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Strange Unsolved Deaths That NEED Explanations

by Mr. Davis 3 years ago in investigation

Will these ever be solved?

Albert Dekker

Albert Dekker was born December 20, 1905, and passed away May 5, 1968. Although he went to school to become a doctor, on the hunch of a close friend, he decided to head onto Broadway. His talent landed him small and large roles like working with a Cincinnati stock company in 1927 to finally working on the play Macro Millions. After a decade on stage, he moved into the film industry where he would star in films like Death of a Salesman, and A Man For All Seasons. He had quite an expansive film career but Albert was also very interested in politics and was even won a seat in the California State Assembly in 1944. A position he would hold for two years.

Later in his political career, he would continually speak out against U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and his tactics. This would lead him to be blacklisted from Hollywood, and so Albert finished off his career on Broadway acting in stage plays. All of this came to a sudden and abrupt stop when Albert was found deceased in his home, from what was ruled as a suicide. Albert was completely nude with a belt around his neck in his bathtub. Along with this, there was a scarf tied over his eyes, another belt around his waist that was secured to a rope that tied around his feet and wrist. There was also a ball gag in his mouth and also many hypodermic needles in his body. There were two puncture wounds on his right buttock, and one needle in either arm.

All over his body, there were vulgar words written in lipstick like “slave” and “cocksucker.” There was also a depiction of a vagina on his abdomen. Given all this, the police initially ruled it as suicide but after investigating his home and finding S&M pornography as well as equipment for bondage, they ruled it as accidental; caused by autoerotic asphyxiation. Alberts fiance disagreed with this ruling and claimed there had to have been someone else involved. She believed it was impossible to bound someone's hands and feet like Albert’s had been, by one's self. Furthermore, there was $70,000 in his Decker’s apartment as well as filming equipment that were never found. The real smoking gun in this case, however, is the fact that the bathroom door was locked from the inside with a chain.

That’s where the case has been left. I can’t find much for theories online, but if I had one, I’d have to say it's all too obvious that Albert didn’t commit suicide. It would be close to, if not completely, impossible to bind himself the way he was found by himself. Furthermore, while I’m not well versed in the world of S&M, if his hands were behind his back, he couldn’t pleasure himself for lack of a better term. Then there are the words written all over his body. Sure, they could have been part of the sexual acts he was undergoing at the time, but would he draw and write them by himself? Then, of course, there are the needles. It was reported that there were to puncture wounds in his rear end and then a needle in either arm. I can find nothing online that explains what, if anything, was in these needles. There is also nothing online indicating that he was a heroin user; or any drugs for that matter.

From all of this, there is only one theory I can muster and that is that Albert hired some type of prostitute to aid him in his sexual fantasy. When things went awry, the prostitute could have left out of a bathroom window, possibly. But like I said, that’s really just theorizing. There isn’t much more information about his death (no autopsy records) other than what’s been reported and his obituary, which as you can imagine, has no mention of how he passed. It's all incredibly strange, and I believe we’re not getting the entire story.

Zigmund Adamski

Zigmund was born sometime in August of 1932. While much of his life was spent in his native land of Poland after a few years of being married to Leokadia, the two relocated to Tingley. Tingley is a small town near Wakefield in Yorkshire, England with an unassuming presence. Zigmund and his wife fit this mold perfectly as they too were quite average. They wouldn’t look much different than any other couple at the time. What put Zigmund’s name everywhere, however, were the circumstances of his death. It begins on June 6th, 1980.

Zigmund waved hello to a neighbor as he left his home to head out to the local shops for groceries. That neighbor is the last one who is known to have seen him alive. He was missing for five days, something extremely out of character for him seeing as during that five days his goddaughter’s wedding was taking place. After that five days, however, the question of where he was, was answered. Trevor Parker, the son of the owner of Tomlin’s Coal Yard, found Zigmund deceased atop a pile of coal. However, with the answer of where he was, more questions arose. Most importantly; how did he get there?

Before we get into that, we need to talk about his body. As we said, it was found on a large pile of coal and while that doesn’t sound strange, it is worth mentioning the pile was 12 feet high. Furthermore, his clothes seemed to have been put on in haste and his shirt was missing. Police ruled it as cardiac arrest and called it there, but there were some things that didn’t seem to add up.

Firstly, his wallet and watch were nowhere to be found. One could assume they’d been stolen and this was a case of robbery gone horribly wrong. But who robs someone on top of a 12-foot pile of coal in the middle of the day? Next, there was his facial hair. Having been missing for 5 days, you’d think he’d have quite a bit of stubble, but it was reported that he only had a day’s worth of growth. We know that hair and nails continue to grow after death so there is no real explanation for this. Finally, the strangest detail in all of this was the burn marks that lined his neck and shoulders. There seemed to be no explanation for them and to add fuel to the fire, they were covered in a substance that has never been identified.

This leads to the theories. Many believe that Zigmund was abducted by aliens and dropped on top of the coal pile. The reason for this belief comes from an incident only a few months later of someone reporting cows disappearing and reappearing at the council estate. The same man who investigated the Zigmund case, PC Godfrey, set out at five that morning and saw something very strange. While Godfrey first described it as an overturned bus, he soon saw that wasn’t what it was. The thing he was seeing reportedly hovered 5 feet from the ground. Concerned and confused he attempted contact with the station but nothing was going through. Not wanting to risk getting in contact with whatever was aboard this, what he now believed to be a UFO, he drew what he was seeing.

