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She Went Out To Pick Up An Order Online And Was Killed By The One She Least Expected

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By Based On a True StoryPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

On April 16, 2024, a terrible event happened in Tijuana, Mexico.

According to several media, Miriam Zulema Álvarez Gallardo, a 32-year-old, left home to pick up an order she had made online but unfortunately did not return.

Worried, her relatives reported the disappearance that the police and through social networks asked for help to find the woman.

Finally, on April 20, the authorities confirmed the discovery of a corpse inside the vehicle owned by Miriam.

The decomposition in which was so advanced that it was impossible to recognize her with the naked eye so they had to perform a genetic test to confirm that it was about the missing woman.

Prosecutor Andrade Ramírez explained that her relatives have collaborated with the investigation and, by virtue of avoiding more cases like this, urged the general population to attend the meetings scheduled for the sale and purchase of merchandise online, accompanied by a family member or acquaintance. What she could least imagine was that Miriam’s murderer was no stranger.

The killer:

On May 13, during a press conference, the Prosecutor announced that Joel “N”, husband of Miriam Zulema Álvarez Gallardo, had been arrested as the main suspect in the murder.

As explained by Andrade Ramírez although from the beginning of the disappearance, on April 16 of this year, Joel sued the authorities through social networks to locate Zulema soon and well, he contributed little to the investigations to find his whereabouts, and in fact, he filed the formal complaint for her disappearance until three days after his absence.

The only thing Joel contributed was that Zulema had allegedly left his house located in the Unión Antorchista neighborhood, third section at 12:30 p.m., heading to Boulevard 2000 to pick up a package aboard his white Toyota Highlander van with 8HLE696 plates, and that since then he did not know her whereabouts, something that was confirmed after the investigations. It was more than a lie to divert his attention.

“The investigation was complicated for a moment because although it required location and actively participated in networks, he did not physically provide much data. There was a time when we no longer included the husband so much because there was some evidence that could point out to us some possible participation, or at least suspicious activities of her husband in the disappearance,”

Explained the official, since no evidence was found that Zulema had any enemy that could attack her.

Through witnesses it was learned that Joel and Miriam had some differences of couple, they had even separated, but they were still living under the same roof, it is believed that they could have detonated the femicide of Zulema, who was found dead on April 21 inside her vehicle in the Los Venados neighborhood. As I said before, her body was in an advanced state of decomposition wrapped in a black blanket, but they could see some marks, which could be caused during her disappearance.

With the above, in addition to the statements and videos presented by relatives of the 32-year-old girl, the arrest of Joel was ordered, which was executed on May 13, being charged and linked to the process on the 14th.

He is currently under the precautionary measure of pretrial detention inside the Social Reintegration Center of the La Mesa delegation in Tijuana.

Her cousin said this about her during a fundraiser to cover funeral expenses:

"Leaving behind her eight children, all of whom are minors, whom we want to help to continue with their lives and studies with the support of their entire family and the community.

She was a devoted mother who always took care of her children, she would get up at dawn to prepare burritos to sell in the city of Tijuana, Mexico. She was the Pillar of her family."

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