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Kalecia Williams, the 16-year-old girl who was murdered while filming a Tiktok video


By Based On a True StoryPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Today’s case takes us to Atlanta, Georgia, where Kalecia Williams was born on January 1, 2004.

Her mother was April Smith. The name of her biological father is unknown, but what is known is that she was raised by Romney Savoy, her mother’s partner.

In 2021, the 16-year-old was studying at South Atlanta High School. Everyone says that Pinky, as she was affectionately called, was a vibrant teenager who loved to post videos on her Tiktok account. In fact, in most of them he appears dancing to the rhythm of fashionable songs that went viral.

During the recording of one of these videos someone killed Kalecia, but what really happened?

The facts:

According to several media published in December 2021, Kalecia received an invitation from a school friend called Infinity to attend a Christmas party at an airbnb that her parents had rented.

This girl’s mother even spoke to Kalecia’s to assure her that it would only be a girls’ party and that she would be present at all times to keep an eye on them. April couldn’t suspect was that this woman was lying.

December 25 was the day chosen for the party and it is not known why they changed the Airbnb for the Hyatt Regency hotel to celebrate that event.

At about 8 in the afternoon Kalecia left her house and showed up at the hotel, however her friends had not arrived. This is known because the girl called her mother on the phone to tell her about the situation.

The woman told her to wait and that they would talk later, which they never did. Since from here the information is very confusing, I’m going to tell what most of the media and the page said.

Everything indicates that Kalecia was waiting for her friends and that only Infinity appeared. Contrary to what her mother said, there was no one to watch and two teenage boys they already knew also attended. The funny thing is that Infinity paid for the room and left.

Kalecia stayed at the hotel and taking advantage of the fact that the room was paid, she stayed and recorded several videos for Tik Tok.

At about midnight while recording one of these videos someone broke into his room unexpectedly, so much so that you can see the jump that the girl of the scare makes before stopping the phone.

Due to this stoppage in the recording, it is not clear what happened next.

People in the nearby rooms heard several shots and a witness saw two teenage boys moving Kalesia’s body to the lobby while shouting the name of the hotel they were in.

The workers told the police but when they arrived the teenager was no longer breathing and her pulse was not detectable.

As soon as she arrived at the hospital at 12:23 p.m. she was declared dead. Some time later it became known that a gunshot wound that she had lodged in her groin was the one that ended her life.

It is not known why but Kalesia’s family was not alerted to her death until the next day and the person who did it was in charge of the morgue.

The police arrested the suspect at the same place as the events. It was 16-year-old Kerie Brown, one of the boys who attended the alleged party and helped move Kalesia’s body to the lobby. When the agents arrived, his friend had already left there.

According to subsequent investigations, this boy broke into Kalecia’s room to have sex but when he was rejected he tried to abuse her at gunpoint. After an argument and blinded by anger he shot him in the groin.

The Atlanta police declared that Kalecia and Kerie were the only ones who were inside the room at the time of the events and that the two had known each other for some time.

A few days later, this boy was accused of aggravated abuse, possession of a weapon, serious homicide and reckless behavior.

When he was signed up, he was transferred to the Metro Youth Detention Center since he was a minor. A year later, at the beginning of 2022, he was released.

Of course, the girl’s family did not accept the officials’ decision to release her daughter’s murderer, so soon they opened a petition on asking for justice for Kalecia.

There are many theories about what really happened, but the one that attracts the most attention points directly to Infinity: the friend who invited Kalesia to the party.

As this girl changed the place of celebration to a hotel and only she showed up to pay for the room, many thought that Infinity had set a trap for Kalesia.

It is true that they had a certain friendship but they were also rivals. Maybe she warned these boys to do something to her and then she left so as not to be involved. After what happened she talked to April but only gave her so many versions of what happened that the woman ended up distrusting her.

On the other hand, it is powerfully striking that Infinity’s mother talked to Kalesia’s to tell her what the party was going to be like... She clearly lied, but why?

To this day, Kalecia’s parents continue to struggle for adequate research since for them the researchers did not do enough.

Although there are too many stories about what really happened to her daughter, April stated that she is convinced that she was the victim of a foul play that has nothing to do with what they have been told. For this reason she is trying to put all the pieces together to find out what really happened to Kalesia that night and do justice.

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