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His Waterbed Secrets: Life Sentence at 14? The Chilling Case of Joshua Phillips

The Disturbing Tale of a Teenager's Dark Secrets and a Tragic Murder

By Sally APublished 2 months ago 4 min read

In the quiet suburb of Lakewood, Jacksonville, Florida, the autumn of 1998 witnessed an event that would leave the community in shock and horror. This article delves into the chilling story of Joshua Phillips, who, at just 14 years old, committed a crime so heinous that it defied comprehension. The case not only highlights the disturbing nature of the crime but also the complexities of the ensuing investigation and trial.

A Picturesque Suburb Turns Dark

Lakewood, a seemingly idyllic suburb characterized by its green streets and family-friendly environment, was home to eight-year-old Maddie Clifton. Maddie, the youngest of two girls, was known for her love of the outdoors and sports, as well as indoor activities like ballet and piano. Her family, including her older sister Jessie and their parents, felt secure in their tight-knit community, where children often played outside under the watchful eyes of neighbors.

The Day Maddie Disappeared

On November 3, 1998, Maddie and Jessie were playing outside their home while their mother, Sheila Clifton, prepared dinner. Keeping a watchful eye from the kitchen window, Sheila felt an inexplicable sense of dread when Jessie returned without Maddie. The family immediately began searching for her, but as the sun set and darkness fell, their panic grew. Sheila quickly called the police, setting off a frantic search for the missing girl.

Neighbors, including Steve Phillips and his son Joshua, joined the search efforts. Steve's family lived directly across the street from the Cliftons. Despite thorough searches and questioning of the neighborhood, no one had seen Maddie. Even Larry, a long-time resident known for teaching neighborhood kids to chip golf balls, came forward but was quickly cleared of suspicion.

The Community Rallies

As news of Maddie's disappearance spread, the community rallied in an unprecedented search effort. Her face appeared on newspapers, TV, and flyers across Jacksonville. Thousands of volunteers and police scoured the area, but days passed with no leads. The sheer number of searchers and the thoroughness of their efforts only deepened the mystery of Maddie's disappearance.

A Horrifying Discovery

On November 10, 1998, a week after Maddie vanished, the police continued to search the neighborhood, including the Phillips' home, for the third time. During this search, Joshua's mother, Melissa Phillips, began cleaning his room, which had been in a deplorable state. The room reeked, and despite Josh's attempts to mask the smell with incense and air fresheners, the odor persisted.

While cleaning, Melissa noticed a puddle near Joshua's waterbed. Assuming it was a leak, she investigated further, only to discover something far more sinister. Hidden beneath the waterbed was Maddie Clifton's body. In a state of shock, Melissa ran out to find a police officer, who confirmed the grim discovery.

The Crime Unfolded

Joshua Phillips was arrested at school and taken into custody. Under questioning, he confessed to the murder, providing a disturbing account of the events. He claimed that Maddie had come over to play and, while they were playing baseball in the backyard, he accidentally hit her in the face with a baseball bat. Panicked about his father's reaction, Josh dragged the injured and crying Maddie into his house and hid her under his bed.

In a state of fear, he further assaulted Maddie to silence her, eventually killing her with a knife. For seven days, Josh slept above Maddie's body, while police and neighbors searched for her. His father's strict and abusive nature had instilled a deep fear in Josh, driving him to such extreme actions to avoid punishment.

The Trial and Its Complexities

Joshua Phillips' trial began on July 6, 1999. Despite his young age, the judge ruled that he would be tried as an adult, stating that his "monstrous act" made him an adult. The trial, held in a different county to ensure an unbiased jury, revealed disturbing evidence of Josh's interest in violent pornography and the occult. His defense, although weak, presented a neurologist's findings that Josh had brain damage which could affect his behavior.

Despite these arguments, the jury quickly convicted Josh of first-degree murder, sentencing him to life in prison without parole. This decision sparked ongoing debates about the appropriateness of such a sentence for a juvenile, leading to multiple appeals and re-sentencing hearings over the years.

Life in Prison

Since his incarceration, Joshua Phillips has earned his GED, taken college courses, and worked as a paralegal, helping other inmates with their appeals. His case remains a topic of legal and moral debate, particularly in light of Supreme Court rulings that have changed how juveniles are sentenced. Despite these changes, Josh's life sentence has been upheld in multiple reviews.

The Aftermath

The impact of Maddie's murder was devastating for both families. Maddie's parents eventually divorced, unable to overcome the tragedy. Joshua's mother, Melissa, faced the loss of her husband, who died in a car accident shortly after Josh's trial. Despite the passage of time, the community remains haunted by the events of 1998.


The case of Joshua Phillips serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and horrors that can lie beneath the surface of seemingly normal lives. It challenges our understanding of juvenile crime, punishment, and the potential for rehabilitation. As Joshua's case continues to be reviewed, the debate over his fate highlights the enduring struggle between justice, mercy, and the hope for redemption.

The story of Maddie Clifton and Joshua Phillips remains a poignant and tragic chapter in true crime history, raising questions that resonate far beyond the confines of Lakewood, Jacksonville.


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