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By MELISSA BAKERPublished 7 days ago 7 min read

Only those who have experienced the harsh winter, only know the warmth of the sun, only those who travel in the dark night, only understand the bright light of a bean, only those who have been sailing in the sea for a long time, will have deep feelings for the land, only those who are thirsty in the desert, will have a strong desire for water.

Because life is forced, I always in the middle of the night at one or two dragging tired footsteps, kicking home, I live in a residential building are some seventy or eighty years old old people, decades of wind and rain poured out their hopes for life, it is difficult to find a fun thing to let them stay until after midnight, at the same time, the body is weak, difficult to support, So generally early to put out the lights to sleep, the whole residential building to more than ten o 'clock dark, although I am sixty years old, but I am the only "young" residents of this residential building, my wife knows I am afraid of the dark night, always in the yard to give me a light incandescent lamp......

My wife and I are not the kind of loving couple who love each other very much. My wife is not eloquent, and sometimes goes a whole day without saying a word, let alone a sweet word. Even when we fall in love, we have no deep memories, but simply discussing when we will get married. A dining table is all the furniture, the house is the unit of the single worker dormitory, the two single bed together even if married. However, they are not as noisy and noisy as the crow sparrow, and they have not quarreled for decades. Only when she was young, I accidentally pushed her once when she hit a child, and actually pushed her downstairs from the second floor. At that time, I was frightened and ran downstairs to see what happened.

Our neighbors always said that we were good-natured and never heard any quarrel or saw any fight, so that for a long time, the staff of the neighborhood committee did not know us. When I was young, my husband and I worked in the field construction team with a lock on the door. At that time, the fashion was "even pumping and turning". After a project was started, we would work for more than ten hours a day, sometimes even more than twenty hours, without Sundays or holidays. A project is finished, just a few days off, dragging the tired body back home to sleep, where to fall in love, quarrel and fight? The most typical one was that I had worked for more than three months continuously, blowing oil tanks and filling them upside. On the day when the work was completed, I worked for 22 hours. The workers were all off work. He went back to the construction site to find me and put me on the bed. I did not wake up and then slept for three days and nights. It was later said that my wife, worried that I would sleep forever and never wake up, put her hand in front of my nose several times to see if I was still breathing.

Later, when I had a child and needed someone to take care of my family, my husband and I had to separate shifts. When she worked the day shift, I worked the night shift, and when it was her turn to work the night shift, I worked the day shift. We were like two trains running on the same track, but could not collide with each other.

Although the couple didn't talk much, my wife knew a little about my hobbies and fears. I was naturally afraid of the dark, which was a psychological shadow formed when I was a child. When I was a child, my parents were busy making a living and always left me alone at home. The window is only a small hole, bandits and thieves rampant in the old society, the window is too big bandits and thieves can break the window and enter, in order to prevent bandits and thieves, the common use of small Windows, indoor lighting conditions are very poor, sometimes parents go out all day do not go home, the good neighbor aunt across the window into a pancake or a cooked sweet potato, no family no friends, There was only darkness, so much so that it remained a constant fear throughout my adult life.

At that time, there was no electric lamp. The illumination was made of cotton thread on an iron waste pesticide bottle filled with diesel fuel, which was larger than the kerosene lamp flame and smaller than the torch flame. The diesel fuel could not be fully burned and produced strong black smoke. Probably got a lot of diesel soot into his lungs.

Once in the summer, I went to the production team where several female students were playing, and was kept drinking by female students. When I returned to the production team, it was already night. It was surprisingly dark that day, and I could not see anything. However, I could not find the way back to the production team. Finally, I found a dirt bag and clothes to lie down. After it was very bright, I knew that I had been lying in a mass grave for a night.

After marriage, I often sleep alone in the study. My wife doesn't like to sleep with the light on, but I can't sleep without the light on. We can't accommodate each other, so we have to sleep in separate rooms. This is good, just as the ancients said that a gentleman's conversation is like water, so the husband and wife are not very easy to produce contradictions.

I know my wife likes to keep a light in the yard for me. In order to save electricity, I also installed a voice-activated light that lights up when I get home at night. But her wife still lit the incandescent light in the yard. "When you come home, you can see the light from a distance," she said. "You get a warm feeling in your heart." My wife's simple words speak for me.

Once I sailed three days in a row at sea, and I longed to dive into it, if only to settle on a rock, for I had a feeling of longing to land that no one who has ever sailed in the sea can ever know.

Last night, I went home more than two o 'clock in the middle of the night, I know it is the 20th day of the lunar calendar, a bright moon in the sky, the stars, the earth shining like the day, when I went to work, I also think that his wife tonight does not have to light the yard lights, but, to the house, the yard lights are still burning, I was really feeling a warm current in the heart. Husband and wife do not have to sweet words, also do not have to tender, as long as he or she in his heart to leave a place for you this life is enough!

When I entered the house, I gently opened the bedroom door and saw my wife sleeping soundly with her grandson in her arms. I closed the door and withdrew to make a bowl of instant noodles and wash a handful at random. In the study, I fell asleep with fatigue.


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