cat a bit hesitant, and he didn't need much to abandon his efforts.

Now he spent more time with the television than with the cat. And when his friends visited, he tried to prove to them that the animal was afraid of him and obeyed whatever he commanded. It became a master-worker relationship, just like his relationship with his own boss. His interest, therefore, lasted very little, and the cat started getting annoyed with his excesses.

One day when he returned home, he didn't find her inside. She found a way and jumped from the bathroom window and left. A few days later, she was spotted by an acquaintance at the animal shelter, where she spent a few hours."

So, here it is, that cats are not always the mischievous ones in the company driving their bosses and the world crazy. There are bosses who take out of their clothes their own cats, besides their friends and acquaintances.


About the Creator

Christodoulos Peratikou

I am a school teacher and a writer.I like meditation and i have tried a variety of techniques thirty years now. I also like spending some time playing in the garden and growing plants,flowers and taking care of trees.

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Comments (1)

  • Staringale7 months ago

    This is quite an intriguing and poetic portrayal of cats and their enigmatic nature. You have delved deep into the psyche of felines, painting them as strong, independent creatures that defy human attempts at control and moralization. The story about the hunchback neighbor and the water-dousing mom adds a humorous and whimsical touch, while the account of the man neglecting his cat brings a more somber undertone. Overall, With this story you have captured the essence of these mysterious creatures and the complex relationships they form with humans. Thankyou for subscribing.

CPWritten by Christodoulos Peratikou

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