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How Snapchat Caught This Parent Killer Red-Handed

The Shocking Story of Chandler Halderson: How Deception, Lies, and Technology Exposed a Family Tragedy

By Sally APublished 2 months ago 4 min read


Today's story is a stark reminder of the depths of human deception and the tragic outcomes that can result. This tale revolves around Chandler Halderson, whose elaborate web of lies ultimately led to a horrific crime. As his fabrications began to unravel, Chandler resorted to murder to conceal the truth. The details of this case are both shocking and tragic, involving a seemingly typical American family torn apart by a son's deceit.

Chandler Halderson's Background

Chandler Halderson was born on March 15, 1998, to Bart and Krista Halderson in Windsor, Wisconsin, a town about 30 minutes from Madison. He had an older brother named Mitchell. The Halderson family appeared close-knit and typical. Krista worked in customer service, while Bart was employed at an international accounting firm. They were involved in each other's lives and frequently visited a family cabin for weekend getaways.

In 2021, Chandler was 23 years old, living with his parents, and supposedly attending Madison College. He worked part-time at an insurance firm and had a girlfriend named Cathryn. The family dynamic seemed normal and supportive until Chandler's lies began to surface.

The Lies Unravel

Chandler had been telling his parents and girlfriend that he was attending Madison College online due to COVID-19. When his parents requested to see his transcripts, Chandler resorted to creating fake email accounts to pose as school administrators, sending false information about his enrollment and performance.

Bart Halderson, Chandler's father, grew suspicious and persistent, seeking official transcripts and contacting school administrators. When Chandler's ruse continued to unravel, he invented a fictional counselor named Daniel Spieth and even scheduled Zoom meetings, only to cancel them at the last moment with various excuses.

Investigators later found that the IP addresses of the emails matched the Halderson's home internet, and Chandler had used his own birthday to create the fake accounts. He had not attended Madison College since 2019 and had failed multiple classes.

How His Parents Became Suspicious

Bart and Krista Halderson initially became suspicious due to Chandler's constant deflections and excuses regarding his academic progress. Chandler's inability to provide a straightforward answer about his school transcripts raised red flags. Bart's determination to get to the bottom of the issue led him to contact Madison College directly, which Chandler tried to prevent by creating more elaborate lies.

Bart’s suspicion grew when he could not get any definitive answers or official documentation from the school. Chandler's evasive tactics and the fabricated email conversations only fueled Bart’s determination. Bart and Krista decided to investigate further, leading to more direct actions such as phone calls and demanding in-person meetings.

The Unraveling Continues

Chandler also lied about having a part-time job at an insurance company, claiming payroll issues prevented him from receiving his paychecks. In reality, he was unemployed. He further fabricated a job offer from SpaceX, planning to move to Florida with his girlfriend. This plan fell apart when Chandler claimed to have suffered severe injuries from a fall down the stairs, including a brain bleed, spinal injury, and potential paralysis. However, medical records only indicated a mild concussion.

Bart Halderson, still trying to support his son, continued to seek answers from the college. On June 29, 2021, Bart called Madison College and spoke with a real representative, Omar Jobe, who confirmed that Chandler had not been enrolled since 2019. Bart texted Chandler, signaling that he was ready to confront him about the lies.

Parents Go Missing

By July 2, 2021, both Bart and Krista Halderson were missing. Krista's coworker and friend, Daniel Kroninger, noticed her absence from work and immediately became concerned. Daniel visited the Halderson home, found Bart and Krista's cars in the garage, and was met by Chandler, who claimed his parents had gone to the family cabin for the 4th of July weekend.

Despite the explanation, Daniel remained suspicious. He continued to contact Krista without response and kept in touch with Chandler. On July 4th, Chandler reassured Daniel that his parents would return the next day, easing Daniel's concerns momentarily. However, when Krista did not show up for work again on Monday and Tuesday, Daniel urged Chandler to file a missing person's report, which he did on July 7th.

The Investigation

As police began investigating, Chandler's story quickly fell apart. He claimed his parents had been picked up by an unknown couple for the cabin trip, but no evidence supported this. Police suspected Chandler's involvement and intensified their scrutiny.

On July 8th, Chandler was brought in for questioning. He spun another tale about his parents handling a plumbing emergency at the cabin. Detectives, knowing this was false, pressed harder, leading Chandler to request a lawyer, halting the interview. He was arrested for providing false information about a missing person.

The Break in the Case

A significant break came when a farm owner reported seeing Chandler on her property near a wooded area days before his parents were reported missing. Police searched the area and discovered a male torso, later identified as Bart Halderson.

Meanwhile, Chandler's girlfriend Cathryn provided a crucial piece of evidence. She had been suspicious of Chandler's fidelity and tracked his location via Snapchat. On July 3rd, she saw Chandler's location near the Wisconsin River and took a screenshot. This evidence led police to search the area, where they found Krista Halderson's remains.

Chandler's Arrest and Charges

Chandler was charged with the murder and dismemberment of his parents. The investigation revealed that Chandler had killed them at their home, dismembered their bodies, and attempted to burn them in the fireplace before disposing of the remains.

Evidence included tools with Bart and Krista's blood, over 200 bone fragments in the fireplace, and luminol revealing traces of cleaned-up blood. Additionally, incriminating Google searches on Chandler's phone about bodies found in Wisconsin and his parents' names painted a clear picture of his guilt.

The Trial and Sentencing

Chandler pled not guilty, but the overwhelming evidence led to a swift conviction. The jury deliberated for just two hours, finding him guilty of all charges. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Chandler Halderson's story is a chilling reminder of the lengths some will go to maintain a facade. His lies, when exposed, led to the brutal murder of his parents, Bart and Krista, who only sought to support and help their son. The use of modern technology, like Snapchat, played a crucial role in uncovering the truth and bringing justice to the victims. This case underscores the importance of vigilance and integrity in the digital age, where deceit can have devastating consequences.


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