Sometime later Godfrey was back on the same road but there was no sign of the object he’d seen. The cows that were reportedly appearing were found behind a fence with a locked gate. There were no hoofprints on the ground near, or under the gate, indicating they had not walked in. Another strange detail about PC’s story is when the police found out about this story, his career was more-or-less ended; almost as if he was being silenced. Alien abduction though is only of the theories. Some believe he was abducted, not by aliens, but by an angry family member. It was well known that Zigmund was stuck in the middle of some family drama.

One of Zigmund’s relatives was suffering from a failing, and possibly abusive, marriage. She put a restraining order on the man she was with and went to live with Zigmund and his wife. Theorists claim this man found out and held Zigmund captive in a barn for five days, beating and torturing him, leading him to suffer cardiac arrest. After Zigmund was deceased, he was dropped atop a pile of coal near a UFO hotspot.

While that seems to be the most plausible, the details really leave me scratching my head. What was the substance on his neck and chest? Why was there only a day’s worth of stubble and what caused the bruising? I’d love to talk more about this one so leave any ideas you have.

The Lead Masks

August 20, 1966 would go down in history as one of the strangest days in history. A young boy was flying his kite on Vintem Hill in Brazil when he came across two men lying on the grass. They were both dead. The boy, of course, reported them to authorities but they weren’t able to reach them until the next day. Once they did, they were met with quite a strange site. The two men were Miguel Jose Viana and Manoel Cruz. They were both dressed in formal suits, a waterproof coat, and the strangest of all, the lead eye mask. After looking over the bodies the police saw no signs of assault or struggle. The only other thing found on them was a notebook with a message. When translated it read, “16:30 be at the specified location. 18:30 ingest capsules after the effect protects metals await signal mask.”

From investigating the police were able to piece together the two men’s final days. It begins on August 17 when the two men took a bus to Niteroi to pick up supplies for work. They arrived around 2:30 PM and purchased two waterproof coats then purchased a bottle of water from a bar. After interviewing the waitress who waited on them she explained that Miguel seemed extremely nervous and continually checked his watch. This was the last time there were seen before being discovered by the young boy.

There were no noticeable injuries reported during the autopsy, however, a tox screen was never done on the bodies. Allegedly the coroner’s office was incredibly busy and when the autopsy was finally put underway, the bodies were far too decomposed to conduct a substantial test. There is only one real theory to this case and its one that makes a good bit of sense. A friend of the two men told police they were what’s known as “scientific spiritualists.” This is a group who believed you could get in contact with extraterrestrials or spirits through the use of psychedelic drugs. The lead masks were believed to be used to block out the bright light extraterrestrials are said to give off when visiting earth. Furthermore, there was an esoteric diary entry found near the men. At their homes, police found literature written about spirits, and the afterlife as well as mask-making materials.

It seems fairly cut and dry. The two men wanted to reach some unknown being, or see the other side but could have overdosed on a psychedelic drug. Then again, some still say that there was some kind of foul play involved. It has never been reported who wrote the letter found with the men, but it neither of them wrote it, then who did?

1894 Rock Island Railroad Wreck

On August 9, 1984, a locomotive carrying two passenger cars was purposely derailed in Lincoln, Nebraska. The crash killed 11 and is known as one of the worst mass killings in Nebraska’s history. It has also never been solved. The locomotive set out at 7:30 in the evening and around two hours later, when only a few more minutes from its intended destination, the train came to a 400-foot-long trestle which is more or less a bridge built for trains to cross large bodies of water.

As the train began crossing the trestle passing over the Salt Creek, the rails had begun spreading apart as they approached and when the train began to cross, the trestle collapsed, causing the train to fall 40 feet into the water. When the train hit, it exploded, spitting coals all over, eventually causing the trestle and the train to erupt into flames. While there were 33 passengers aboard, only eleven were killed. A local newspaper wrote about the crash saying, “It was an awful sight. The flames mounted high in the heavens coloring the entire southern sky a brilliant carmine while the moonbeams fell upon the glowing mass below from which mortal shrieks of agony and pain were heard to issue.”

Those who survived the crash claimed they’d seen an unknown person standing near the trestle with a lantern before the crash. Upon further investigation, they found that the tracks had been tampered with. On the rails, there were gouges in the ties that indicated a crowbar had been used to pry them apart. In the grass nearby, that crowbar was found. A man by the name of George Washington Davis (no relation as far as I know) was identified as the man seen near the trestle. When police questioned him as to why he was at the wreck, he claimed to have heard it and ran over from the “colored club” a few miles away to see the aftermath.

His description of the wreck didn’t line up with official accounts. He claimed to have heard the explosion moments before it ever actually happened. Davis was tried on two separate occasions to be held accountable despite there being no evidence linking him to the wreck aside from eye-witness accounts. The first trial hearing was for first-degree murder, but the jury couldn’t come to a conclusion and so he was let free. The second court hearing was for a second-degree murder charge and he was sentenced to prison where he served 10 years. After that, the governor at the time, John Mickey, paroled Davis. He claimed that due to the lack of evidence, he couldn’t be held accountable and had what he called “grave doubts” about his involvement.

In the end, many still believe that Davis was the one who orchestrated the crash, however, call the judgment racially motivated given the time the incident occurred. If he was the one who caused it, he served time for it. With that said, though, innocents have been put away before. What do you think happened?

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