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Hostage in a bank robbery

Rolled the dice, more than twice...

By Fjona AziriPublished 3 years ago 9 min read

I woke up by the sound of the birds singing, on the branches of the tree right next to my window.

Just kidding. I didn't even sleep all night. Well, how could I?

I had just won the lottery. One. Damn. Million. Dollars. I could easily go sprint all around the city and still have energy to do a lot more stuff. But instead, I spent all the night daydreaming about what we'd do with all that money.

As thousands of ideas and thoughts were crossing my mind, I realized that the sun was rising. In that moment, my only thought was to get up and get ready. But, it was still way too early for that. However, I ended up getting up and doing that.

-Honey, we're gonna be late! Come on!- I yelled, while I was unwillingly spitting mouthwash all around the sink, so my boyfriend Ian would hear me.

I could feel the excitement flowing all around my body. While some loud rhythmic music was playing in high volume, I was dancing all around our small apartment we had rented since we moved in together.

We were already running late. The car stopped working right in the middle of nowhere. Well, it was actually three blocks away from the bank, but, I had to get a bit dramatic about it.

As soon as we got into the bank, I saw a lot of people waiting in a long line. We had to get a piece of paper, in which was digitally written a number, our number in that line of people.

I recognized an old man that was there, he lived in my old neighbourhood. The piece of paper that indicated his number fell down on the ground. Clearly, he didn't notice it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one that saw his paper falling down. There was a young blonde woman that took it on her hand, swapped it with the one she was previously holding it and then gave the wrong one to the old man.

As soon as she turned her head around, I recognized her. She was Lauren. An old "friend" I had back in high school.

Needless to say, she recognized me too. Her sneaky eyes were looking at me as if she was poking me with them, while she approached me all "friendly".

-Oh, dear Ashley! How have you been?- she greeted me as she was hugging me slightly.

-Hey, Lauren!- I greeted her with a fake smile that was obvious, but who cared, after all. -Great! If you ask me for this particular moment, I was actually looking how a sneaky woman just took advantage of an old man!- I continued as I was quickly blinking and looking at her devilishly.

-The same nosey Ashley!-she told me, meanwhile I could easily notice the anger and discomfort in her tone.

-Yeah! The same sneaky Lauren, ha ha, always trying to outsmart people?! I'm not wrong, right?!- I said to her as I was scowling my eyebrows.

Right when she was about to talk, and seemingly to try "to put me in my place", we heard a loud noise. It was a gunshot.

Instinctively, I hugged Ian, who was standing behind my back all this time.

-Everybody! Sit down!- yelled one of the five men in black masks. Everyone sat down fearing that they'll shoot again.

Another shot was heard through the screams.

-Damn it! We're not here to kill Al!- spoke one of the men.

-What the hell, Jim!- yelled another one.

-Why do you keep mentioning names, You idiots?-spoke the third.

The sound of a gun loading made everyone fall in silence.

-Shut your mouths up and get the damn work done!-said the one that loaded the gun.

They closed the bank door and we were all trapped inside. Two of them were walking all around us, paying attention to even the slightest movements. While the other three of them entered a door further, in the main hall.

Today's excitement and adrenaline rush seemed like wouldn't end.

One of the hostages got up on his feet.

-Sit the hell down you idiot!-yelled one of the two black masked men that were guarding.

-I have to go to the toilet!-said the men with a shaky voice.

-We don't have time for that!-yelled again the same man.

-Let him go!-said the other black masked man, that was standing some feet away from the two.

-Yeah, and then let our plan fall down to nowhere, are you nuts?- said his teammate, as he was pointing his finger to the other one's head, and pushed the man to sit down.

Meanwhile the other three of the group was nowhere to be seen.

I wanted to distract them by causing panic, as the two that were guarding seemed like they wouldn't work as well under pressure, but I didn't know whether it would cause more trouble or if I would be able to do something.

I was watching them as they were quietly arguing with each other and they suddenly started fighting. One of them quickly pulled the gun and shot the other on his right side near his hip.

