Gruesome movie 'Platform' review

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*Spoiler alert*

Gruesome movie 'Platform' review

Riveted to the screen at 12am, I watched as men were pitted against men in a bid for survival. Slabs of concrete with a hole in them and one platform, from which men took fistfuls of food and shoved them down the throat. The setting was jarring and creepy.

Goreng (played by actor Ivan Massague'), a new inmate, has a hard time believing what he was being told by the old man that shared Goreng's cell. The old man was creepy, but little did Goreng knew, how much that glint of cruelty in his eyes was real and how much was his bored mind's way of over-thinking.

It is a foreign film, directed by the brilliant Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. The actors did perfect justice to their characters. There was no down-playing the cruelty, no sugar-coating and easing us into the harsh world that Goreng had suddenly found himself in. One second Goreng is sleeping on his mattress, some-what peacefully, and the second he opens his eyes he finds himself in a nightmare.

In his own way, at first Goreng tries to rebel against his surroundings.

“This is not a good place for someone who likes reading.” The old man in his cell tells him hauntingly.

We see him telling the inmates below him to eat less so that the people in the last platforms won't starve, but his attempts are thwarted by the greed of the people in the platforms both above and below him. He doesn't give up easily, until something happens.

He is haunted by the people who died in front of him, especially also the one he unwittingly kills.

“There are 3 kinds of people; the ones above, the ones below, and the ones who fall.”

One by one, we see his ideals shatter until he can't find it in himself to try. Exhausted and malnourished he survives the last platform by the help of an unlikely ally. The crazed woman who he tried to help. One who is seemingly looking for a child that does not exist.

The director takes us on a journey that forces us to think about the world we live in and how it compares to the brutal world that is 'Platform'. We are left reeling though, who controls this Jail cell. Who are the people who pain-painstakingly makes the food and how could anybody let it happen without interfering with the system.

By the end of their time, these murderers are supposedly released into the normal population? That is hard for me to believe. No government would allow inmates who have cannibalised their fellow inmates, in a bid survive, free reign into the population they have sweared to protect.

Was Goreng an experiment? A man who had not committed a crime with a clear conscience was thrown into a place like that, without any prior information, left to fend for himself.

But the most jarring question of all, was his last attempt to dismantle the system that imprisoned him successful? We are left reeling and in question.

All in all, I would give it 5/5 stars. It's a movie that stays with you and is definitely worth watching, that is, if you are in a mood to watch something gruesome. There is a message left behind for those who tried to make sense of that brutality.

The ending was satisfying in the way that we never expect Goreng to walk away unscathed from his ordeal. Nobody could. No good man can. They say taking a life leaves a scar on the soul, and we see Goreng finally succumbing to his. We see the realization slowly dawn on Goreng that he is never walking away and hence, in his own fitting way he has his revenge against those who imprisoned him.

By the time the credits role, we are left wanting for more. Can we expect a platform 2 in the coming months? We have not been provided any information in that regard by the honourable director. But you can bet I will have my ears peeled for the news.

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