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Serial Killers From Around the World

Have you heard of these killers?

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Serial Killers From Around the World
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Serial killers live in every country in the world, though not as common an occurrence in some countries. This list of serial killers highlights a handful of serial killers outside the U.S. that you may never have heard of before.

The Cowardly Cannibal

Czech serial killer and rapist Ladislav Hojer was known as the Cowardly Cannibal. From 1978 until 1981, Hojer murdered at least five women, mutilating the breasts and genitals of at least one victim. He later committed acts of necrophilia on the mutilated body parts, then cooked the remaining bits in salt and water atop the stove.

In 1982, one of Hojer’s mentally-ill friends accidentally confessed to the crime. That friend was incarcerated at the time of the last murder, meaning he could not be the culprit. However, Hojer had shown him the crime scene, giving him details of the crime that police knew only the suspect would have. This led to the arrest of Hojer.

Once in custody, Hojer confessed to five murders although he is suspected of committing at least two others. He was sentenced to death by hanging and executed at the Pankrac prison in Prague in 1986.

The Old Lady Killer

Irina Gaidamachuk is a Russian serial killer who murdered at least 17 elderly women between 2002 - 2010. Gaidmachuk murdered her victims for financial gain.

Gaidamachuk gained the victims' trust by pretending to be a social worker. She then gained entry into the home, attacked the woman with an ax or a hammer and bashed in her head until they died. On a few occasions, Gaidmachuk made the death seem accidental, such as leaving an appliance unplugged to hopefully cover her tracks.

The motive for Gaidamachuk murders simply was alcoholism. She needed the cash to purchase more Vodka.

It took so long to capture the serial killer because she covered her tracks well using the social worker setup. Police also suspected that a man had murdered the women.

Her youngest victim was a 61-year-old woman; the oldest was 89-years-old.

A woman named Bilbinur Makshaeva managed to escape and reported to police that a woman tried to attack her. Police initially arrested a woman named Marina Valeeva, forcing her to confess to the murders. When another murder occurred with Valeeva incarcerated, police finally cracked the case when an eyewitness saw her leaving the home of the would-be 18th victim.

She was sentenced to 25 years in prison but a judge reduced the sentence to 20 years because she has children.

Silvano Ward Brown

The first known serial killer in Panama history, Brown killed three women between 1959 - 1973. After serving 20 years in prison, Brown was released in 1993.

His first victim was 18-year-old Paula Caballero. He saw her undressing, which frightened her and she screamed. He was prowling for houses to break into and carried with him a knife. He used this knife to fatally stab Brown in the chest. He was sentenced to 12-years behind bars.

Forensic Psychiatrist Jose Kaled evaluated Brown during his incarcerating, noting he was highly likely to murder again if released. Unbeknownst to the warning, he was released on December 4, 1969.

On June 7, 1973, Brown and a friend traveled to the town of Colon. They returned about 1:30 a.m. His friend left and he walked around the city. Around 2:00 a.m. he noticed a woman walking past the National Bank. He first walked past the woman but turned around, walked back to the woman and attacked her.

Brown took 22-year-old Dalila Gaitan Troya to an apartment where he paid $15 in advance for sex. He had erection problems and Troya wanted him to hurry up and finish. When he could not he asked for a refund. She refused, slapped him, and then Brown strangled her to death. He then transported her body to a nearby bridge and tossed it over.

Eight days later, Brown hooked up with 23-year-old prostitute Rose Maria Gomez Orlas, taking her to the same spot as Troya. Again, he struggled to maintain an erection, but Gomez was understanding until she tried to stop and try again. She then began teasing the man and he hit her in the face. He then strangled her to death with his bare hands. He abandoned her body in a forest.

Brown was captured 10 days later. He confessed to the crimes. He was sentenced to 20-years in prison at the Model Jail. He was released in 1993 and now works as a security guard.


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