Oh, Get Your Jaw Off the Floor

Injustices of today shouldn’t come as a shock.

Oh, Get Your Jaw Off the Floor


Nobody should be shocked about the most recent “scandal” of the wealthy getting their children into college by criminal means. The only thing that is shocking is that as a society we have let the rich and elite get away with actions like this for so long. We as a people, not just here, but around this ever-warming globe, have been making jokes and snide comments about how rich mommies and daddies will do shady things to get their children into an elite school; despite their children either not having the qualifications or the desire to go. You would think a woman like Lori Loughlin wouldn’t do something like this after working on a show that taught great life lessons to children, but maybe she thought since her children weren’t living in a small home in San Francisco with a single dad those lessons don’t apply to them. These elite are taking spots away from people that are actually working hard to get into those schools. Working hard to get what you want was a theme of an episode on Full House, maybe Lori wasn’t in that one.

What is on the confusing side of all this is how can you be proud of your child when if it wasn’t for you having the ability to write a ton of zeros on a check they got to go to the school? There is truly nothing to be proud of when your child gets accepted into Yale if they put absolutely zero effort into making sure that acceptance letter comes in the mail. Harsh, but the truth.

Again, this scandal truly shouldn’t cause people’s mouths to hit the floor. They shouldn’t be acting like this hasn’t been going on since the first college opened its doors. It is just like when people were “shocked” about Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly. We have been making jokes about those men and how they have treated women for decades. The only thing that is shocking about all these crimes is that we have let them get away with it for so long and thinking making a joke out of it will make it less of a problem.

People who have risen to a certain state of power though should start quacking in their Italian leather boots. They need to start seeing that society has begun to stop brushing their use of money in a criminal fashion under the rug. People are caring more about justice and truth than pissing off someone who may be more powerful or have more money than them. Those who are rich and powerful that have been doing shady actions should start getting scared. Favor for social justice is on the rise and the overflowing Scrooge McDuck money room some of these elite seem to have will not be able to save them for much longer.

We do not live in the times of Henry VIII any longer. Yes, there is still the risk of getting our head “cut off” when you call out the rich and powerful, but there is no guarantee of death of any kind, whether it be physically or your social life, anymore. There is now more of a guarantee than ever before the criminal will pay.

Social media has helped with this, being able to rally millions against one power structure is easier than ever. There is no longer one Martin Luther calling out the church with some paper and a nail, and hoping the message carries to the world in five years. With the click of a button, millions upon millions of Martins can call out the injustices of society and start nailing it to everyone’s door.

Put away your shocked faces. Unless you were born 10 years ago or decided to become a hermit and live amongst goats, you know that things like this have been going on for ages. Just be shocked we turned something criminal into an everyday joke and we let it go on this long without calling for punishment as a whole. Use that kind of shock to hammer the nail on that piece of paper that says, “no matter how much money you have, you will not be able to hide behind it.”

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