Journal of a Killer Author (2)

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Part Two of a Murder Story

Journal of a Killer Author (2)

(The names of people and locations are purely fictitious)

Alex had the glimmer of a plan in his head, but it needed to be perfect for it to work. He had to pick the right victim, he also had to make sure he wasn’t caught or suspected. Inevitably he knew that one day he would be caught, but hopefully not before his book was published.

He wanted to pick a victim that was in their mid to late twenties, no younger and not much older, and male, he was definitely a little squeamish about killing a woman. He would prefer that they be easily subdued, but how to subdue them, that was something he had to work out. He was also sure that the victim would be from somewhere else, nowhere near his home town, this would mean that he would not be recognised by anyone.

18th June 1988

“I have to plan this experiment perfectly, I can’t leave clues to my identity at the scene of the murder. I will have to find somewhere quiet and out of the way to do what I must. This book will surpass everything I have done, it will be my masterpiece.”

After three more days of planning and preparation, Alex was finally ready for the first victim. He had picked a town some 40 miles from his home, he also had found an old barn on the outskirts of the town, perfect for his needs.

21st June 1988

“Everything is ready, I have the weapon, the location and the date. I only need a victim. My one issue is whether or not I have the stomach for killing, but that is something all first-time killers have to deal with. The barn I found is exactly what I wanted, far enough off the beaten track to be unseen and enough exit routes that I won’t be seen. Now all I need is to pick my first victim. Tomorrow I will start my search.”

Early the next day, Alex set out for the small town of Tensing, a town similar in size to Little Bend.

22nd June 1988 (AM)

“I have been waiting for two hours and I have found the perfect victim. He seems to be in his late twenties and would be easily rendered unconscious. I must admit, I am a little nervous, but I have to complete this first step, I have no choice.”

Alex was still unsure how this would play out. He had made sure of everything, even the secondhand Station Wagon he had bought was untraceable. But the human factor was an element he could not control. His victim might be stronger than he looks, he might be carrying a gun, but Alex would wait for the perfect moment, a baseball bat isn’t pretty, but it is effective.

22nd June 1988 (PM)

“I have done it. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. One swing and that was it, although the crunch of the bat against his skull was a bit sickening, I managed to keep myself together. I have to admit, the drive to the barn felt longer than I anticipated, but it was only twenty minutes. Now I am ready for the second stage of my plan. I won’t go as far as the killer in “Dinner is Served”, but I will go far enough that it will be difficult for the police to find this barn and me. I made sure to burn all his clothes and personal stuff, it took a lot not to look in his wallet, but I really don't need to know who he is.”

Alex planned to cut the body up into 6 pieces and leave them in six different counties, he was hoping that because they were in different jurisdictions, communication would be lacking between them. It was his hope that each one would think they had their own killer on the loose.

23rd June 1988

“I spent the last three and a half hours driving from one county to another, leaving the bodyparts somewhere they can be found. I will make sure to watch the news over the next few days and see if they work out that it is one murder or six. I can then change my plan to fit what the police and media do. All I have to do is wait, be very patient. I won’t make the mistake of committing the second murder too soon and risk getting caught.”

It was obvious from his journal that Alex was on his way to creating the perfect main character he wanted for his book, he was sure that he had to commit a least another three murders, then, if he wasn’t caught, he could write his book with the emotions of a true killer.

Dave J. Maggs
Dave J. Maggs
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