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Left to Right: Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (Three Sociopath Sexual Predators)

Blessings and welcome to Breaking The Matrix Podcast, where no topic is off limits, no matter how controversial. The goal is to foster independent critical thinking and question the status quo of the corrupt criminal power structure. Call me MorpheuX (pronounced ‘Morfy-X’), I’ll be your humble guide down this strange rabbit hole to breaking the matrix together.

Since my last episode, there’s been some new developments regarding the whole Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell underground pedophile ring. Recently unsealed trove of court documents, about 600 pages long, were released on July 30th, from a now-settled 2015 civil defamation lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts Guiffre, an alleged sexual abuse/assault SURVIVOR who was recuirted at 15 years old by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. I have yet to comb through the entire document, but they have some pretty damning allegations, namely that former president Bill Clinton travelled on the Lolitta Express (Epstein’s private jet), and attended the infamous pedo island Little St James with 2 young girls. So far, Fakestream Media has been silent about this (not-so-surprising) revelation.

Starting to feel like this COVID-19 Plandemic is designed and intended to distract and deflect our attention away from everything that’s being exposed about the global pedophile cult which implicates all sorts of high ranking officials and celebrities. Hollywood’s so-called ‘Me Too’ activists who called for the arrest of Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, have yet to vocalize their outrage over the sexual abuse and exploitation of minors. Guess if it doesn’t affect them, or if it isn’t part of a neo-liberal agenda, then they simply don’t give a fuck. OR, better yet, it could very well implicate them, so they’re keeping a distance from the Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell pedophile and sex trafficking scandal.

It’s disturbing to witness all this unfold. And we’ve barely scratched the surface. How deep does this iceberg of pedophilia go? My guess, so deep that it would shake the core of the Washington and Hollywood establishment. Good news is, it’s getting exposed, whether or not MSM outlets want to acknowledge it, whether or not any Hollywood elite will fire up a hashtag movement to raise awareness, it doesn’t really matter. The people are gradually waking up. The truth is spreading like wildfire on the interweb of social media platforms, even if Twitter will try to suppress hashtags like #BillClintonIsAPedophile, the Digital Army around the world is exposing the disgustingly epic levels of corruption and criminality of the Washington/Hollywood establishment.

Will Bill Clinton get arrested, indicted or investigated by the FBI for his alleged visits with 2 young girls to Epstein’s pedo orgy island? Highly doubt it. All intelligence agencies have been infiltrated and subverted by cult members of secret societies. It’s actually how some of them began. Go watch ‘The Good Shepherd’ with Matt Damon (released in 2006), it’s about the inception of the Central Intelligence Agency, and its deep roots with secret societies, namely Skull and Bones. So, in other words, one hand washes the other. Satanic Luciferian Pedophiles of a feather, protect one another, and flock together. Sick and totally fucked up. But we gotta keep shining the bright light of Truth on these dirty disgusting mofos and expose them wherever they are, whomever they are, everywhere they are.

I’ll continue to monitor this situation closely as it develops and unravels. It’s a lot to keep up with, thankfully, we are many in the Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening community and everyone is doing their part to sift through all the data dumps and leaks, and share our findings with the whole wide world, or at least, with anyone curious enough to listen.

Speaking of listening, time now for a brief commercial break.

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Welcome back.

I wanted to share something personal. My own journey to awakening, to reaching the current level of Oneness Awareness and Universal Consciousness. Man, I tell you, it’s not been easy to adjust but I’ve stopped giving a fuck about trying to fit in with the fluoridated indoctrinated sedated masses. It’s so freeing, it actually helps to stay focused and get my Higher Calling work done.

My quest for knowledge and wisdom started at a very early age. At 9 years old, I taught myself how to meditate, how to sit in silence and to listen to the voice of the Living Divine Cosmos. So, my hunger for learning began young. I’ve always questioned everything, even the existence of an Almighty Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent Creator. I’ve tried to understand my purpose here, what’s my mission, it cannot be to simply work my ass off, pay taxes, all to enrich the Ruling Class of Sociopaths, then retire and drop dead. There’s gotta be MORE to life than what we’re taught in schools and shown on TV.

My Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening really kicked into high gear in the early 2000’s, so about 20 years ago, when I started researching about the Federal Bank and Fiat Currency and Fractional Reserve Banking. That rabbit hole led me to another and another and another. It took me through the rabbit hole of Illuminati, freemasonry and other cults of secrecy and black magic ritualistic sorcery. I then learned about the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Project New American Century, The Greater Israel Project, Kalergi Plan, Tavistock Institute, the IMF and Bank of International Settlements. 9/11 happened, so then I researched False Flags, Psyops, Blackwater, and then Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange emerged, Wikileaks, data dumps, whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork exposing the war crimes of the US/Saudi/Israeli empire. That led me to learn to follow the money, I learned about PetroDollar, and dig even deeper into the Banking Oligarchy Cartel Dynasties like Rothschild and Rockefeller, Dupont, Morgan, Chase and others. Which took me to the Balfour Declaration, the inception of modern-day Zionism and the apartheid state of Israel, then The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and the Talmud and its twisted teachings about how we goyims (aka gentiles) are considered beasts inferior to dogs and that it’s okay for them to cheat us, rob us, kill us, hunt us, rape us, and basically do whatever the fuck they please to us, because we were created solely to be their subservient slaves. After that, I took a break, I got so deep it was getting too heavy at times to sleep properly, and I just didn’t see the world the same way anymore. I shifted into the fascinating world of UFOs, aliens/ET’s, otherworldly beings from other dimensions or galaxies, I got into The Law of One - The Ra Material, which managed to be the needle which wove all the pieces of the global power structure puzzle together. I finally understood that the unseen rulers of this world, the negative beings aka The Draco-Reptilian Ruling Class, have constructed a system to keep people and nations in constant state of fear and confusion, shackled to endless inescapable crushing debt, and distracted by never-ending vapid meaningless hypersexualized entertainment, and consumed by insatiable consumerism with the latest trends. I understood who are the ones behind the curtain pulling all the strings. They use divisiveness and deceit to deflect any/all attention away from them, and do everything in their power to keep the global population in a specific range of emotional/mental frequency, where they can farm our negative energies to sustain themselves, and that it’s a delicate balancing act to expose them but also not fall into their trap of fear porn. Like I said, it’s not been easy. The journey is NOT intended to be easy, it will shake you and break you before it makes you awakened and aware. The journey is tough, that’s why still so many out there would rather the lies and illusion of their manufactured consent/consensus, than the hard hitting cringe-worthy disturbing and alarming factual truths. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s a disservice to self and to humanity.

Obviously throughout the entire journey of awakening, I learned about gnosticism, agnosticism, hermetic belief systems, gematria, other esoteric stuff and all about the illuminati symbolism implanted throughout all forms of pop culture and music videos and films. Can’t watch movies the same anymore. [SIGH] Despite it all, I’ve had my own personal struggles, tragedies, trials, triumphs, battling depression, losing loved ones, friendships were becoming less about parties, and more about helping each other evolve and ascend. No, it’s not been easy, but, I’ll tell you, it’s all worth it. I’d rather not dumb myself down and speak with like-minded souls, than pretend to be dumbed down just to entertain someone’s ignorance. I learned not to reveal everything I know, but to just drop breadcrumbs, and leave it to whomever listens to put in the hours and research it for themselves. Yet, I still get people on social media that ask for specific sources. It’s not a single place, it’s an accumulation of decades-worth of in-depth expansive holistic investigative research. I can’t point to one book or one site. It’s a whole bunch of sources which I vet and examine and that’s how I’ve come to be intuitively discerning and not just buy into any random ‘conspiracy theory’.

I’m proud to see more and more people catching up and catching on to things I’ve been pointing out for years. I’m not famous like David Icke (much respect to the brother). I’m genuinely NOT seeking notoriety or popularity. All I ever want is to open people’s minds and reconnect their hearts to Universal Love. I’ve faced my own fair share of personal attacks, lost friends in the process, but I wouldn’t change a damn thing. In exchange, I’ve gained valuable allies, whom I consider my brothers and sisters in The Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening. Yeah, I can be tough or very direct sometimes, brutally harsh maybe, but it’s Tough Love, and sorry to say, people have gotten too used to being culled and babied for far too long, because everything has to be P.C. (Politically Correct). Can’t call people sheep now, it’s ‘too condescending’ and not considered ‘woke’. Seriously, WTF?! Does everything need to be watered down? Man, I don’t give a flying fuck. I’mma say it like it is, Like it, hate it, I don’t really care. Like I’ve been saying for years now: FACTS DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR OR MY OR ANYONE’S FEELINGS. It is what it is, deal with it. Like I dealt with it, and came out stronger and wiser thanks to it. That’s my methodology, it’s how I operate, I can’t sugar coat things, I won’t apologize for being straight up and real, but no matter what, I always come from a place and space of Universal Love and Oneness.

