Reason First: Should Someone Who Knows Something Behind DJ Official's Murder Talk?

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In a climate where informing the police is frowned upon, the case for finding an individual who saw something or knows something becomes ever significant.

Reason First: Should Someone Who Knows Something Behind DJ Official's Murder Talk?

It’s time to snitch. In the wake of DJ Official’s shooting death, it is the appropriate hour for people to start naming names, and telling on these savages. Such brutes ought to be discovered and brought to justice for their crimes. DJ Official had just gotten done working with Nipsey Hussle before his tragic demise in March by homicide not too far from where Official received shots. His name was André Wakefield. He did not achieve levels of success as a producer for the likes of Cardi B and YG just to be gunned down like a dog in the street.

As family and friends gathered to console one another, they reiterated how DJ Official moved as a smart worker who had no gang affiliations or ties to the street life. What should be going on now is the dropping of dimes on the ones who committed these crimes. No more should neighborhoods cower. Whether it’s Los Angeles or elsewhere, the Start Snitching campaign should be broadcast. It should be second nature for a person of good standing like DJ Official to be respected, and for his family to find solace in someone’s word. To speak up and against the brutes who found it in their emotions to drive and shoot DJ Official would mean a great deal for the grieving family. For the thousands of murders that are reported, one third go without a closed case. DJ Official warrants better. The actions of the neighbors coupled with the efforts of the police force ought to lead to a solid resolution. If only one person opened his or her mouth to shine a light on the situation, then maybe there could be at least a break in the case that could lead to arrest(s). Now, the main fear, of course, for snitches is revenge for outing a suspect. Either that person or others may do harm to the snitch, or the snitch’s relations or friends. This should not be a concern. Police officers and detectives ought to be able to safeguard informants from any damage. The line shouldn’t be “snitches get stitches.” It ought to be “snitches get riches.” Those who tell ought to receive monetary reward for their honesty and integrity.

The life that was snuffed like a candle, DJ Official, was just as precious as any other legitimate citizen who fell by a gunman. In order to rectify the matter, though it will not bring him back, an individual ought to mouth to the authorities the truth. Such person(s) should have the intestinal fortitude to deliver facts, not only for the money (which is important), but to ensure that justice is done. The outpouring of grief and support for those closest to DJ Official should spur anyone who knows something to talk to the police. It doesn’t mean that an individual is supporting police brutality, or that one is a mark. Snitching should mean an honorable act that helps to show that there exist concerned citizens in this country and the world.

Los Angeles has taken some major losses over the decades. With thousands of homicides still left without an answer, it is important that people know that it is okay to snitch. If someone knows something and had nothing to do with the murder, and he or she has information that ought to be shared, then they should have the power to voice their truth. Biting one’s tongue will only lead to more blood lost. DJ Official’s life was not lost but stolen from him. He had etched out a promising career for himself, and had earned the respect of his peers. For him to be slain and have no one step forward with intelligence regarding his case would be an ugly face marred by the scars of cowardice and fear. All snitching really concerns is the ability to alter the course of an investigation. Wouldn’t it be worth it to show regard for the fallen?

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