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The Cannibal Brothers

by Crime about a month ago in guilty

Shen Changyin and Shen Changpin turned to serial killing after a failed business

When an auto parts business failed, brothers Shen Changyin and Shen Changpin turned to serial killing. They raped, killed prostitutes, dismembered and consumed parts of their bodies, and then dissolved the remains in sulphuric acid to get rid of the evidence. Three women whom the brothers kidnapped agreed to help them find other victims in exchange for their own lives. The brothers raped and murdered 11 prostitutes in just one year.

A Murder Spree Begins

Changyin was known as a violent man. In 1999, he stabbed a man to death after the business failed. The two men fled town, traveling throughout China to avoid police. The murder spree began in June 2003 and took place in several cities and states across China. Police caught up to the brothers in 2004.

The Crimes

The first victim was a young woman named Yao Fang. In 2003, they lured Fang to their home, tied her up, forced her to give them her ATM card and pin number. Once the brothers took money from her bank account, they strangled her to death and dismembered her body.

The next murder occurred in November 2003. The brothers kidnapped Li Chunling. She begged for her life and agreed to find other victims in exchange for her life. The brothers agreed to this deal, though originally planned to kill Chunling.

Li brought the brothers a victim several days later. They robbed the girl and forced Li Chunling to kill her. They removed the woman’s kidneys and fried them atop the stove. The brothers removed her corpse and dissolved it in sulfuric acid. They flushed the remains down the toilet.

They killed three prostitutes in Lanzhou, then moved to Taiyuan, Shanxi, in April 2004, renting a home to begin their killing spree over again. The brothers kidnapped Zhao Meiying and forced her to find other victims for them. Zhao was forced to stab one of the victims to death to spare her own life.

This time, the brothers removed and consumed her kidneys before they ground her body. The remaining pieces of corpse were then dissolved with sulfuric acid.

A New “Accomplice” & Capture

The brothers killed more people in the cities of Hefei, Anhui and Baotou, Inner Mongolia. They had a new accomplice now, Du Surong, who helped them find victim Wang Fengjuan. Police captured the men as they attempted to dissolve Wang’s dismembered body in acid.

Around this time, in September 2004, police found Zhao and Li inside an apartment in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China. In the home, police found human remains, dozens of credit cards, jewelry, money, and tools.

The Shen brothers were sentenced to death for the crimes. Zhao, Li, and Surong each received sentences ranging between three to 20 years in prison.

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