Suffer The Children

Oliver "Ollie" Charles Dill

Suffer The Children
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Oliver "Ollie" Charles Dill was born in Providence, Rhode Island, to Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Tyson Dill on June 26, 2016. Just three short years later, his father would strap him into his car seat, drive to work and forget him, leaving little Ollie to succumb to the effects of hyperthermia, and finding him dead hours later.

Oliver was the twentieth death that resulted in being left in a hot vehicle in 2019. Although most of the other parents saw charges for the neglect and death of their child (and in some cases children), Dr. Andrew Dill never even saw handcuffs. Dismissed as an accident, Dr. Dill went home to be with his wife, Jamie, and an older son. Why is it, you may wonder, that though Dr. Dill admitted to strapping his innocent child into his car seat, driving him to the campus of The University of Southern Indiana, and leaving him in the car while he taught class, his behavior was excused?

Yeah. Me too.

Ollie attended daycare on the campus of The University of Southern Indiana at the Children's Learning Center, and that is where Dr. Dill says he intended to take Ollie that fateful July day. Dill works as an Assistant Professor of Accounting in the Business and Engineering Building, and utilizes parking lot "J" on the campus. From his home on the west side of Evansville, he drives just under seven miles, thirteen minutes time, to arrive at the Business and Engineering Building, and during that time, he simply forgot Oliver was strapped in to his car seat. He parked his car and went about his day.

It is interesting to note that his route takes him directly past the Children's Learning Center, where he was supposed to drop his son off for the day. It is unfortunate that Dill was entrusted with the care of his son, as he continued to drive to parking lot "J", park his vehicle, get his things, lock his vehicle and walk away. He did all of it without noticing little Ollie in the back seat.

Dr. Andrew Dill left his three year old son, Oliver, in his car while he taught class.

To understand the passion with which I demand the arrest and prosecution of Dill, you must understand what happened to the tiny body of Oliver.

First, Ollie would have started to sweat as the temperatures inside the closed car began to rise. His heart rate would have increased in speed and decreased in strength. As he sat strapped into the seat the his father put him in and then forgot him, his breathing would have increased as his lungs fought to move oxygen to cells that were starting to break down. His muscles would have cramped as Ollie strained against the straps that locked him into his death. While the state of Ollie's little body moved into heat stroke, his skin would have started to become dry as his blood vessels spontaneously dilated in an attempt to increase heat loss. The accompanying dehydration can produce nausea, vomiting of what precious little fluid is left in the body, severe headache, and low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure as the body screams for moisture often leads to passing out. It is my hope that is what happened with little Ollie as confusion would be the next symptom to set in. While his father was inside an air conditioned classroom, calmly teaching his students, Ollie's heart and respiration would have significantly increased, his tiny heart working even harder to maintain circulation with the sudden loss of water in the body. It's commonplace in children for them to have violent seizures just before death, though we can't be sure that was the case with Oliver Dill. Little Ollie's organs shut down one at a time, his tiny body unable to escape the heat of the car that his father is responsible for strapping him in to.

I reached out to Dr. Dill and he responded with the following,

Dear Mentally Unstable Person:

The fact that you referred to my son’s death as a murder deems you unworthy of any type of dialogue. However, if you want a statement, here it is: you deserve the lowest rungs of hell for your statements and for claiming to be the “voice of Oliver.” Any further contact from you will be forwarded to the authorities as harassment.

Sent from his iPad, which I'm sure he didn't forget to remove from his car the day he left his son to die a violent death.

Homicide through neglect is still homicide. I will continue to demand the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Andrew Dill, and I hope you will do the same. Call the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office at (812) 435-5150 and ask why financial or social status should make a difference in the death of a child. Demand they do their job and arrest Dr. Andrew Dill for the negligent homicide of Oliver "Ollie" Dill!

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