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Puzzled Mysteries Part 4

by Mathew Kentner 4 years ago in fiction

Meanings Within a Sentence

Chapter 7

The next morning, I got woken up by Jinx and Chasity jumping on my bed.

Jinx is a one-year-old chocolate lab and Chasity is about two years old and she is an American Staffershire Hound. They are both about one hundred pounds in weight, such big dogs, and both are very strong and very loyal.

I had rescued them from the dog pound about six months ago, which was only about one month after rescuing the little girl from being killed in the explosion. I figured that I needed something to get my mind off of work.

Even though it was only 6:07 in the morning, I was OK with it because I had to be at work for nine o'clock to talk to Detective Williamson about what happened yesterday but I had realized that I had forgotten to grab dog food, which is what I went to the supermarket for in the first place. Plus, I had to take Jinx and Chasity for their morning walk, too.

Once I had finished getting dog food and taking the dogs for a walk, I had arrived at work at about five minutes to nine. I sat down in my chair at my desk and Detective Williamson noticed me right away and came over to me.

"Good Morning, John! How are you feeling today?" Steve asked.

"Morning. Better than I was yesterday but still a little sore, thanks." I replied.

"Let me know when you are ready and we will go over what happened yesterday at the supermarket."

"We can do it right now, if you want?" I suggested.

"OK!" Steve responded. "Let's go over to one of the meeting rooms, where it is quiet."

I stood up and followed Steve into one of the meeting rooms and I sat down in one of the chairs across from him.

"So! How did the events unfold yesterday?" Steve asked me.

"I got out of my car," I started to answer, "and started walking towards the doorway of the supermarket, when I started hearing gunfire. So, I quickly ducked behind the closest vehicle. I was not sure in what direction the gunfire was coming from but it just kept going. Windows were being blown out of vehicles. Car alarms started to go off. People were screaming."

"Did you happen to figure out where the shots were coming from?"

"I managed to get my head up once to have a peek and I saw flashes of light, what might have been gunfire, coming from an apartment that was south of the supermarket but it was quite a ways away from us. So, I think it would have been a .22 caliber rifle going by the distance and sound."

"Where you able to tell what floor or room it was coming from?" Steve kept on firing question after question at me. He was very good at his job.

"Right now? No, but if I were to go back to the scene, I am sure, I can figure it out for you." I answered Steve with confidence. "Did you find any good bullets at the scene, that you could use to figure out what type of gun it was?" I asked.

"We found one but it was pretty beat up but we think it was a .22 caliber rifle," responded Steve. "Would you be willing to go back there right now and see if you can figure where about that gunfire was coming from?"

"Sure," I answered, "let's go!"

We both stood up and started to take a couple of steps towards the doorway when the chief came walking in. "Morning Chief," I said.

"Good Morning, John! How are you feeling?" asked Chief Carter.

"Not to bad, but could be better," I responded.

"Where are you two off to in such a hurry?" asked the Chief.

"I am going to take John back to the scene to see if he can figure out where the shots were coming from," answered Steve.

"Good idea," agreed the Chief, "get to it."

Steve and I walked out of the meeting room and towards the front door of the precinct. When we got close to the doors, I heard the Chief say in the background, "Wilkins?"

"Yeah, Chief?" responded Wilkins.

"We have a report stating that the stolen car from a few nights ago has been found at the airport in terminal three. Get over there," said the Chief in a stern voice.

"Yes, Sir!" said Wilkins.

But I didn't really pay any attention because that is for auto theft and we were investigating a homicide, so I just kept on walking out of the building to Steve's car.

Chapter 8

When we got back to the scene of the shooting, everything was cleaned up and back to normal. They really do work fast.

The supermarket was open so the parking lot was pretty full but Steve just picked a spot out in the open away from all the other vehicles.

We both got out of the car and Steve said, "OK! Just try to recap what happened yesterday. You were walking towards the entrance of the store from your....."

"Please be quiet, Steve," I interrupted him. "I am trying to picture the events happening."

I just stood there for a moment quietly, standing towards the store and I could see the events happening over again, right in front of me. As if I was a bystander witnessing it happening.

I could see myself park my car in the same parking spot that I had parked it in yesterday morning. Then I started walking towards the store and the gunfire started, K-pow, K-pow, K-pow. Glass was flying everywhere as I ducked behind the van.

Then I noticed that I poked my head out from behind the van to look, so I looked in the same direction to see if I could see anything there, and there it was.

The flash of light that I could saw that day. Then the gunfire stopped.

I took a couple of steps towards where I saw the flash of light to see if I could tell what floor it was coming from or if I could see anybody moving around.

I noticed that it was coming from the roof of the building and I could see somebody moving around up there and then they disappeared again.

"What is it?" Steve asked, "What did you see?"

"It came from that apartment building," I answered as I pointed, "it was one gunman and he was shooting from the roof."

"Well, let's go over there and see if he didn't leave anything behind for us to find," Steve said with a smirk on his face.


Mathew Kentner

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Mathew Kentner
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