-What did you do, dude?-said the one that got shot as he fell down on the floor. He went as pale as a ghost. I noticed he was more afraid than what he could be in pain. I could see that the wound was bleeding but it didn't seem that bad.

The one that shot his teammate got panicked. He was walking all around without knowing what to do. Suddenly, he stopped.

-Is there any medical staff in here?- he yelled.

-Is there any damn one here, that is a healthcare worker?

-Here! She's a surgeon assistant nurse!- said Lauren, while she was looking at me devilishly.

-Come here!-yelled the one that shot.

I got up and went next to the man that was laying down.

The wound seemed good, I mean, he had a lot more time until he'd bleed all his blood out. But, I had to make it dramatic, maybe it would help us buy time so Ian could call the police or something.

I was putting a cloth, or more like, applying pressure to his wound using his mask.

Half an hour later, the three other men appeared. They brought some big bags to the front door.

-What the hell did you do, man?- yelled one of them.

-I don't know, we were arguing...- was talking the one that shot.

-Shut up! Now, how do you plan to clean this mess, you idiot?!!- yelled the first one back.

-You two, get the bags and take them to the other exit! You, take Jim and help him get to the van in the back exit! Doctor, you help him!- said the one in charge.

-But, I'm not a doctor!- I said with a low voice.

-Do as I say!- he yelled angrily and I knew there wasn't space for more discussion.

We were both helping the wounded man to get to the van. I suddenly got something that could save my head.

-You go, I'll get the first aid kit I saw at the other end of this corridor.-I said to the man holding Jim, the wounded robber.

-Okay, don't let him see you or he'll kill you!-he said to me jokingly, knowing damn well that there wasn't the right time to joke about such a thing.

I started walking towards the other end of the corridor, when I saw an emergency door. Then, I decided to open it, at least I'd try something.

There was a staircase, and since we were on the ground floor it wasn't logical to go upstairs, anyway. I backed off when I heard some heavy footsteps. Instead of going back to the same place I was out there, I decided I'd take the staircase to the second floor.

-Being dumb in a situation like this, is no real help!- I thought to myself. It was a bank, of course these doors wouldn't be easily accessible, it was a part of the safety measures. However, I was safer here than what I was out there. But, Ian was there, I couldn't leave him there and be safe here on my own. I know it'd sound cliché, but I had to go back for him.

So, I decided I had to go back, after about... well after I argued a lot with myself about it. I started walking slowly towards the stairs, then I suddenly heard some noises. Gunshots, yelling, screaming. I was terrified, I didn't know what I had to do. It would be stupid if I'd go out there and act recklessly. I knew I had to wait, at least for a while.

When the noises had some minutes that had stopped, I decided it was about time for me to go out. Slowly, I opened the door and peeked through the slightly opened door. There was no one, so I went out.

My head was bursting with the worst scenarios that could have happened there. While I was walking quietly, scared to death that they would find me, a voice brought me back to reality, even though at first it frightened me.

-Miss Jones?!- said a policeman in a serious voice.

-Oh great goodness! I thought they're still here!- I said in relief.

-Your partner is worried for your well-being, I think I should accompany You to them!- he said as he pointed his right hand towards the main hall.

I followed him, with an upset face because of what happened and with the relief that at least I knew Ian was okay.

After a while, we were there. I saw Ian pacing through the hall while scratching the back of his neck. As soon as he saw me he ran towards me, hugging me tightly.

-I'm okay honey, don't worry!-I comforted him as I caressed his hair with my left hand.

-Miss Jones, would you like to have a refund paper filled out? It won't definitely be a positive answer and your bank account is already down, all empty!- said one of the workers.

I looked Ian back with a weird expression.

-Rolled the dice, more than twice... First was luck and second too, third time's a charm and I think I had enough adrenaline rush for today, thank you for your service! We'll get in touch later!- I said as I took my bag from her hand and we both left the bank while still being hugged by Ian from aside.

-I guess I took the lesson of my life!- I thought to myself as we were peacefully walking to get into the taxi Ian just called over; while we argued some more, over him not checking the car before he drove us off, even though it was my fault for it. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I said to myself while I looked through the window all thankful for my life...


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