Talking Star: 'The Star Report: Chris Brown Allegedly Sniffing Coke in Club'

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Fort Worth Officer Did Not Identify Himself

Talking Star: 'The Star Report: Chris Brown Allegedly Sniffing Coke in Club'

With a short description of a rainy, cloudy day with no sun, Star says that he had a beautiful day. Earlier, he journeyed to Lake Lenier for some R&R. He sums up by saying he enjoyed his life that Sunday. Soon, the tone becomes more serious. The story of the shooting of the unarmed woman by police in Fort Worth, Texas enlivens Mr. Torain. Star reverts to the old adage, that there’s something in the water down there in Texas. Of course, he doesn’t mean this literally, but it stirs the pot. In another story, a Dayton, Ohio man was shot down in his attempt to rob a store.

Bucwild’s name comes up in relation to DMX’s entry into a substance abuse program. Next, Mr. Torain alternates to the subtitle of this missive. Star explains how he used to do fishscale on the highway, and that’s similar to the alleged Chris Brown cocaine sniffing. Star switches back to the Fort Worth shooting of an unarmed aunt. He blames the neighbor who failed to take action in the event. A law enforcement officer calls in to say that police officers must state that they’re a uniformed citizen on patrol (COP). The detective says that if he was in Dallas, the policeman would’ve been terminated immediately. He goes on to say that this is a case of manslaughter. But, Torain asks why manslaughter instead of murder. The detective explains that it has to be intent involved for murder.

Mr. Torain questions why the neighbor didn’t go downstairs, and check on the victim. He calls him Mantan Moreland. Star wants to speculate with a Delawarean caller. Star then asks if the caller thinks that the coke user is Chris Brown. Here is Star’s strength. He can flip one topic and go right to another plane of discussion, with just a few words. Star says that the neighbor remained a subservient player in the whole deadly fiasco. With another flip of the rhetoric, Star responds to a Super Chatter, referring to OJ Simpson. Star just says that the former NFL star and convicted felon “knows his football.” Ronnie then arrives on the line, and brings a counterbalance to the detective’s words about how murder and manslaughter should be considered. She delineates the difference that in the Guyger case, she intended to kill Botham Jean. In the new case, Boss Chick Ronnie finds that it should be classified as murder in the death of Atatiana Jefferson.

Star wants a word on the mother. Ronnie says that the mother has been in nursing facilities, and any information about the family of the fallen woman is scarce. A caller holds that they are “killing n–– because they don’t want people to get any ideas” based on an upcoming film release. Mr. Torain wonders whether the policeman was a race warrior. And then, he jumps to the Chris Brown case. Classic Mr. Torain. The conversation shuffles to talk about masculinity in black men (or the lack thereof) in Hollywood. Once the caller is off the line, Ronnie and Star back and forth about whether it was in fact Chris Brown snorting the devil’s candy. For someone who did coke for over a decade, Star knows what it’s like to be in the place of someone like DMX. Even though Star never entered rehab, his body just got “sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Elvis “The Chef” Rosenberg calls in to say that the whole Fort Worth police shooting of Atatiana is a hoax. Rosenberg quickly “sees right through” the policeman. He wants a body, more video footage, and added evidence to solidify the case. Ronnie says that what Rosenberg has said. Mr. Torain wants to know why this is a hoax. Rosenberg says that the “system that we live in needs to keep stirring the pot.” Rosenberg says that the system would benefit. Rosenberg thinks that the conspiracism should involve Joe Biden. Rosenberg missteps by saying that the case involves a sociopath. In reality, there are only psychopaths because it is the individual that experiences this disorder from within, not from society.

Star then reverts to his day on Lake Lenier. He enjoyed the coconut shrimp, and even gave a white woman a tip of $1.50 for the food and service. Cash Apps catch Star’s attention. He gets confused by one question that throws him for a loop. Then, Stacey Galore offers a Cash App which prompts Ronnie to question what culture the LGBTQ community could boast. A caller named Rey chimes in on the Atatiana shooting. Rey drops gems relating the history of Texas. She includes the alleged facts, that Texas was the land of the third in line for lynchings. Rey wishes to “gas the situation.” Rey is outraged about the whole situation, and spews her anger at the men from Texas who ought to step up and speak out concerning this matter. Star stops Rey, and says that black men admonish women to stay out of hair salons and nail shops.

Star then mentions Micah Xavier Johnson, the murderer of five police officers. Star wonders if he should be called a freedom fighter instead of a racist brute who deserved his fate on the day that he opened fire on officers of the law. Coke Thoughts at 3 AM asks in a Super Chat what Ronnie’s shoe size is. She says six and a half. DJ Tiger cites a Public Enemy song. Stacey Galore checks in to permit a viewer to know where to find Stacey on the matrix. Star goes back to Cash Apps. Stacey finds Chris Brown to be incredibly talented. Star says that Stacey gives him a great deal of credit. Star’s deft ability to draw out information from a person comes to light, in this whole Chris Brown uproar. Ronnie respects Brown’s ability to do multiple songs on an album, but is that quantity over quality? Mr. Torain asks whether Brown has a signature move like Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Ronnie quickly responds by saying, “two black eyes.” Star thought that that was cute.

The show reaches back to the Dayton, Ohio story, where the clerk shot and killed the offender to a robbery. This is the beauty of The Star Report. Shifts in tone, from dead serious talk to levity, allow the viewers and listeners to better understand the mentality of Mr. Torain. In order to convey a rough world, he smooths it out with bits of humor, without being a comedian. The show then veers toward a heavy matter again, and the atmosphere changes. Next, money is over bulls–––. That means more Super Chats and Cash Apps. Star talks about how jokes will not even be permitted after speaking on such heavy issues. Thus is the nature of the Hater.

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