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The largest Bank Robbery Lead to the murder of innocent children

by Kerrie G.Diaz 2 months ago in guilty
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How could a man murder his children to avoid getting arrested and the children leaving their parents?

Timothy Blackburn

Back in December of 1998, there had been a bank robbery by Timothy Blackburn. This bank robbery remains the largest amount taken in the state of Nevada. 1 million dollars. On the night of the bank robbery. The cleaning crew had been held up by two masked men. They drove to the bank and parked where they would normally park their van every time they clean the bank. They ordered the cleaning crew to clean just as they normally do and waited until an armored truck arrived with the night’s cash pick-up. After a standard security protocol, they call the alarm company makes sure there had been no weird alarms that had gone off. Only reported the cleaning crew inside. Once the vault had been opened up the masked men disarmed the guards and take the shrink-wrapped 1 million dollars. As the masked men removed one of the guns from the armored guards, the gun went off bounced off the floor, and hit the guard in the leg.

Across the street, a truck driver saw a white pickup truck getaway truck the masked men had gotten into after the robbery. They found the truck abandoned and it was a truck that had been stolen a week earlier. Found out they had gotten into a white GMC truck.

The police went through everyone that worked at the bank, the armored guards, and knew it was not an inside job. The masked men did not know where things were inside the bank. They put a reward out to try and find some tips since they had absolutely nothing to go on.

A tipster called the police and said a stripper had been spending a lot of money lately. The police find out she lives in a trailer and they found the GMC truck pulling into the driveway. They got a warrant and with swat they kicked the door in. The stripper said she made this money she had been spending dancing. In her trailer find a brand new safe in the trailer. When they finally get the safe open, 50 thousand dollars lay in the safe. The stripper’s boyfriend said he made the money selling drugs and she says she made it stripping. They were still missing 90% of the bank robbery money. The boyfriend said he did not commit the robbery but his brother committed the robbery.

After more searching in the trailer. They found chips in a local hotel and casino. They found the brother had been spending money heavily and came back to his hotel room high off some drugs. They still did not find the million dollars. There was someone that helped his brother commit the robbery. Tim Blackburn. They go to stake out his house. An SUV saw the police and the passenger ran out of the vehicle. The police assume it was Blackburn. They find him a few houses away from the canine police.

The police question his wife and him in his home while they search for the money. They were coming up empty-handed. In the backyard, in a doghouse, they found duffle bags full of money.

The two were sentenced and held at the detention center. Tim’s wife had two kids at home and went to see him help him loosen the bolts to the glass between the visiting room. He had escaped when the guard took another visitor back to his cell. His wife hide a gun outside for her husband to use when he escaped. Police outside got shocked when they tried to arrest him and he shot at them.

They found out Tim and his wife and two children were staying at a local motel. When they got there no one who fit their description was at the motel. They stayed so they could watch the motel. They saw his wife open the room door. So they knew Tim had to be in the room with her. They were scared the children would be with them. They tried to negotiate with Blackburn. He would not come out of the room and end it peacefully. Tim said he would not go back to jail. They were afraid he would be suicidal. After 4 hours of trying to negotiate with Blackburn. When the police blew the door open they walked in as he shot himself. He had already shot his wife and the children were both still alive for a few minutes and they died in the paramedic’s arms. How could he shoot his children and wife to avoid going back to jail? Some people only can think of themselves and not the lives they are affecting around them.

©Kerrie Gutierrez-Diaz 2022


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