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CTN uses Photo of Killer Chris Watts in Segment

by CM about a year ago in guilty
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Financial planning segment included Watts' family photo

Canadian TV Network, CTN, used a photo of Chris Watts in a recent segment covering family planning information. This immediately caught the eye of viewers familiar with the Chris Watts murder case. This is not the first company to use this stock image of the Watts family. In the photo, they appear to be an All-American family, but the truth is horrific.

Viewers quickly spread the photo used by CTN to Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media sites. CTN and its parent company later apologized for its mistake, but not before the photo quickly spread across the web.

Chris Watts Photo Source LADibble

Chris Watts murdered his entire family in 2018. This includes his wife Shannan who was 15-weeks pregnant with the couple's first son, Niko, and daughters, Bella and Celeste.

Shannan, Celeste, Bella Photo Source:

A Huge Mistake

CTV created a huge stir as viewers tuned into the segment and saw the photo of Watts and his victims. CTV Calgary said they mistakenly chose the photo from a stock image site. The photo of the Watts family was displayed on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the screen, five things to consider when financially planning for parenthood were listed.

Those who are unfamiliar with the Watts case may have viewed the image as the perfect American family. They appeared happy and comfortable in the photo. Sadly, the Watts story was far from what it appeared in photos. The story made national headlines in 2018 and a Netflix documentary in 2020 garnered more attention to the story. People familiar with the case were outraged to see the photo of the Watts family used in the segment.

Someone Should Be Fired

Once the screenshot of the blunder hit Twitter, CTV was under fire from obviously upset people.

Tweets to the station came pouring in, most people were disgusted that the photo was used and that the station was careless in choosing the photo for the segment. The station received comments that included:

“Someone is going to lose their job for this”

“This man is Chris Watts. He killed his whole family in Colorado in 2018. Apparently, to see if anyone is paying attention and to mock you, CTV in Canada used his family picture to see a “family planning” story. They mock you all the time now. You never wake up.”

“Ummmm….not CTV Calgary using a photo of a man who murdered his pregnant wife and two kids as a stock photo for a story about being financially prepared for parenthood.” Doesn’t anyone take time to research what they put up, another commenter demanded?

CTV says that it had no knowledge of the Watts’ murders, yet the station reported the conclusion of the case with the headline “Colorado man who killed daughters, pregnant wife handed life sentence.” Watts pleaded guilty to multiple counts of first-degree murder in November 2018. A judge sentenced Watts to five life sentences without the possibility of parole. Three of the sentences are to be served consecutively.

Bromwich & Smith, the parent agency for CTV, immediately issued an apology regarding the segment:

“Thank you so much for raising this issue. CTV selects the images and the moment we realized this was the image they selected our VP was in touch immediately,” the agency said in response to a tweet about the blunder.

Cellmate Secrets: Chris Watts – New Docuseries Airing on Lifetime

Photo Source YouTube/Christina Randall

In other Chris Watts news, a new docuseries is set to air on Netflix starting June 26th. Chris Watts; Cellmate Secrets is a six-episode docuseries set for the Lifetime Network. In the series, Christa Richello -the fiancé of Watts’ prison pal, Dylan Tallman, explains why she thinks the convicted killer is innocent of crimes he confessed to committing.



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