The Hell's Kitchen Adventure of Toni Cipriani and the NYPD

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"The Opera music playing loud in the mobster's all black matte sports car had enhanced the mood of the midnight streets itself."

The Hell's Kitchen Adventure of Toni Cipriani and the NYPD
Written By: LUiS Thompson (Inspired by the heroes of New York City)

"Toni Cipriani was an Italian mobster who had lived in Hell’s Kitchen, NY, for some time. Strategizing his way to supremacy, Toni had been quietly keeping tabs on the likes of Niko Belic and the metro booming Rasta, Little Jacob. The knowledge Toni Cipriani had gathered on the two underworld bosses would allow Toni to destroy the history of the Rastafarian and the Siberian. Word on the streets, the Colombian Cartel run by Mr. Montana had been quiet in recent events as well."

The second time the Italian mobster heard about Niko Belic and Little Jacob, the rage and fury of eliminating them had not only entered Toni Cipriani’s mind, it had entered the mobster's heart and soul in a different way. Because of the Green Tangerine Industries, much of the town's money had also been vanishing. In the form of white and green armored trucks, the owner of The Green Tangerine, known as Norman Osborn, allowed the Federal Reserves to grant him access in transferring unmarked bills throughout New York City. On the day Niko Belic and Little Jacob first met, Niko had assaulted some armed men and stole a blood-smeared truck, which happened to be owned by The Green Tangerine Industries, and took the armored vehicle for a joyride. When Toni’s superiors had gotten a whiff of this recklessness, a bounty on the Siberian Niko Belic, and the Rastafarian Little Jacob’s head commenced. Because of Niko Belic’s relationship with his cab service company, the Baba Yaga himself, John Wick had been contacted for protection. Rumors of the Italian mafia and the police department hiring the silent phantom Agent 47 to counteract the Baba Yaga began circling around town. Was it possible that Agent 47 had begun looking for Niko Belic and Little Jacob throughout Yonkers, New York? In relation, needing the protection of someone highly skilled such as the Baba Yaga could help counter the hit placed on the Yonkers natives.

Ever since the new bachelor in town, Norman Osborn, had begun taking credit for his new athletic serum, the media couldn’t seem to get enough of The Green Tangerine owner. Someone wearing yellow goggles and a red hoodie had famous lately for his vigilante acts.

Niko Belic recalled what he told Little Jacob the last time they spoke, “For some, Jacob, the American Dream is having final political power, and even perfect health.” However, for Niko Belic himself, the American dream wasn’t a roach infested, drywall peeling shack stuck on the second floor of his cousin's timeshare. It became the new lover Niko Belic started becoming fond of, the expensive penthouse he bought off Little Jacob's relative Playboy. Although the thing that mattered most to Little Jacob and Niko Belic at that moment was this paper, loading up on cheap barrels of gasoline and bullets became second nature to the duo.

On the night that Toni Cipriani drove off from his late night street race through Hell's Kitchen, New York, the Opera music playing loud in the mobster's all black matte sports car had enhanced the mood of the midnight streets itself. Reminiscing on how the mobster almost took his first loss with losing control of his eccentric motor vehicle, Toni Cipriani was able to pull a victory, on the last lap against the rival gang racers. The Italian mobster was now becoming well-known for his street racing skills after becoming undefeated within the underground racing circuit with a seven to zero record. His driving, combined with his gun handling skills, this law-abiding citizen had bad intentions in mind for the underworld of Hell's Kitchen. With news of vigilantes dressing up, fighting crime on their own, the spark of a heroic renaissance in the streets of New York started to take on a cocoon of evolution on its own.

LUiS Thompson
LUiS Thompson
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