That’s been my journey, more or less. It’s obviously condensed for the purpose of not stretching this episode unnecessarily, I know most people’s attention spans are short nowadays. Click culture, so if you’ve listened up to this point, you deserve a huge round of applause!

Another short commercial break.

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Welcome Back.

Staying in the realm of Awakening, I want to discuss the challenges of it. Like I mentioned before, it’s not easy. Most recurring problem most people face is Cognitive Dissonance, which is the mental resistance one faces when their core beliefs are challenged. There are many barriers or obstacles we face on our journey to The Great Universal Spiritual Ascension Awakening. It’s tough to come to the realization that what we’ve been taught in the indoctrination centers known as schools, that much of what we’ve been taught is simply to ensure we stay within the paradigm of thinking that doesn’t question the status quo and to continue being subservient debt slaves. History is always written by the victors, but when you start really researching certain events, and come to terms with the indisputable facts, you are given a clear choice: continue to believe the lies and deception, or become empowered by the newly acquired knowledge and evolve.

I know that most of us who become awakened are surrounded by friends and family who are still so caught up in the Con Game matrix to fool our minds. From my own personal experiences, I’ve learned not to force any of my beliefs or wisdom on anyone, we all must come naturally to our own awakening at our own pace, if we’re truly meant to awaken, we will. And sadly, the reality is that not everyone is meant to awaken. Many are called, few are chosen, I hope that’s how the saying goes. You can’t expect to unbrainwash anyone who’s spent their entire life protecting and preserving the deception and indoctrination. Plant seeds of higher consciousness, drop tidbits (aka breadcrumbs) of truth and be on your way. They want to know more, point them in the right direction. Most people have smartphones, which are connected to the internet, essentially, a database of information. Laziness is NO EXCUSE for ignorance. You want to know more? Simple. Dig in. Research more. But it is vital that you pace yourself and take breaks from all the learning. Trust me, the more you learn, the more you realize, there’s a whole lot more to learn. So, TAKE. YOUR. TIME.

Another important advice I can offer is ‘Don’t Take Anything Personally’ and ‘Go easy with yourself’. You will face opposition in many forms, from all sorts of people, there’s a lot of haters out there, and if you post on social media, you’re bound to come across trolls and shills paid to shut down anything that opposes the mainstream fabricated manufactured narratives. Especially if you speak out against Zionism, for some reason, people mistake it for/with Jewish Identity, when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Another topic for another episode. Just know that not everyone will agree with you all the time or see the light right away. Don’t have any type of expectations, you’ll be disappointed, I’m sure you’ve heard that one before but it also applies to our awakening. Find or build yourself a community of truth seekers and researchers, online and in the real world if possible. It’s always a great idea to have a support system of people who understand the struggles and hardships of becoming more Universally Conscious and aware.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, but stay humble and keep your ego in check. There are lots of people who want to show off or live for some type of validation from others. Don’t do that. It’s a trap. The thing you must seek is a sense of fulfillment from within, that will bring you everlasting joy. Despite going deep into dark bizarre rabbit holes, you will feel better knowing that you’re raising your frequency, and by doing so, it will naturally and cosmically also elevate the frequency of Humanity’s Collective Consciousness.

We’ve covered enough topics for one episode, so I’mma end it right here. Once again thank you for tuning in to the Breaking The Matrix Podcast, as always it’s my humbling honor to be your guide in this rabbit hole. Share this episode on your social media, link up with Breaking The Matrix on different platforms, and big THANK YOU to all my loyal patrons on Patreon.

Till next time,

One Love… BLESS.

MorpheuX MaximuS

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