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InJustice Falling..

When the false narrative changed..and Criminals became became the hunted.

By Justice for AllPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 8 min read

Sometimes Revenge is a choice you get to make..Unless you are me and then you just try to figure out why nothing has gotten any better and no one will do anything they would do before May 2019. You keep trying though because it isn't just about me. It is about making sure that no one ever has to go through what I have with no one helping me since May 2019 just for telling the truth. There is always justice because what effects one effects everyone.

One thing about having almost perfect recall of information including people, past cases and conversations is when people have stopped being who they were everyone has a family. It also isn't hard to find someone who wants the dirt you have on bad people. Since Georgia is going to operating on some reverse code of ethics, and Chatham County law enforcement is endangering the public, you start using your skills to let people know what their worst enemy's skeletons. Even without an Iphone, text messages and emails speak volumes..the other way is to simply refuse to be unheard. If they wanted the story to include their good deeds, they should have actually not behaved like a jackass and broken the law or helped put the offenders in jail. They may not have realized what they had done, but ignorance is not bliss. When a few police departments and one Assistant County Attorney in Georgia screwed over every public employee in Georgia and made them at will employees by lying to the Ga Supreme Court, and then Pooler PD and Chatham County Sheriff's Department illegally seizing evidence that would fix it, and my electronics they thought they were covering up what they did, not fundamentally altering the law. They did and continue to. There are a lot of people who if they knew would join forces with me. In fact, they have let a tow truck driver rape one of their own literally in the process of defending their jobs, and taken the evidence of it..With a few thousand dollars she could do everything that needed to be done. With even the Department of Labor screwing her she couldn't undo anything, since no lawyer had stepped up to help, even the ones she had dated. No one she ever knew before May 2019 that was good would help her, or help her be able to testify against the bad ones.

Information is currency. Even if it's a late notice about who their husband knocked up 7 years ago, who their husband was dating or who their ex knocked up, if you can't get the guy to be a man..tell his worst enemy...and if you can't get an AUSA or Attorney General to return an email..You write the indictment yourself.

I hate to be so bitchy, but I don't protect the secrets of people who hurt me. Especially pregnant, and struggling financially while being attacked by all the people who should be in jail from a Pooler Police officer, Ofr. McCampbell threatening to arrest me from 200 miles away over Facebook, who committed several felonies and her Police Chief covering it up, a corrupt Chatham County Attorney refusing to help her get her firearm back, the Assistant Chatham County Attorney who had started this all in 2018, threatening to sue me all online. I never thought I would see every police officer in Georgia cover up every felony in the book, even the ones I loved.

Women never forget, and if you can't get someone to not be an asshole to you..flip the script. If someone has the upper hand, you break them. If anyone would have helped me for the last two and a half years I might shut up. If lives weren't in danger including the entire Stateboro PD and Bulloch County Sheriff Department, including the Sheriff himself, and even my asshole ex boyfriend Ofr. Collins from the Dalton PD I would shut up.

Daddy, a homicide detective and ex Navy Seal, taught me a few important things 1. Leave a trail .. electronic or otherwise 2. Never tell anyone everything you know..It makes you valuable. It makes you valuable to people who don't like them, gives you an alliance and it makes people want to know what you do. 3)When the system fails you, there is always a higher authority. 4) God favors the righteous 5) You always have family, military, first responder or otherwise 6) Good things come to those that fight for the ones that honor their badges.

I'm not a private investigator, but I was trained by the best and worked for the best. Girl has to take care of herself, Jessica Jones had it easier, but with a baby on the way and no one to take care of us..time to clear the court a little bit. That's the one thing about having an ex cop, ex Navy Seal as adopted Dad, and an ex Marine, ex-cop as a know how to get information out and leverage your value. I would rather someone with a badge who wasn't corrupt would investigate it, but that requires police officers not lying in police reports, threatening victims and everyone thinking that obstructing a case so big that there is never a way to clean up a loose end like a pregnant woman who is pissed as hell, even during a pandemic.

Cleaning up a few personal vendettas is just entertainment value. It isn't all small stuff and on a tight budget it is impossible. If a few good officers in every agency decided not to protect those that didn't just break the Thin Blue Line they obliterated it. If people would work together there could be justice for not just me, and this baby but the people who are a credit to their profession. Daddy might have hired the misfits, but they were good people who had just pissed off the wrong person. He knew everyone and he never forgot a friend.

The pay needed to be better but with all the karma points I have built up in my life expending a few to even the odds might actually get  me somewhere. If they didn't want their secrets exposed they shouldn't have covered up everything, taken my animals, and everything else that would have made this easy.. Payback is a bitch and despite how cute and sweet I can be, I have wicked brain, and I know how to use it.. All I need are a lot of people brave enough to join forces with me and do the heavy lifting. With a memory like mine, I am the best witness an AUSA could ever have had, but that requires they return emails. I don't take orders from anyone, and I know how to make people pay. Their silence earned them a place right next to the criminals and punishment of the whole. Daddy, always told me I was a part of his family from the day I met him. In his world if you hurt someone there is hell to pay especially if is family. Family is not always who you were born to, it is the people who have your back when things go south.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this a love story started a million times. A look, a glace, a spark of forever that was extinguished with absence and filled with pain that didn't need to be. In the middle of putting down roots, a baby was created, and left without a father, because he decided that this child wasn't important. With that came, a new layer of whys, where once again I lay in bed at night wishing I was being cuddled back together. There were men who reminded her of people she loved, a firefighter, a police officer but they were long ago, a year of remembering. Her two friends had to pick up the pieces. Chris, a former police officer who she wanted to be like and make sure one life wasn't forever marred by pain and tragedy and Rich, the man who had saved her life when every safe haven had literally tossed her in the street had given his safe haven, in his home for the last year to try to get her head back on straight. One investigator, Albert with the Richmond County Sheriff's department had believed her and tried to help in December 2019, of his own accord, as she was trying to get in touch with anyone who might be able to help. He had been the only person with a badge to take it upon himself to care. He just hadn't had a way to link it into his jurisdiction. One of his own had done that while badgering her to tears in the Sheriff's department in July 2020. His maltreatment had made that department not a witness but have a stake not just in their rights but in a chain of events that lead from Chatham County, Ga to Whitfield County, GA and across state lines into Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and even to Arizona where the man who was her biological father had threatened to murder people and left his own daughter to the wolves.

The world was not unfolding as it should with the people she had looked up to attacking her, police chiefs covering up for criminals and their own corrupt officers and people she considered her allies blocking her. There had to be change, for the better. It was coming she could feel it. The would always be heroes in a world gone mad. There would be a quick rise of justice and a quicker fall of injustice.

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"Justice delayed, is justice denied" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Tattooed, Employed and has a Psych degree..Always on the look out for a group of Avengers.

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