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A Fictional Rape Story


*If you have been raped before and this doesn’t accurately depict how it happens, then I am very very sorry. This is completely fictional*

“You know,” Evan said thoughtfully as he kept his back to me. “It’s really too bad to know that no one will ever love you.”

His words stab like a knife and I have to swallow the pain down. “Oh, no?”

He finally turns around, and his look is nothing but sinister. Without warning, he lunges forward and kisses me so roughly that I stumble backwards onto the bed in his room. He pins my hands above head and leans in close. So close I can feel his breath on my face.

“But that doesn’t mean you have to die a virgin. Me and my friends get to have a little fun first.”

My eyes widen and I try to struggle but it’s no use. His weight is completely on me. I hear other people file into the room, and the lights flick off. I blink a few times, but I’m much too focused on getting the hell out of here to let my eyes try to adjust. I thrash around some more, and although it didn’t seem possible, Evan puts even more weight on me. Now I can’t move at all.

In what feels like an instant, Evan peels off my clothes and smiles devilishly at me before taking off his clothes. Someone, not Evan, grabs one of my wrists and ties it to the bed. A restraint. I can’t fight back now. I squeeze my eyes shut but I feel him slap my cheek. I bite the inside of my other cheek to keep from screaming out from the pain.

Evan grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls himself close. I can feel his hot breath against my face. “Open your eyes, slut. It’s no fun if you don’t watch.”

So I’m forced to look as he releases himself and puts a condom on. Next thing I know he’s inside me, and he grunts as he pulls out and goes back in. I hate this so much. Evan kisses me roughly on the mouth again, and I have to stop myself from gagging.

“Come on baby. You gotta make some noise. If you don’t, I’ll have to punish you. And trust me baby, you don’t want that.”

He pulls out again, except this time he thrusts in and it feels different. A sound escapes my mouth and I wish it hadn’t.

Evan smiles down at me. “There you go sweetheart. I know you’d enjoy yourself.”

But I’m not. Tears prickle in my eyes, but I’m worried that if I cry, Evan will do something worse than what he already is.

Evan pulls out again, and now he puts his boxers on. My heart surges with a sense of hopefulness. It's over. It’s finally over. But it all goes away when Evan leans in again and whispers, “I hope you do that well for my boys. They’re going to love you Becca.”

Another guy gets onto the bed, but instead of spreading my legs open like Evan, he flips me over so that I’m on my hands and knees. One of his hands grabs my shoulder and the other is shoved into my long auburn hair.

I wasn’t ready for him, but without warning, he yanks on my hair as he thrusts into me from behind.

“Fuck, you’re tight baby.”

He goes in again. And again. And again. And that’s how it goes. I don’t let tears fall, but I want to cry so bad. I eventually lose count of the number of guys using me and invading my body. Once they’re all done, they put their clothes on and leave. All except for Evan.

He sits on the edge of the bed, and I curl my legs up, trying to make myself as small as possible.

“You were a good girl tonight Becca. A very good girl.” He smiles at me and moves down the bed, closer to me. I tug at the restraint on my wrist, but it’s no use. I’m not going anywhere, not until Evan lets me.

“Now now. Let’s not do that.” Right as he says this, he grabs my other wrist and kisses my again. I try to pull back, but he forces his lips onto mine. I feel him let go of wrist, but instead of just letting go and moving away, Evan squeezes my breast. A whimpered moan escapes my lips and Evan smiles.

“Fuck Becca. I want more of that.”

He takes off his boxers again and puts me into the position he wants, with my legs spread wide open.

Then he begins the assault again.

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