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The Rise of Fat Tony

by Gavin Brennan about a month ago in fiction
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By: GB

The Rise of Fat Tony
Photo by Sander Sammy on Unsplash

The year was 1970, Fat Tony was the scariest man in New York. He grew up poor in Brooklyn with an absent father and a hardworking mother. His father worked in the factories and his mother was a maid. He didn't have anybody to watch him at home so he started off playing out on the street. After a while he roamed around with some of the older kids whose brothers or fathers were mobsters. It was inevitable that Tony would get caught up in something similar. He started out by pick pocketing and he got pretty good at it. By the time he was 12 he was stealing cars. He and his friends would get up early around the same time people would leave for work. They would walk up and down neighborhoods waiting for somebody to leave their car on to warm it up in the cold New York winter. When somebody did leave the car they would steal it and sell it to a fence so they were done with it. They did this flipping cars to an illegal fence who turned around and sold it to other people.

When he was older he got into more dangerous and higher paying jobs. He worked his way up in the mob and the boss Big Johnny started to like and trust him. Johnny said that he wanted Tony and a couple other trustworthy mobsters to hit a bank. He had the bank picked out and explained what they had to do to get the money.

Johnny said, "Okay, here's what you gotta do. There will be a fire escape leading to the office area directly above the bank. You are going to have your mask on around the corner climb the fire escape with your empty bags and break the window. Have your gun out and climb through the window. Threaten but DO NOT SHOOT anyone in the office. Then you are going to go downstairs throw the empty bags to the worker and get the money. You boys got that?"

"Yes sir" Tony responded

They did exactly that and they came out of the bank with $300,000 cash. They did this a few more times and they ended up having a total of $1.5 million from robbing banks. Johnny took half of it and Tony was getting tired of Johnny. All he did was scope out the place and he didn't take any of the risk like Tony and the others did.

Tony said to his team, "I think its time we take care of Johnny. We can have an equal system and make so much more."

Two of the men seemed to be unsure of what to do. They wanted to remain loyal to Johnny but they also wanted to make more money.

Tony said, "Look at it this way, he took $750,000 from us. There are four of us, so that means that is close to $200,000 more for each of us. Jack You have a family you know how much that could help you. Donnie c'mon you always talk about how much you want to by your moms a house. Frankie your my boy I know your in. So what do you say guys?

Donnie and Jack looked at each other not sure what to do.

Donnie broke the silence and said, "Yeah, yeah, I'm in."

"My man", said Tony.

"Yeah me too, I'm in", said Jack.

Tony said, "Okay let's get a plan together to whack Johnny and take over everything."

They made a plan, they wanted to drive by Johnny's favorite restaurant that he ate at alone every Wednesday for lunch. It was Tuesday so they were putting this together quickly. They knew Johnny had issues with the Irish mob so they decided to use the tommy guns the Irish used. Tony send Frank and Jack to get three. The plan was to drive by the restaurant and open fire with the tommy guns. If anybody heard or saw anything it would appear the Irish killed Johnny.

The gang did exactly that the next day. They opened fire on the restaurant killing Johnny. The way the mob was set up Tony would take over everything. He decided he would take over and told Donnie, Jack, and Frank they would be equal even though he appeared to be in charge. Tony had a lot of money coming in with the new businesses that he acquired from Johnny. Now Tony was in charge of the gambling and drug scene in New York. He new that Frank would be his right hand man and Donnie and Jack would become problems.

Tony said, "Listen here Frank, I need to to take care of Donnie and Jack for me. They are going to become problems."

Frank responded, "No problem Tony, you will always be my brother I would die for you. I'll take care of it and I appreciate being your right hand man."

Tony quickly expanded his territory attacked the Irish gangs and stealing their businesses. He quickly became the most vicious and powerful mobster in the world. Everyone was scared of him, the police wouldn't go near him. Whenever he was put on trial the witnesses would either not talk or be killed. There was no stopping Fat Tony. From being a boy raised in New York, New York to being the most powerful feared mobster ever to live.


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Gavin Brennan

Novice writer trying to get better

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